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Things have started!

Murtz Jaffer, Matthew Romanada and the sexy, beautiful Rebecca Bedford are here to give you a recap of this exciting Amazing Race Finale.

After a quick recap of what happened over the past season the show heads to commercial.

So who will win?

Start in Singapore

Adam and Rebecca start with no money because of non-elimination leg.

Murtz: That’s impossible they have to start with no money.
Romo: They should have just been eliminated.
Murtz: I agree.

Aaron/Hayden leave first at 11:20
Freddy and Kendra leave second.
Kris and Jon leave third at 11:44
Adam/Rebecca leave at 12:24

The teams head to the train station. Freddy tells Kendra she is mean.

Rebecca starts begging people for money. She is successful. Adam does little to nothing to help.

Murtz: Adam is a useless tool.

All 4 teams get on the same train.

Murtz: I think everyone will get positive editing.

Rebecca points out that one girl is harassing the local.

Adam just told Rebecca she is a raging bitch on a good day.

Aaron comments that he is surprised the whole country isn’t just rice patties and says instead it looks like Michigan.
Murtz: It looks like Michigan, what an idiot. I can’t believe he said it.

Aaron’s Michigan comment was joked about but Murtz, Rebecca and I over the rest of the show.
Murtz: The last leg all comes down to cab rides.

The teams arrived at an oriental drum place.

Rebecca: Oh Michigan!


The teams have to choose between Spray and Scroll.

Spray paint a car in a hard to find factory.

Scroll go to a textile factory. There they must find 2 Chinese characters on bolts of cloth.

Murtz: Anyone who takes scroll is an idiot.

All 4 teams pick to paint the car.

Rebecca: It bothers me they (Kris/Jon) keep calling each other baby. Right Baby!

Freddy and Kendra are stuck in traffic in their cab.

Murtz: I would rather have the cab driver as my partner than Adam. I would rather have the cab as my partner than Adam.

Adam/Rebecca arrive first at car factory.

Romo (quoting Adam): I feel like Michael Keaton in Gung Ho, GREAT MOVIE!

Murtz: They said it was so hard the find the car factory. That was a lie!

Rebecca (quoting Jon to Kris): Just do it baby!

Adam and Rebecca are done the task first.

The teams are now off to a Terra Cotta warriors museum.

Murtz about Aaron/Hayden’s car: There’s look like a nuclear disaster.

Aaron/Hayden finished the task second.

Adam/Rebecca are stopped by a policeman. There is a government motorcade stopping all traffic.

Break for commercial
Murtz: The new season starts March 7 with Boston Rob Mariano!!!! My best friend!

We are back!

Freddy and Kendra leave the detour in last place.

Kris and Jon are in first after Adam and Rebecca were stopped by the motorcade.

Murtz: The race is about luck. Adam and Rebecca just lost theirs and they are done now.

Murtz to Rebecca: After 15 minutes who are you rooting for?

Murtz: I like Kris because she is hot.

Rebecca: I like Adam and Rebecca. Except for his hair, what’s with that? If I were in Shanghai I wouldn’t help him.

Romo: I agree, Kris is hot!

Teams must now find the North Peak of Mount Hua to get their next clue.

Freddy and Kendra’s cab driver is lost.

Murtz quoting Freddy: What a dumbass!

Rebecca and Murtz agree that Aaron is spineless.

Adam and Rebecca are in first, Kris and Jon in second. Freddy and Kendra in third, Aaron/Hayden in last.

Adam and Rebecca get on first the shuttle bus which will take them to a cable car, however the bus is waiting to leave. Kris and Jon catch up and get on the same shuttle. Adam is pissed.

The shuttle leaves with just those two teams.

Freddy and Kendra get on another shuttle bus shortly after the first bus left.

Aaron/Hayden are lost and she wants to change cabs. They get out of the cab. It turns out the guy was going the wrong way. Hayden yells at him. The cabbie wants money starts grabbing Aaron. Hayden is refusing to give him money.

Murtz: Oh please call the police.

They are stuck in the middle of nowhere. In a move reminiscent of Jonathon Aaron throws his bag at her.

Commercial break
Rebecca: Oh were back!

Aaron/Hayden finally get a cab. She is pissed because she assumes they are out of it. Aaron says it doesn’t matter if they win.

Rebecca: That is what losers say

Murtz: Exactly!

The top three teams are on the cable cars to get up the mountain.

