New Kids On The Blech: The Simpsons – \"Mommie Beerest\" Review

The Simpsons, Sundays at 8:00 P.M. on Fox

“Mommie Beerest”, Written by Michael Price, Directed by Marc Kirkland.

The Gist of it- Homer refinances the house to save Moe’s Tavern and Marge, to protect the investment, decides to take a hands-on role as Moe’s partner.

Favorite Moments-Act one- Homer going crazy for seafood (and finally having all he can eat), Bart heckles Tommy the meat cutter., Quimby’s outrage: “How rude, what do I have to do enjoy a brunch with my secret family?”. Wiggum retreating from a murder scene, Toilet on the roof, Barney’s singing tribute (with special mourning gray Duffman), The towns new gay bar: “The League of Extra Horny Gentlemen, Moe and Marge share a thought balloon, and “Marge how dare you open a letter addressed to both of us?!”. End of act one.

Act two- “My customers don’t like themselves, therefore they seek the darkness”, Moe’s idea of renovating, Judges in love (“A deliberate mistatement of fact, but I’ll allow it”), “You infer, I imply”, Marge practices drunk-tossing with Homer, Moe in hair-curlers, and Homer getting mileage out of his pucker face End of act two.

Act three- “Cards” by Dreamworks, Lenny’s Life magazine, “I wanna go again daddy!!! Daddy…..?”, Airline hospitality”If you require wheelchair assistance you picked the wrong airline”, A Boy Meets World referebce(Mathan has to enjoy that the kids’ separate adventure, Homer and Tenielle, and the tribute to Johnny Carson, complete with a photo of him lifting a car from Krusty Gets Kancelled. That’s classy. End of Act Three

What Flat Out Sucked- I was so elated when Marge and Moe started breaking out in song, since I miss the musical moments on the show, but the song was horrible, with no discernible melody. I understand Moe not singing along at the end of the number, but everything leading up to that could have been so much better. If you’re going to bring something back, make it worthwhile and not half assed like this was.

Personal Thoughts- The show started off stong, but sailed off into “Homer must save his marriage, yet again” territory. I’m sick of that plot line. Homer jumping on to the plane in desperation didn’t feel like a parody as much as it did a cheap way to end the story. This episode was in sore need of a subplot. The joke at the conclusion pointing out that Homer and Marge had forgotten all about the kids was clever, but I’d have preferred a good story including them. Maybe we could have seen them participate in their European ballooning adventure. It would’ve been less derivative at least.

Most Valuable Character- Surly. He didn’t say anything in this episode, but just seeing him at the tavern funeral was a treat.

Top 3 Moe Moments-

3.”Moe’s Interrogation” from “Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part two”- The lie detector joke. It’s a tried and true gimmick, but reached it’s absolute pinnacle when a surly bartender got added to the question. And I always thought I was the only one who ogled the ladies in the Sea…. I mean Victoria’s Secret catalog.

2. “Moe Better Booze” from “A Star is Burns”- It’s Moe and he’s doing a parody of Cabaret. What’s not to like. “Money gets you one more round, drink it down, you stupid clown, then your out on your ass!!!”

1. “Smelly” from “Radioactive Man”- Moe recalls his short-lived days in show business playing one of the little rascals, Smelly. We’re then treated to a flashback where Smelly gets a tad bit upset with Alfalfa. Luckily he was an orphan owned by the studio.

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