Recapped: Lost – Episode 14


Back for another Lost recap, and I must say that it is about time. The Super Bowl huhbub has passed, the New England Patriots are once again champions of the NFL (much to my chagrin), but now the time has come to return to awesome television. Now, I will say this: I have not been keeping up with 24 or Alias. But without hearing spoilers, what I have heard is that things are going along great for both shows. At least, so far.

I did catch the “sneak preview” of American Dad before it goes dormant for another few months, and I must say that I wasn’t blown away like I was with Family Guy, but honestly, I’d take that over the Amazing Race 57 any day (and I say this knowing full well that the site I am writing this recap for is pushing live coverage of the Amazing Race finale hard).

Anyway, let’s take a look inside the mailbag to see what was left for me during the long hiatus between episodes of Lost.

“I admit to not being a big Walt/Michael fan. That was before last week’s episode. I found the back story mixed in with realtime to be engaging and well done. Like the Saywer episode, I found myself really digging a character/characters after I knew more about them. Well done. However, I don’t really understand why Jack and Company didn’t organize a search party for Claire. I know Ethan said “they” would kill her, but it would’ve been nice to see a group of people saw, “Screw this, I don’t know who the hell those people are, but we’re going to find out before the come back to get more of us.” I just felt like they somewhat swept her under the carpet until last week. Great recap on one of my favorite episodes.”

Well, technically, Ethan said (as is covered in the previously for this episode) that if Jack does not stop following Ethan, Ethan will kill one of “them” (meaning the plane crash survivors). But that’s just nitpicking. Although I personally felt the Walt/Michael backstory was fairly weak, there is much potential for the future storylines, the present storylines with there being “something” about Walt. It is weird that some people didn’t step up to find Claire, but perhaps the writers would find it plausible to believe that everything about that jungle scares the bejesus of just about anyone who hasn’t fallen under Locke’s spell.

And that’s it for mail this week, so on with the recap!

Previously, on Lost: Ethan is creepy and this scares Claire. Locke thinks that Claire and Charlie have been taken. Of course, Jack and Kate’s quest to find them leads to Jack getting “pwn3d” by Ethan and Ethan making it clear that if Jack does not stop following Ethan, he will kill one of them. Of course, for those of you that don’t know, Jack continues to follow and almost ends up getting Charlie killed in the process (in a scene that was pretty goddamn surreal).

Back to “real-time” now, as Charlie is sleeping no more hearing the screams of the other survivors, most of them wondering where Dr. Jack is. Charlie notices the survivors all gathering around and then sees Locke emerging with Claire in his arms. Everyone is frantic for answers about Claire, but Dr. Jack barges in to check on her. Locke reveals to the Doctor that they found her a mile north looking for Vincent. She was conscious, but eventually collapsed in Locke’s arms. Eventually Jack decides that she needs some space and tells everyone to back off, as Charlie is desperate to move in closer. We see that Claire is still very pregnant, so the whole argument about her baby being taken is rather flimsy at this point. With a couple of dabs of a wet cloth, Claire jerks to life with a scream, backing away from everyone. Dr. Jack tries to calm her down, but Claire is scared and confused. Not even Charlie can calm her, though. “Who are you? … WHO ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!!?” Oh dear. When it comes to Claire’s mind, I believe it is…


And now, a word from our sponsors…well, that certainly is an interesting opening. Perhaps Claire is just delirious after having just opened her eyes, or maybe Claire has suffered amnesia, which is always a good way to get viewers whining about how a TV show has jumped the shark (see: 24).

Returning to the cave, as Claire doesn’t remember any Ethan Rom. More importantly, she doesn’t remember any of the plane crash survivors, of which she is one, and she doesn’t remember the caves or anything like that. So Charlie asks the obvious follow-up: “What do you remember?” Locke looks on silently as Claire explains that the last thing she remembers was being on a plane. Dr. Jack refreshes Claire’s memory by explaining that everyone here crashed on the same plane about a month ago. Claire worries about her baby, but the baby is fine. Claire wonders why no one has come for them if it’s been a month, but no one can answer that.

Over to Jin and Sun, as Jin asks Sun in Korean what she thinks of the situation, but Sun responds–in Korean–that she doesn’t know. Sun thinks that Claire is going to be alright…but as for the baby? What, they’re casting doubt on this now? Does this make Dr. Jack a LIAR?

