Adventures of Superman #636 Review

Reviewed by: Mathan “Identity Cook-Out”
Story Title: The Road to Ruin

The issue begins with Superman confronting Ruin at the latter’s hideout. Unfortunately it’s equipped with red solar lamps which make Superman as weak as a kitten. Ok, a bobcat but still weak enough to get trounced.

Supes manages to get out, but not before Ruin does, and not before he notices a lineup of photographs of people close to Supes, including Ron Troupe Lois Lane. Then we go to Gotham where Wonder Woman gives Bats an assist, much to his chagrin. She also gives him a message; Kal wants to talk to them. The two travel to the Fortress where Supes explains his dilemma with Ruin.

After a brief sequence on Stryker’s Island with Lt Leocadio and Dr. Hamilton, we return to the Fortress where Kal references the mindwiping of Dr. Light. Wonder Woman, who wasn’t part of the League at the time, asks what he’s talking about and Supes spills the beans.

Then we find Pete Ross paying a visit to Lois Lane, where he momentarily breaks down while talking about his wife. Back at the Fortess Wonder Woman is furious at the action that the League took in mindwiping Dr. Light. She’s appalled that they destroyed his identity when they should have killed him.

The three wage a debate about killing, with Supes and Bats against it, while Wonder Woman is willing to take whatever measure necessary to protect innocents. She leaves and Superman asks Batman for help with Ruin. Batman refuses but gives Superman a train of thought that leads Superman to suspect Lex Luthor. The issue closes with Ruin transmitting to Luthor who orders the plan enter the next stage. To Be Continued.

Rucka has written another great issue. From Kal’s rage with Ruin, to the pounding he takes at Ruin’s hands, the opening is full of emotion. The off panel explanation of the mindwiping was done perfectly. Wonder Woman’s disgust at the mindwiping rings very true. Batman’s frustration at Superman knowing something he doesn’t, or has hazy memories of is especially well done. The Pete Ross subplot was even decent.

Rags is still on top of his game. His depiction of Kal’s beating is brutal, but his Wonder Woman is a sight to behold. He really captures Batman’s frustration over the entire Dr. Light incident. And the holograms in the Fortress look really cool. But the entire book looks amazing!

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