InsidePULSE Indy Report 2.9.05: News & Results


Professional Championship Wrestling Hosts Dallas Seminar
Alan Wojcik Interviews AJ Styles
CWA – 1/29 – Deland, FL
RME – Plumas, Manitoba
FC – 1/30 – Ocala, FL
IZW – Tempe, AZ
IWA MS – 2/4 – Valparaiso, IN
SCW – Donahue, IA
CZW – 2/5 – Philadelphia, PA
NWA NL – Muscatine, IA
GCW – Columbus, GA
NWA R/RCW – La Salle, IL
IWI – Cincinnati, OH
EWF – Marion, IN
PCW – Arlington, TX
NWA PWX – McKeesport, PA
CWF – Rensselaer, IN
OCW – Strausburg, OH
WAM – Atchison, KS
HPW – Columbus, IN
ACW – Waskcom, TX
TMW – Knoxville, TN
TASW – Humble, TX

Professional Championship Wrestling Hosts Dallas Seminar

PCW Academy will hold a Wrestling Seminar & Tryout w/ former PCW Heavyweight & two-time NWA World Tag champion Lance Hoyt aka Dallas on Saturday, February 26, 2005 at 2 p.m. at PCW Arena in Arlington, TX. Cost is $99. For information, e-mail [email protected].

Alan Wojcik Interviews AJ Styles

Alan Wojcik interviews AJ Styles, click in to find the latest on TNA X champion.

Crude Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 1/29 – Deland, FL

*Thump Dupree def. Spanky Malone
*Alex Porteau def. Eric Crysis
*Brody def. Mace
*Kahagas def. Nightstalker
*JJ Vegas def. Gino Carusso
*The Heavenly Bodies def. JP Ace/Anthony Zanoni
*Tower vs. Ryze went to a double DQ
*Axis/Python vs. Al Hardiman/The Renegade Outlaw went to a double DQ

AWA SCW results
Sat, 1/29 – Madison, IN

*Dynamite Derrick def. Bad Medicine #1
*”Superstar” Shane Mathews def. JV Insanity by pin
*Billy Maverick def. Blackheart #3 via pin
*Joey Moore/Chris Morrus def. Brad Lamen/Jamie Morrison
*Damien Morrus def. “Convict” Rocco Andretti
*The Blackhearts (Blackheart 1/2) def. Apollo/Chuck McRoberts
*Chris Blayze def. “The Black Redneck” Kliff Hanger via pin
*SCW Supreme Title Match: Prophet def. Nick Noble by DQ

Ring Masters Entertainment results
Sat, 1/29 – Plumas, Manitoba

*Dick Walker def. Lucky O’Shea
*The Sharp Dressed Man def. Draven
*Tre Valiant def. William Bobbin
*Mike Lightning def. Rico Suave
*The North-South Connection def. EZ Ryder/Damon Marx
*Gene Swan def. Dick Walker
*Battle Royal: Bobby Collins

Funkin’ Conservatory Bang TV results
Sun, 1/30 – Ocala, FL

*Bo “Funky White Boy” Lee def. Forsaken by pin after a power slam
*FC US Title Match (ref: Missy Hyatt): champion The Claw def. Lexie Fyfe
*Tyler Glass def. Shawn Bowler via pin after a german suplex
*FC International Title Match: “Bad Ass” Christian Bauer vs. PJ Luke
*Dory Funk, Jr./Jody Peterman def. The Heartbreak Express
*FC Heavyweight champion Johnny Magnum def. Blaine Rage in a non-title match
*FC Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Aric Dylan def. Adam Windsor

Impact Zone Wrestling results
Sun, 1/30 – Tempe, AZ

Crowd: 150
*IWZ Womens Title Contender Match: Adrenelyn vs. “Top gun” Talwar
*”Big” Jack Bull def. “Cowboy” Jack Durango
*D.O.C. (Max Wolf/Chief Rocca) (w/ Crock) vs. Native Warriors (“Hawaiian Lion” John Williams/The Navajo Warrior) went to a no contest
*IWZ Western Title Match: Lil’ Nate def. GQ Gallo
*Lynch Mob (Ryan Lynch/Lucha Reigns) def. Antonio Mestre/Rule
*IWZ Heavyweight Title Match: Train (aka A-Train) def. Peter Goodman (w/ Sheik Samir Hussein)

IWA Mid-South results
Fri, 2/4 – Valparaiso, IN

NWA Indiana State Title Tournament, Round 1:
*Trik Davis def. “The Underwear Model” Eric Priest
*Ian Rotten def. Josh Abercrombie
*Alex Shelley def. Petey Williams
*Brandom Thomaselli def. Matt Sydal

*IWA Light Heavyweight Title, Cage Match: champion Delerious retained against Jimmy Jacobs
*Samoa Joe def. Brad Bradley

NWA Indiana State Title Tournament, Round 2:
*Trik Davis def. Ian Rotten
*Brandon Thomaselli def. Alex Shelley

