InsidePULSE’s WWE RAW Report

InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 01.31.05
Live from San Jose, Cali
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Intro, JR and King tell us that HHH & Flair will be facing Orton & HBK, and Snitsky and KANE will collide in a STEEEEEEEEEEL CAGE.

HHH comes down, surprisingly. Flair is with him. HHH says that he is not out there this week to talk about how great he is, because we already know that. He is there to introduce someone who had almost as good of a night as he did last night, and that’s the beast, Batista. Batista comes out and HHH says that he is proud of him, and it would be his honor to face him at WM21 for the title. Batista grabs the mic, and says that he is glad to hear about what HHH thinks of him, but he wants to tell HHH what he thinks of HHH. Just then, a promo from last night appears on the tron, and it’s JBL talking to Josh. JBL runs his mouth about how he is a wrestling GOD, and that Dave Batista can come to SD and challenge him for the WWE Title at WM, but it wouldn’t matter, because JBL is on fire, and he will take out Batista, just like he did all the rest. Back to HHH, and he says that if Batista wanted to take JBL’s title, he would’ve done it in a snap. He then says that no one will ruin Evolution’s night at WM.

Jericho & Benoit will face La Resistance for the Tag Titles tonight.


Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Simon Dean – IC Title
Shelton gets Dean in the corner, and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Dean gets his bag in the way, and Shelton is knocked out. Dean gets a 2 count, picks up Shelton, has his foot, but Shelton swings around and hits the spinning enzaguri for the pin.
Winner – Shelton

Dean gets on the mic, and says that the only reason why Shelton beat him was because he uses the Simon System. HAHA. Benjamin comes back in, hits the Stinger Splash, then the T-Bone.

HHH is screaming at Bischoff, wondering who played the tape. Bischoff says that he is trying to get to the bottom of it. HHH then threatens him, telling him that he is the Champ, and he is in charge.


WM Recall: Bart Gunn getting KOed at WM15.

Christy is shooting T-Shirts. Edge’s music hits. Edge is screaming at Christy, saying that she is embarrassing him, and is rubbing it in his face, because she is giving out WM21 shirts. Edge snaps. Edge then says that he has no problem embarrassing her. HBK comes out to make the save. HBK says that last night was embarrassing, as Edge squeaked on by him, and then the man he eliminated from the Rumble, Kurt Angle, came back in and eliminated him, then locked on the Ankle Lock on him, after busting his head open. HBK then says that he knows he has a match later on tonight, but he pulled double duty last night, and he can do it again. Edge laughs, and says that he has nothing to prove to HBK, but HBK did promise that if Edge beat him, they would shake hands. HBK reluctantly does so, and as Edge is going to tell him to leave, HBK turns back around and drills him with a Superkick.


Maven vs. The Hurricane
Quick back and forth match-up. Hurricane goes for an Overcast (or Blockbuster as called by JR), but misses, and Maven comes up behind Hurricane, leaps up, puts his knees to Hurricane’s back, then falls back, grabbing Helms head, bringing him with, and Helms falls back on Maven’s knees. It looked sick. Blatt named the move, he calls it “Too Little, Too Late”.
Winner – Maven

Candace(?) and Maria talking about how Batista can destroy JBL, then they go to go into their lockerroom, but Snitsky is at the door, and says that he was looking for someone. The girls tell him that he won’t find who he’s looking for in there, and asks him to leave. Snitsky looks them up and down, and says that they have nice shoes.


Recap of the Casket Match.

Bischoff is yelling at Coach, about the JBL tape, and Theodore R. Long shows up, and wants to spread some SD love on RAW. Bischoff then blames the JBL tape on Long. Long then says that he has made a tremendous offer to use the Royal Rumble loophole to jump to SD. Long leaves, and Bischoff sends Coach to go get security after

Orton with Stacy. Stacy wonders if he is OK after last night. Orton says that his job is in the ring, and it comes with some consequences. Stacy wants him to be careful.

Jericho and Benoit walk…they challenge La Rez next.


PK’s Trivia Time. Of the 8 men in the Royal Rumble match during the ‘Battle Lines Being Draw’ spot, what do they all have in common? First one to IM me at baddasspk with the correct answer, will win a free WWE Ruthless Aggression figure from my own personal collection.

La Resistance (c) vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho
Jericho and Benoit are former Tag Champs. Back and forth action. And a melee explodes. This turns into a clusterf*ck quickly. The ref calls the match a double DQ.
No Contest.


Muhammad Hassan comes down and complains about the injustice he had last night, Daivari starts yelling, but Sgt. Slaughter’s music hits, and he is Hassan’s opponent!!

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Muhammad Hassan (w/ Daivari)
Hassan goes for a high uppercut, but Sarge ducks it, and locks on the Cobra Clutch!! Hassan fights back, and nails the 747 (my new name for his Flatliner), and then rolls over on Sarge and locks on the on the Camel Clutch for the submission.
Winner – Hassan

Jericho and Benoit are going nose to nose, saying they bring out the best in each other, and that they should have defeated La Rez easily. They are kind of arguing, kind of taunting, and kind of complimenting each other.


HHH has a plan. He thinks that if Batista does go to SD, he can easily take JBL’s title and Evolution would rule the business, having the Champions on both shows! Flair loves the idea.

Bischoff makes a few matches for RAW next week, Live from Japan.

  • Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit in a Submission Match
  • Regal & Tajiri vs. La Resistance for the Tag Titles
  • Edge vs. HHH for the World Title

    Orton and HBK make their way down for their match.


    Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H & Ric Flair (w/ Batista)
    Orton and Flair start. Orton and HBK slap Flair around a bit, and he falls on his face. Orton the kicks Flair around a bit, and Flair gets to HHH. Orton and HHH go at it, and Orton ties him up and gets to HBK. HBK pins HHH in the corner, and goes for the 10 punch count, but HHH comes out and reverse atomic drops HBK. A melee ensues, and all 4 men go to the floor. Orton runs HHH into the ringsteps, and HBK back body drops Flair on the floor. Batista is looking to get involoved, but the ref kicks him out of from ringside…but it looks like he did it on purpose, as he was smiling on his way up the ramp.


    We come back and HBK and Flair are slapping each other around. Flair and HHH are now double teaming on HBK. HBK is down, and Flair goes to the top, but HBK pulls him off…of course. HBK gets to Orton, who is on fire. Ref bump, then Orton nails the RKO on Flair, but he appears to have re-aggravated his concussion. HHH goes for a Pedigree on the dazed Orton, but HBK nails the Superkick, then Edge runs in, and goes to Spear HBK, but HBK moves, and Edge nails HHH! Orton rolls over, the ref gets up and make the pinfall.
    Winners – Orton & HBK


    KANE vs. Gene Snitsky – Steel Cage
    Here we have a classic brawl. Trish makes her way out to watch, complete with neckbrace. Both KANE and Snitsky are giving each other hell. Both men go to the top, and KANE knocks Snitsky off, and hits the top rope clothesline. KANE goes to leave the cage, but Trish is there, and slams the door in his face. KANE no sells it, and pulls Trish in the ring. He goes to choke slam her again, but Snitsky makes the save, big booting KANE. Snitsky helps Trish out the ring, and rips the door right off, and bring it in the ring. Snitsky charges at KANE with the door, but KANE puts his boot up. KANE then takes the door, and props it up in the ring, and crotches Snitsky on the door. KANE then choke slams Snitsky on the door, and pins him.
    Winner – KANE

    Show Over.


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