Kris and Jon run up the wrong peak but quickly realize. Actually it turns out Adam/Rebecca also went the wrong way but they took longer to figure out they went the wrong way.

Freddy and Kendra have vaulted to the lead because of those two teams blunders.


One player has to take a key and find the right lock for it. There are 3000 locks!!

Murtz: Somebody is going to get severally screwed

Romo: You might as well give this one to a girl.

Murtz: I am predicting Kris to get it first.

Murtz: I would run to the middle because obviously they are not going to have it at the front.

Hayden and Aaron finally arrive at the place to get shuttle bus. Hayden is being stupid and freaking out at the people selling tickets.

Kris figures out the key doesn’t fit in the small locks, something else no one else has figured out.

Hayden threatens to quit.

Rebecca: F%$#ing quit then, nobody cares.

Aaron leaves the shuttle bus and whips away his backpack.

Aaron gets back on bus but wants to quit.

KRIS gets the lock!! Huge bonus for them!


The teams head to the gouth gate over Xi’an Wall.
Last team checking in here will be eliminated.

Murtz raves about how hot Kris is! Rebecca and Romo agree.

Murtz: I predict Kris and Jon will not win. The team that finishes first at the first pit stop never win. Editing wise they are making it look like a Aaron/Hayden win because they (the producers) like the team to overcome their troubles.

Kendra finds the right lock and are now in second place.

Murtz: Every team has their story. America wants Kris and Jon to win. Freddy/Kendra are the villains. Rebecca and Adam are useless and America wouldn’t be satisfied if they won. Hayden and Aaron they are just annoying.

Hayden is finally at the roadblock.

She broke her key!!

Commercial time.

Rebecca has to leave sadly, marital problems. She will be checking for updates when she gets home.

Romo: Oh man I have a headache. I need a drink.

And we are back!
Hayden finds out that you can get a replacement key at the reception.

Rebecca is still trying looking for the right lock.
Adam and Rebecca start bickering at each other.

Aaron is getting stir crazy doing nothing and waiting for Hayden to get the right lock.

Kris and Jon get to the pit stop first. They win a vacation to the sunny Caribbean.

Freddy and Kendra are second at Pit Stop.

Rebecca thinks that she is going insane.

Romo: The definition of insanity is dating Adam.

Rebecca’s hands are bleeding as are Hayden’s.

Adam tells Rebecca to stop being a baby. Aaron is more supportive towards Hayden.

Hayden declares that she is done. They are giving up.

Rebecca gets the lock just then.

They get the clue and moves to pit stop.

Hayden and Aaron take the penalty for not finishing the roadblock.

Aaron and Hayden get to the pit stop third. They are penalized 4 hours.

Romo: They should have quit right away, it took more then 4 hours for the lock thing.

Rebecca and Adam come fourth, right behind Aaron/Hayden but get bumped ahead of them because of penalty.

Aaron gets on his knees and proposes to Hayden. She accepts.

Murtz is in shock about the proposal. He calls Rebecca to tell her.

The first hour is over.

Commercial time.

Phil introduces the next leg of the race. This is Shi’An China.

Murtz: I can’t believe Adam and Rebecca are still there.

The teams must fly to Honolulu.

5:27 am: Kris and Jon leave in first.

Teams must book tickets through an agent not at airport due to local laws.

Murtz: Who do you think wins?

Romo: I think Kris and Jon but that may be biased, its probably Freddy and Kendra.

6:46 am: Freddy and Kendra leave.
Kendra vows to pull out all the stops and says she won’t be nice and sweet anymore.

Murtz: You haven’t been nice and sweet, more like mean and bitchy.

Kris and Jon are having difficulty booking their tickets. Freddy and Kendra get an English specking guy much easier. They book 2 tickets for a plane but they are rushed to get the airport before flight leaves.

Murtz: This is big. They (Kris and Jon) have to get on the same flight or the race is over.

Freddy and Kendra get on the first plane which is going to Osaka then Honolulu.
Kris and Jon get on a second plane going to Honolulu via Tokyo.

11:20am Adam and Rebecca leave.

They book another flight; they will arrive about 1 hour and 45 mins behind the others.

Freddy and Kendra connect through Osaka. They try got get on a earlier flight.

Kendra tells the ticket people she has a sick child and starts crying.

Murtz and I are SCREAMING!

Murtz: That was brilliant. That is the wickedness I like.

Kris and Jon get to Tokyo and try to get on an earlier flight but get shot down as well.