*IWA MS Heavyweight Title Match: Danny Daniels def. CM Punk
*NWA Indiana State Title Match: Brandon Thomaselli def. Trik Davis

Scott County Wrestling results
Fri, 2/4 – Donahue, IA

Crowd: 202
*David Chanyer def. #1 Playa
*Hardcore KC def. K-buff
*Gixx vs. “The Shug” Shane Alatorre went to a time limit draw
*”The Student of the Game” Russ Staley/”Synical” Steven Youngblood def. Gin-N-Juice
*Danny Mckay vs. Mr. Elite went to a double count out
*SCW Quad Cities Title Match: champion Nick “the Product” Stonewall retained over “Superstar” Eric Marx
*”Marvel” Shane Mattews def. F-buff
*”Natural” Nathan Ironside def. Josh Sobek via submission
*Synister/Abyss def. SCW Heavyweight champion Tank Roberts/Mississippi Madman

Combat Zone Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Philadelphia, PA

*Derek Frazier def. Heretic
*Chris Hero/Claudio Castagnoli def. DJ Hyde/Jon Dahmer
*Skayde def. Milinato Collection AT
*IWS Tag Titles Match: champions The Flying Hurricanes (Takao/Kenny the Bastard) retained against Ghost Shadow/Spyral, All Money Is Legal, & Beef Wellington/El Generico
*Sabian/Eddie Kingston def. Super Dragon/Excalibur
*Falls Count Anywhere, Tables, Ladders Match: Adam Flash def. Kaos
*CZW Tag Titles Match: Nick Gage/Justice Pain def. JC Bailey/Chri$ Ca$h
*IWS Heavyweight Title vs. CZW Ironman Title Match: IWS Heavyweight champion Franky the Mobster def. B-Boy
*CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Quackenbush def. “The Next” Alex Shelley
*CZW Heavyweight Title Match: Ruckus def. Messiah
*Ultraviolet Underground Ring Match: JC Bailey def. Necro Butcher

NWA No Limits
Sat, 2/5 – Muscatine, IA

Crowd: 220
*Marek “The Product” Brave (aka Nick “The Product” Stonewall) def. Tyler Black
*Chandler McClure/Steve Stone def. Trik Davis/Mr. Elite
*NWA IA Heavyweight Title Match: Abyss def. Jimmy Jacobs
*No DQ Match: MsChif def. Mickie Knuckles
*Barbed Wire Match: Josh Abercrombie def. Ian Rotten
*Samoa Joe def. Eric Priest
*NWA IN Heavyweight Title Match: champion Brandon Thomaselli retained over Silas Young

Georgia Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Columbus, GA

*John Bogie def. Rowdy Harris
*Kwee Wee def. AJ Steele
*Terry Taylor def. The Masked Superstar
*David Young def. Damien Steele
*AJ Styles vs. Jason Cross went a draw

Funkin’ Conservatory results
Sat, 2/5 – Ocala, FL

*Flex Cassidy def. Chasyn Rance via pin after a spear
*Blaine Rage def. “Bad Ass” Christian Bauer
*Texas Death Match: Dory Funk, Jr. def. Adam Windsor
*FC Heavyweight Title Match: champion Johnny Magnum def. Aric Dylan by DQ

NWA Revolution/Revolution Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – La Salle, IL

*NWA R Alternative Title Match: champion Brandon Thomaselli retained over Dan Lawrence
*IWA MS Heavyweight champion Danny Daniels def. Brad Bradley by DQ
*RCW Tag Titles Match: The New Styc It In Express (Eric Marx/Miss Eryn) def. Wealth and Wisdom (w/ Josh Costilli)
*Synn (w/ The Double M) def. Egotistico Fantastico
*NWA IL Heavyweight Title Match: champion Colt Cabana retained against CM Punk

Intense Wrestling, Inc. results
Sat, 2/5 – Cincinnati, OH

*MMM (as Rowdy Roddy Piper) def. Taiwan kid by pin
*Evil Security Guard def. Blue Tiger via pin after Bret Michaels interfered
*Bret Michaels def. Bret Majors
*Flap Jack def. Ike Jones
*Jimmy Fitzwell def. Sebastian Steele after using brass knuckles
*Blue Tiger/Bret Majors def. Bret Michaels/Evil Security Guard

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 2/5 – Marion, IN

*Frank Stein def. Unr8ted
*Chance Lavedo def. Chip Daily
*Superman Rob def. The Rage
*Fallen Dragon def. Ernie Balls
*Anarchy def. Adam Renolds
*The Southern Boys def. Dyson Pryce/Maynard Ruffneck & Spanish Stew (El Vato/Dinn T More)
*Matt Shock def. P Roc
*Bob def. Captain Psychedelic
*Osyris/Indy Kid def. Melliki/SiKness

