[WWE] More Detailed Version Of Smackdown Spoilers


Special thanks to Inside Pulse reader Chris Robinson for sending these in

I read the SmackDown! spoilers on your site and I just wanna say that Wrestling Observer’s source was an idiot. Let me correct a BUNCH of things wrong with those spoilers. My additions are in parenthesis: (Chad Collyer defeated Ricky Simpson) (Rene Dupree defeated Biohazard) VELOCITY Akio b Nunzio Bashams b Charlie Haas & Bob Holly afer a switch SMACKDOWN! (The show opened with JBL and his crew talking to Kurt and his crew about their beat down of Big Show. They say that since they have now joined forces, no one can stop them. JBL says they’ll devide and conquer. Kurt then announces that tonight, Jindrak, Luther and Orlando will team up against three of their enemies, Eddie, Booker T, and Rey Mysterio) (The Six man tag match with Eddie, Booker T, and Rey Mysterio happened next. All the faces hit their signature moves on Jindrak and Eddie got the pin.) (AFTERWARDS) JBL & Friends got into it with Angle & Friends. Teddy Long announced a singles last man standing non-title match as the main event John Cena b Kenzo Suzuki with the FU to keep the U.S. title (and then cut a Rock-like promo talking about all the people who thought they were going to win the Royal Rumble, including a camera man and a little boy in the crowd.) (Kurt Angle was backstage trying to talk Teddy Long into cancelling the Last Man Standing match. Long said he was busy with someone in his office, but would let Kurt see who it was.) Heidenreich came out to read a poem (and started foaming at the mouth like a mad dog). A casket was brought out by the ref while Undertaker’s music played. Heidenreich doesn’t like caskets and hid behind the ring Undertaker b Heidenreich in a casket match. This wasn’t taped for TV. (Carlito was shown in the back with his petition next to Teddy Long’s office. JBL came up and told him to leave because he needed to talk to Long. JBL beat on the door until Teddy answered and tried to get out of the Last Man Standing match. Teddy said he was busy with someone in his office and slammed the door in JBL’s face. Carlito then came over and talked JBL into signing his petition.) Paul London won four-way over Shannon Moore, Funaki and Spike Dudley. Nobody cared about this match as Carlito was trying to get fans to sign his petition (I didn’t see Carlito anywhere during this match. I was sitting ringside right in the middle on camera side and didn’t see him. The crowd seemed to be into this match a great deal. That is not to say that Carlito wasn’t there, I just didn’t see him.) Kurt Angle NC JBL. Angle hit JBL with a (about 9 or 10) German suplexes (during this match). They had a good match. (The match ended when Angle tried to hit JBL with a chair, but JBL kicked into his face. On the way down, Kurt smashed JBL in the head with the chair.) Neither man could answer the bell. Post-show dark match saw Show over JBL & Jordan

Credit: Chris Robinson and www.wrestleboardv2.co.nr