Romo's World: 24 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm


A special edition of the 24 recap feature Inside Pulse’s Murtz Jaffer, who throws in his witty commentary as the show goes along. Good friend Robert Purchase joins the festivities midway into the episode after doing some real work.

The previously on section of the show was WAY too long. It pretty much recapped the whole show in 2 minutes.


Audrey is working at a computer at CTU. Jack and her discuss the dinner party she met the mystery man at. They are working on identifying the guy.

Jack tells Audrey about the override and how this means the terrorists control the nuclear reactors in the US.

Murtz: “This conversation is pointless.”

Murtz: “Don’t you think the kidnapping is a better storyline then the reactors?”

Romo: “I agree.”

The head honchos discuss how to shutdown the Dobson override. They talk about the implications of what would happen if there were meltdowns at all the reactors. There would be 7.8 million casualties; the land would be uninhabitable for years and this would all happen within 3 hours for first meltdown

Jack and Audrey tell Heller they are going to the security firm to see the tapes of party to see if they can id the kidnapper.

Heller is pissed at Jack for involving Audrey.

Murtz: “After he saved your ass, what a thankless prick.”


Paul is pissed that Audrey is now dating Jack. (no details given as to how he knows this information) Paul tells Jack that “She is my wife, don’t you forget that.”

Marianne starts to pry into what is going on with Jack and Audrey leaving.

Murtz: “Here comes some shadiness.”

Marianne seems to be tracking someone. It is likely that she is tracking Jack and Audrey, who have left to go check out the security tapes, but it is not clearly indicated.

Murtz: “I think Heller is involved.”

Paul and Heller discuss Jack and Audrey. Heller tells Paul she can do what she wants because she is a big girl. Paul tells Heller that, “She (Audrey) is breaking my heart.”

Murtz: “HAHAHAHA, goes to the father-in-law… that his heart, HAHA, she is breaking my heart. What a loser!”

Sarah sees Marianne messing around with something but she is too stupid to think something is up.

Marianne then gets on the phone with the mystery guy Audrey recognized, Powell it seems his name is.

Murtz: “They are plotting Jack and Audrey’s death.”

Mystery guy tells Marianne that someone will know it was a CTU leak when Audrey and Jack die. He wants her to divert suspicion onto someone else at CTU.

Murtz: “She will set up fat guy (Edgar).”

The Araz family (minus Behrooz) watch reports of Heller’s rescue on TV.

Navi is on the phone. The discussion centers on how the override has taken control of the reactors. Dina is upset about Behrooz. Navi tells her to be strong. The phone rings again.

As Murtz predicts it is Behrooz. Luckily for him Dina answers.

Behrooz tells his mom that he killed Tariq. He then tells Dina not to tell his father because Tariq told him that it was his father who ordered him to be murdered.

Dina tells Behrooz to hide the car he is driving and wait for her. She will meet him in 30 minutes.

Navi asks Dina who she was on phone with. She lies. He does not believe her and slaps her.

Murtz: “Oh my god!”

Dina and Navi get in a slapping and screaming fight. At one point he starts to lecture her and calls her woman, which makes Murtz HOWL.

Navi then tells Dina, “Nothing will stand in the way, not him, not you.”


Commercial time…which means I can finally breathe. Man doing a recap and catching what Murtz is saying is tough.

Murtz: “I like the woman line. It reminds me of the female manager from WCW who was named woman. She was my favourite because she didn’t have a name. That always made me laugh.”


Jack and Audrey are driving on a highway to the security place. Audrey starts to hold hands with Jack which lead to several jokes by Murtz and I.

Back at CTU. Edgar realizes that some of the systems aren’t completely controlled by the override.

Sarah confronts Marianne about lying to her about doing a reboot for Edgar. Marianne covers by saying she was making a personal call and wanted to make it look like she was busy doing work not slacking off.

Navi is the car with Dina driving to go get Behrooz. He gets a call from Marwan.

Murtz: “I think that is the boss.”

We debate on how to spell this new guy’s name.