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Arlington, TX

*G-Slice def. Jaguar by pin after the BDW
*Mace Malone def. Stephen Murphy via pin after a Detonator
*PCW Tag Titles Match: champions Jeff & Jerry Brown (w/ Kyra) retained against Apocalyps/Damien
*Hotstuff Hernandez def. Brett Anthony by pin
*PCW Heavyweight Title Contender Match (ref: “Sexy” Steve DeMarco): “The Fire” Jeremy Young def. Dallas & BJ Turner

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress results
Sat, 2/5 – McKeesport, PA

*Devil Bhudakahn/Youth Gone Wild def. Latin Rage/Eric Darkstorm/Justin Idol
*NWA East Brass Knuckles Title Match: champion Daron Smythe def. Jason Cage & Sabotage
*Street Fight: Quinn Magnum vs. Scott Venom went to a no contest
*NWA PWX Tag Titles Match: Da Munchies def. The Tri Chis & Extreme
*NWA PWX Three Rivers Title Match: champion Chris Taylor def. Eisen Drache by submission
*Crusher Hansen/Sebastian def. Devin Devine/Adam Cage

Central Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 2/5 – Rensselaer, IN

*”Zombie” Rob Ramer/Ryan Thunder def. “The Beast” Brian Roberts/Black Warrior
*The Bouncer def. “Playboy” Alan Richards
*”Diceman” Ronnie Vegas def. Guy Lombardo
*Tommy Gage def. “Bad Boy” Billy Bart
*P.T. Hustla def. “Venom” Matt Valor
*CWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Shawn Cook retained against D-Von Fury
*CWF Heavyweight Title Contender Battle Royal: P.T. Hustla

Ohio Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Strausburg, OH

*OCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Rick Carter def. “Wild Card” Jack Diamond
*Mr. Insanity def. “New Hotness” Todd Richards
*”Big Guns” Jeff Cannon def. Cruz Sangria
*Joe Joe Little/Vic Montana def. Jonny Attitude/Robby Starr
*The Rootin’ Tootin’ Buckeroos def. the Beastmaster/Kid Kaos
*Shark Boy def. Wrath Chyld
*”Hacksaw” Jim Duggan def. “Mr. 8×10” Michael Cruz
*”Hot Commodity” Matt Mason def. Scotty Sabre

Wrestling Alliance Midwest results
Sat, 2/5 – Atchison, KS

*PM Money def. Phoenix (w/ Spookshow)
*WAM Mid-America Title Contender Match: The Dekin (w/ The Last Prophet Enigma) def. Jake Boulder
*Winner gets on WAM Roster: “Tropical” Troy Roberts def. Mr. Jones
*Ricky Reynolds def. Eric Fantabulous (w/ Chairman Chatterbox Chad Phillips)
*WAM Tag Titles Match: champions 2nd String (Ice-Man/Tommy Snow) retained against DL Steele/Job Goblin (w/ Spookshow/Brandon Steele)
*WAM Mid-America Title Match: champion Donnie Peppercricket def. Blade (w/ The New Testament (The Dekin/The Last Prophet Enigma))
*WAM Light-Heavyweight Title Match: Spookshow vs. PayDay vs. JC Thunder went to a no contest
*The Rebel def. Takeon the Korean Warrior
*WAM Heavyweight Title Match: Preston Maxwell (w/ “Chairman Chatterbox” Chad Phillips) def. JC Thunder

Hoosier Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Columbus, IN

*Donny Idol def. Brad Lamen via pin
*Average White Guy def. Gotti by pin
*Brian Beech def. Fuji Brown via pin
*Ox Harley def. The Gravedigger by pin
*Tiny Tim vs. American Eagle went to a time limit draw
*(ref: Commissioner Scotty Lovins) Donny Idol/Billy Ray Hickerson/Gravedigger/Sign Guy def. Ox Harley/
Tommy Ray Sands/Jesse Houston/Promoter Jerry Wilson

American Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Waskcom, TX

*Tony Fantana def. Sean Cordova
*Jason Skyy def. Sean O Neil by DQ
*Hardcore 4-way Match: Richard Graves
*Andrew Dalton def. Angel
*American Anarchy def. Spoiler 2000 (w/ Joey Corman)
*Eric Morgan def. Mongoose
*Pendragon/Logan (w/ Joey Corman) vs. New Age Dawg/Gemini went to a double DQ

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Knoxville, TN

Crowd: 150
*Mike Hanson def. Barry Allen via pin
*Stan “The Man” Lee def. Sammy V by pin w/ his feet on the ropes
*Tom “The Bomb” Pitner/The Grappler def. The Blue Angel/Scott Patterson
*Chris Powers def. Dave “The Science” Pillman via pin after a top rope leg drop
*TMW Heavyweight Title Match: The Dirty White Boy vs. “Prime Time” Brian Lee went to a double DQ

Texas All Star Wrestling results
Sat, 2/5 – Humble, TX

*ZenZen def. Dylan Star
*Scoby Gober def. Nick Daniels
*Justin Blaze def. Nark the Nevulon
*VooDoo def. Chris Allen
*Bobby 2Badd def. Mr. Mayhem