Adam and Rebecca arrive in Osaka and look to get an earlier flight. It would be Freddy and Kendra’s flight. Before they get a decision”¦Commercial.

And we are back!
Adam and Rebecca are refused from getting on the earlier plane.

Adam tells the counter girl she is really mean and very cold.

All teams are making their way to Honolulu.

9:30 am
Freddy and Kendra arrive. They get into a car and drive off.
9:45 am
Kris and Jon arrive and get into car.

Adam and Rebecca are scheduled to arrived 11:20.

Freddy and Kendra arrive at DETOUR!!

Outfits and Outriggers.

Outfits: Must search a mannequin and find matching outfit among 1000 sets of clothing.

Outrigger: They have to paddle a canoe 2 miles over a course.

Freddy and Kendra pick outrigger.

Adam and Rebecca finally arrive in Honolulu.
Murtz: Why aren’t you running (Adam and Rebecca)? You remind me of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kris and Jon arrive at clothes factory.

Murtz: HORRIBLE Decision! Its OVER! The Race is over!

Freddy and Kendra arrive at canoe place.

Romo: That (Kris and Jon’s decision) is the woman saying “oh we get to play with clothes yeah!”

Murtz: Horrible decision.

Freddy and Kendra are doing well in the canoe.

Adam and Rebecca arrive at detour.

Kris and Jon are done with clothes much quicker then Murtz and I expected.

Murtz: I don’t know who I want to win. My ying good side is saying Kris and Jon, my yang bad side is Freddy and Kendra. Ultimately bad always wins.

Freddy and Kendra are done the canoe course.

Both teams drive to Kamaka air.


Kris and Jon arrive first.

Murtz: You don’t have to explain it (what a roadblock is) Phil, it’s the finale!

One person has to skydive in tandem with an instructor and then go to a sandbar to get the clue.

Murtz: Editing is making it look like Freddy and Kendra, hardcore!



Freddy and Kendra arrive at Roadblock. Freddy is going do the roadblock.

Adam and Rebecca finish detour.

Jon and Freddy jump from the plane.

Jon is first and gets the clue from clue box.

Fly to Chicago, your final destination city.

Murtz: It’s all gonna come down to cabs.

The teams have to get to the water tower in Chicago.

Kris and Jon run to the car to get to the airport.

Freddy gets the clue and those two are off as well.

Romo: She (Kendra) looks REALLY hot there.

Murtz: She does look hot.

Adam gets on plane to go skydiving.

Romo: He is doing that? He is a coward.

Murtz: I know.

Romo: I hope he chickens out.

Adam jumps and gets the clue.

Romo: I hope they (Adam/Rebecca) aren’t on the same plane as the other two teams.

Murtz: I think me and you if we left your house right now could get to Chicago faster then Adam/Rebecca.

Kris and Jon get tickets, she says she needs two but Murtz points out she signalled four with her fingers for their cameraman and mic guy.

Freddy and Kendra come later but get on a flight that will arrive 30 minutes earlier.

Adam and Rebecca get their tickets.

Romo (mocking Adam): “I just jumped out of one of these.” Yeah you have balls!

Kris and Jon’s flight arrives fifteen minutes early.

Freddy and Kendra have arrived and Kris and Jon find out they are behind.

Romo: Yeah they (Freddy and Kendra) are winning.

Murtz: I think it’s gonna be a foot race.

They get off trains. Both teams are running.

Kris and Jon seem lost.

Murtz: OH IT’S OVER!

Freddy and Kendra get to clue box first.

They must go to a pizzeria and get half a pizza.

Romo: Oh that’s tough!

Kris and Jon can’t seem to get a cab.

Freddy and Kendra arrive at the pizzeria and start eating the pizza.
Kendra can’t seem to do it. “It’s disgusting.”

Murtz: Didn’t she say she could eat a whole pizza? Bulimia that shit!


Mutrz: ALMEIDA SON! That’s for Purchase!

Murtz calls Rob Purchase and discuss how Kendra was lying about the kid.

We are back.

Kendra is still having trouble with the pizza. Freddy is trying to give her a pep talk.

Murtz: I love Freddy he is awesome in this episode.

They finish and get a taxi for the last challenge.

Kris and Jon see Freddy and Kendra leaving as they enter.

Kris and Jon start wolfing down the pizza.

Freddy and Kendra can’t get a cab. He tries to get a police escort.

Adam and Rebecca finally get to the train station.