Navi promises the boss guy that he will take care of Behrooz. Dina is not pleased about the idea of killing her only child but seems to be going along with it.

Back at CTU Edgar seems to think he has part of the Dobson override code. He says he could get control of the reactors but it could cause a meltdown if he screws up.

Curtis wants him to present the idea to Heller and Driscoll. Edgar is super nervous.

Edgar tries to explain to Heller the possible scenarios if he goes ahead with his plan. Driscoll and Heller ask him if he can do it without making a mistake. Reluctantly he tells them he can do it.

Murtz: “They picked the biggest loser for that (Edgar) role.”

Romo: “That “loser” was the original boss from The Sopranos so show respect.”

Murtz: “I knew I recognized him from somewhere.”

Dina gets a call from Behrooz. She lies about not telling Navi. She assures Behrooz that things will be fine.

Behrooz tells her that the things they have been doing are wrong. He is having problems dealing with all of the death he has seen in the past couple of hours.

Murtz: “They gotta kill him.”

Dina does a good job of dissuading him from going to the police.


Murtz spends the commercial break telling more stories about “Woman” from WCW and how Rick Flair would call her Woman all the time. He is laughing so hard that I can barely understand what he is saying.

He tells me that “Woman” is now married to Chris Benoit but that she is not a very attractive female.


Navi and Dina stop the car in a hidden laneway.

Murtz: “Oh shit!”

There are several bad looking dudes who get out of another car.

Murtz: “She is gonna save him (Behrooz).”

Navi gives Dina instructions on what he wants her to do. Which is basically to go to Behrooz and get him in the car and take him to a place where Navi and his buddies will do the dirty deed. Dina gets back in car and Navi gets in the other car.


Curtis tells Driscoll that CTU (aka Edgar) has taken 87 power plants off-line.
She goes to see her daughter. She tells Maya that she needs her to cooperate with the doctors.

Murtz: “She could just be acting, that would be good.”

Romo: “That would explain why she is in the show.”

Murtz: “That would be wicked!”

Heller and Curtis go to check on Richard. Heller apologizes to Richard for the torture.

Richard tells his father that he hates him and doesn’t want to see him again. “This confirms everything I always knew about you.” Heller lets Richard leave CTU.

Audrey gets a call from Paul while in the car with Jack. He starts to tell her how he forgot about the things he loved about her.

Murtz and I make fun of Paul for being such a putz.


Dina is driving and can see Navi and friends following.

Behrooz gets in car with Dina. He asks her why his father wanted to kill him. Dina sees a train go by. She tells him to get in the train. He is stupid and does not move fast enough. She has to explain that Navi is following them. She yells at him to run.

Then shooting starts. Dina is hit.

Murtz: “Oh my god!” (continues repeatedly throughout the gun fight)

Behrooz is steering, while an injured but alive, Dina is in the driver’s seat controlling the pedals.

Murtz: “You know what would be awesome? If Behrooz came back in the fold.”


Murtz: “Wow that was good. That just saved this episode.”


Navi gets out of car with the bad dudes. Navi enters a building and walks through a kitchen and sees Marwan (the boss guy).

Navi tells him that his wife and Behrooz have betrayed him. Marwan asks where they are now. Navi asks for help to find them. He tells Marwan that he is ashamed of himself. Reluctantly Marwan agrees to help him.

(Purchase enters)

Jack and Audrey arrive at security company place to look at the surveillance tapes.

Marianne calls Jack and tells him to send her the info regarding the proper ID of the guy at the party because someone else (didn’t catch the name) is busy.

Murtz: “That is a good move on her part.”

Driscoll is signing forms the doctor has given her regarding Maya. She notices the doctor gave her daughter Hadrol (a drug I assume). Driscoll screams out that she (Maya) is allergic to Hadrol.

Murtz: “Oh here we go.”

Maya is flat-lining. Driscoll looks on while the doctors try to revive Maya. Sarah comes to tell Driscoll that Heller needs her.

