Plastic Man #14 Review

Reviewed by: Mathan “Plas, I can so relate” Erhardt
Story Title: N/A

Written, Penciled, Inked, Colored, Lettered and Cover by: Kyle Baker
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Publisher: DC Comics

The issue opens with Plastic Man in bed when his super sharp hearing detects an intruder. Plas makes his way to the kitchen where he finds the culprit: a mouse in a box of cereal.

Over the course of the issue Plas turns into a mousetrap, ties himself in knots, become a female mouse, and even resorts to explosives. Plas eventually resorts to a “Weapon of Mouse Destruction; a gas bomb.

It does the trick. Unfortunately Plas discovers that his ward Edwina has an empty rodent cage. Plas realizes that he’s killed Edwina’s pet. He finds the mouse and provides mouth to mouse resuscitation and brings him back. Plas hangs out in Edwina’s room, and watches her bond with her rodent pet, right before she feeds it to her snake. Zing! The End.

As a fan of Tom and Jerry I enjoyed this issue. This issue was more cartoony (both in tone and artistic style) than usual, but Baker pulled it off. But it was lacking in wit, which is one of the true pleasures of this title. This issue is definitely one to share with the kids.

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