[SD] Smackdown & Velocity Spoilers From Japan


Shane McMahon came to the ring to welcome everyone to the taping.


*Paul London pinned Akio.

*Hardcore Holly pinned Rene Dupree.

*Charlie Haas pinned Spike Dudley


*Eddie Guerrero pinned Kenzo Suzuki in what may or may not have been a new match added to the WWE title shot tournament

*WWE Tag Team champions The Basham Brothers fought Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak to a no contest when The Undertaker got involved.

*WWE Cruiserweight champion Funaki pinned Chavo Guerrero.

*WWE Title Shot Tournament: United States champion John Cena pinned Orlando Jordan.

*Torrie Wilson defeated Hiroko in a Kimono match, removing her outfit to reveal bra & panties.

*In an interview segment, John Bradshaw Layfield faced off with The Big Show

*WWE Title Shot Tournament: Kurt Angle defeated Rey Mysterio.

*The Undertaker pinned Heidenreich. This may have been a dark match.

Credit- Yoshi & PWInsider.com