Murtz: “I can’t believe you thought this episode was gonna suck. This season has been way better then the second.” (before the show started I predicted this week’s show would be a let down compared to the past few weeks)

Jack and Audrey look at the surveillance tapes. Audrey tells the guy working the machine to stop the fast forwarding. She spots the guy and asks him to enhance the image.

Murtz: “Why do they have to ask if they can enhance it? That is the guy’s only job. If it was me I would fire the guy on the spot if he didn’t enhance without me having to tell him to so.”

There is something wrong. Jack can’t get anyone on his walkie-talkie. Security at the building is not responding. Just then some guys break in the room and shoot. The tech guy is shot.

Murtz: “He (Bauer) just sacrificed the enhancer. Ha,Ha!”

Jack shoots the two intruders.

Jack tries to save the picture frame on a memory stick. He attempts to save the tech guy but is not successful. Jack sees on the security cameras that more people are coming.

Rob Purchase looks at the recap I am typing: “Purchase enters, I love it!”

Jack and Audrey make their way down a few hallways and doors

Rob: “Yeah you go first.”

Rob points out that Jack keeps sending Audrey first around each corner and through each door.

The two of them are trying to escape from the building. Jack gives Audrey a gun.

Murtz: “If she is your backup, Bauer you are in trouble.”

Jack pulls out his cell phone and makes a call. He tells Audrey that he is calling the only person he trusts right now.



Commercial time is taken up by Purchase and Murtz gossiping. I am disgusted! And yet join in.


The President is on Air Force One.

Murtz: “What kind of President spends the whole show on a plane?”

Heller talks to the Prez about plans to evacuate people who are in the effected area if a meltdown occurs. The Pres asks what the chances are of shutting down the other 17 reactors. Driscoll and Heller put the odds at 50/50.

Heller asks Curtis to check out if Jack and Audrey have been successful in identifying the mystery man yet.


Heller asks Driscoll about her daughter. He asks if everything is ok. Driscoll explains this is something they have been dealing with since she was 6.

Murtz: “Forget my theory about her faking it.”

Jack and Audrey are going down some stairs. Jack sees guy in a one of those parabolic mirrors. He shoots the guy before he knows what happened.

Purchase: “Again, you first.”

Jack continues his gentlemanly ways by sending Audrey ahead.

They reach some sort of docking/garage area. Some bad dude comes out and quickly are taken down by Jack. More shots are coming from all around. Jack goes to get a another gun because he is out of ammo. The rest of the bad guys sense that Jack is out of ammo and close in.

Murtz (screaming): “HERE HE IS. ALMEIDA YEAH!!”

Tony and a crew of other guys burst through the garage door and save the day.

Murtz: “Look at his (Tony Almeida) bad ass goatee.”

Behrooz is driving with his injured mother in the passenger seat.


Heller and Driscoll go to check on Edgar. They ask if he is ready. He tells them he needs another 10 minutes to test the code again to make sure everything is perfect.

Driscoll tells him to send the code before checking because they don’t have time.

Murtz: “They need Chloe back.”

Edgar sends the code. The CTU look on a board displaying all of the reactors not in their control.

Marianne looks on deviously.

There does not seem to be any response from the reactors.

One in California goes green (meaning it is safe). One by one others start to go green and CTU stats to get its hopes up.

Murtz: “Look at Heller, as if he did all the work.”

One in Oregon starts to overload. Edgar starts to panic. It seems that there are 6 nuclear power plants that are immune to the kill system.

A quick glance of the map shows a couple more are in the south-east (Carolinas/Georgia perhaps). I did not get to see where the other 3 were.

Edgar reports that the code did not work because those reactor’s computer systems have been completely corrupted.


Murtz: “That’s a horrible ending.”

I do not agree that it was a horrible ending. This show was another example of 24’s greatness. The return of Tony Almeida was great, even though it is quite impressive he made it there faster then a pizza guy would have got there.

I hope you enjoyed Murtz’s comments during the show. It sure made things entertaining for me.