[WWE] Shocking Interview For Possible New Smackdown GM


In the always crazy world of wrestling, stranger things have happened, but maybe nothing so improbable as Johnny Fairplay becoming GM of Smackdown.

However, with his TNA contract up, Fairplay has reportedly interviewed with WWE over the possibility of succeeding Theodore Long as Smackdown GM.

While at first glance it seems ludicrous, Fairplay has a fair amount of media coverage in the near future, including a reality show and other appearances, and could be viewed as a possible way to crossover to a new audience. Either way, it’s more likely that it’s just postering from Fairplay to negotiate a new deal with TNA.

Fairplay is hated by many in TNA, but is well liked by Dixie Carter and Dusty Rhodes (likely because of Carter) and might be brought back to TNA.

credit: Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

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