'Lost' Spoilers


Episode 1.15: Homecoming
Airdate: February 9, 2005

The search is on for Ethan, the crazed jungle denizen who let Claire escape from him and now wants her back…or else. The manhunt’s driven by Charlie, guilt-ridden by memories of another woman he let down that are recalled in telling flashbacks.

After the missing Claire returns with no recollection of what has happened since before the doomed flight of Oceanic 815, Jack and Locke formulate a plan of defense against her kidnapper, the mysterious Ethan, who threatens to kill off the other survivors unless Claire is returned to him.

Another Charlie flashback. We will also learn why Ethan wanted Claire’s child which leads us to believe that Charlie’s flashback are possibly that of the abduction from episodes 10 & 11.

Source: SpoilerFix.com, TitanTV, ABC, The Fuselage