Murtz: Don’t waste air time on them.

Freddy and Kendra are in a bad cab. The guy doesn’t know where to go.

Romo (mocking Adam): “I hope its plain cheese.” You f@#$ing loser!

Murtz: That was my favourite quote.

Freddy and Kendra have to stop to get directions. No one knows where the park they are looking for is.

Adam and Rebecca are bickering while they eat.

Kris and Jon are off in their cab.

Murtz: You know what would be awesome if they (Adam/Rebecca) came out of nowhere to win.

Freddy offers cabbie $20 to run the light.

Kris and Jon are closing in.

Freddy and Kendra run from cab but get blocked by a train.

They get by the train and RUN!! They are gonna win. The other teams congratulate them with cheers!

Murtz: As I predicted and I am $100 richer.

They get to finishing line and hug Phil!

Freddy and Kendra have won the $1 Million dollars.

Romo: I feel so bad for the girl team.

Murtz: Yeah.

Freddy and Kendra hug and kiss.

Murtz (quoting Kendra talk about Freddy): “He is definitely worthy of having my children.” Oh man what an EGO! I LOVE it!

Kris and Jon arrive in second. They congratulate Freddy and Kendra.

Romo: I hate this crap where they talk about great the other person is.

Murtz: Would you the $1 million or kiss Kris?

Romo: I’d take the million.

Murtz: Yeah me too.

Adam and Rebecca arrive in third place.

Murtz: aka the Guido position.

The teams all start to hug each other.

Romo: BLAH!

Romo: I want to go drinking with Gus.

STAY Tuned for scenes of the next Amazing Race!

The preview shows Boston Rob and Amber which sends Murtz into a frenzy.

Murtz: MARIANO!!! They should have just shown me that instead of the show.


Another 11 teams embark on a race around the world.

Survivors Rob and Amber are confirmed one of those teams.

A former prisoner of war in the Iraqi war is another contestant.

Murtz (quoting Boston Rob): “They don’t want us to win again, too bad for them.” Mariano is my hero and if the Boston Red Sox were a religion I would convert.

Murtz: Based on my advance intel the next Amazing Race is the best reality show of them all. Even if they combine all the Survivors, Amazing Races, Apprentices and Big Brothers it would not match the quality of the next cast.

Romo: That is it for now. I will go over and fix all the typos and grammar errors, of which I am sure there are many and update again soon.

Well I have made the revisions and I have no doubt there are still some grammar, punctuation and spelling errors but I am too tired to fix them all.

I think the finale was amazing. The lock challenge was a great idea, skydiving not so much. Freddy and Kendra are deserving winners. They kept their eye on the prize. Other then Freddy’s spaz out after the gate fell on him the team was very focused throughout the race. And let’s be honest most males would have probably spazed out like Freddy did, maybe not threatened people though, if they were badly bonked on the head.

As I said in my column last week I think Kendra was the real winner. She changed the most personality wise over the race. She really matured and started to accept other cultures.

Kris and Jon were a great team but they were almost too nice and not competitive enough. In reality though these two will probably live happily ever after and have gorgeous blonde perfect kids.

Rebecca and Adam overcame a great deal just to make it to the end. The fact they finished third is shocking to me. They were almost gone way back in Iceland when they put the wrong gas in the truck. Finishing third showed that these two have some survival skills that many other teams didn’t have. Adam needs to cut his hair and grow up though before he can call himself a man. Oh and stop threatening to kill yourself if Rebecca leaves you.

Aaron and Hayden, what a disappointment. They were the early favourites and started off so well. What happened? I think the fighting between the two of them made them lose focus. In the last few episodes Aaron seemed to no longer car about winning. I think Hayden’s bossiness and bickering go to him. I hope their marriage lasts but Aaron will need to stand up to Hayden more often and no more throwing bags at her.

My favourite team is still Gus and Hera. More so just for Gus. I am still disappointed with what happened to Lena and Kristy. I think had they overcome that hay bailing roadblock they could have been a major force and finished at least top 5.

The next edition starts March 1 on CBS. It seems a bit soon to go back to the show. Hopefully putting the shows back to back doesn’t overload the viewers. Murtz is hugely excited for this edition. I think it will be great to see how Amber and Rob can do on the race. The other teams may be out gunning for them.

I would like to actually see more yields, as mentioned before, and also a tighter count on how many roadblocks each person can do. They kept mentioning there was a limit but it never seemed to come into play.