Moving on to Obi-Locke Kenobi and Boone Skywalker, as Boone wants to know if Claire managed to escape from the clutches of Ethan Rom. Locke points out that Boone was right there with him, so he only knows as much as Locke knows. A better question that Boone brings up is where she came from, since they were pretty deep in the jungle, where there’s nothing that they know of. Boone still finds it hard to believe that she said nothing about Ethan, since he pretended to be one of us, kidnapped her and dragged her through the jungle for two weeks and still somehow manages to not know a thing about him. Locke finds it apparent that that is the truth, so Boone turns to look at his surroundings and wonders if Ethan could be out there, waiting to strike again. “I sure hope not.” And that’s coming from Locke, who we’ve been waiting to see team up with Ethan and form a dastardly tag team of doom.

Back to Claire and Charlie, as Charlie returns her journal and re-introduces her to where she sleeps in the cave. Claire is rather silent, so Charlie explains that he was kidnapped along with Claire. “They” came for Charlie, but Claire was long gone. Claire wants to know more about the Other Man, but Charlie can only describe him as “the bad guy.” Razor Ramon making a cameo? Guffaw guffaw guffaw. So why did Ethan leave Charlie behind? Apparently Charlie knows why, but he wants to save that story for another day and suggests that Claire get some rest. Claire doesn’t see how she’ll be sleeping, but Charlie isn’t much of a sleeper himself–drugs will do that to you–but he’s glad that he has someone to stay up with. So Claire assumes that this means they’re friends, and Charlie confirms that. Good ol’ sniffin’ sounds…

…send us into A Flashback, as Charlie is sniffing some blow with his good drug buddy Tommy. Charlie likes this stuff that he’s taking up his nose, which is a good thing, except that they’re almost out of the stuff. Charlie thinks that the day should be seized and more drugs should be taken up the nose, but Tommy suggests that the French phrase “Carpe Diem” be left for another day. Well, it’s a Latin phrase, as Charlie is quick to point out, so Tommy wonders if it’s Latin for “I’ve got a pile of money, so we can score vast quantities of illicit substances.”? Charlie confirms this is not the correct translation, so Tommy suggests that Charlie cleans up for work. Cutting to a new scene, as Tommy introduces Lucy Heatherton, a recent Oxford-graduate who is right in so many ways, and is the daughter of a loaded father. Tommy asks Charlie if he is ready to use his status as the former singer of Driveshaft to good use, and Charlie damn well is ready. So Tommy manipulates the situation by playing “You All Everybody” on the jukebox and Charlie hams it up with the women, who are taking to him quite nicely. Tommy watches carefully as Charlie slyly seduces the three women he is around, but most importantly, Lucy Heatherton…

…but it’s time to go back to The Beach, where budget costs have forced the tide to rise immensely. Locke, Jack, Sayid and Charlie are gathered to have a discussion amongst themselves, as Sayid questions the validity of the idea that Claire escaped from Ethan, and not just because she was very pregnant. Is it so impossible that Ethan was intelligent enough to send Claire back as a spy? Charlie immediately takes offense to that, but Dr. Jack calms him. It should be noted that Locke and Sayid are on one side of this conversation square, while Charlie and Dr. Jack are on the other. Oh, the tribes they are a splitting. Dr. Jack finds that to be a stretch, but Sayid then asks how many cases of amnesia Dr. Jack has seriously diagnosed. Dr. Jack says that it is rare, but having been through a major trauma, it is plausible that her memory could have reset to the plane crash. Locke ponders if there’s a possiblity of her memory ever returning, but Dr. Jack doesn’t know for sure. Oh, how sinister. One could easily spin that into Locke not wanting anyone to know that he was associated with Ethan in some way more than just being hunting buddies. Anyway, Charlie breaks up the pow-wow by announcing that he is going to spend some time with Claire, since he gets the feeling she might still be a “tad upset”.

So on the way Back to the Caves, Charlie runs into Jin. Jin, naturally, doesn’t understand a damn thing that Charlie is saying, even when Charlie is trying to explain the concept of safety in numbers to avoid Ethan. Charlie finds it interesting how Jin is able to avoid the insanity of the island through the language barrier. All Jin has to do is take care of his wife. Of course, neither of them know how much of a chore that is or has the possiblity of becmoing. Charlie continues to babble on about how much easier Jin has it, but Jin hears slightly thick hitting sounds in the distance and silences Charlie as his eyes scan through the jungle. The sounds come faster and faster until a rock hurdles through the air and strikes Jin, knocking him flat on the ground. This alarms Charlie, as he now frantically whips his head around the jungle, only to find Ethan walking towards him. Ethan wants Claire back, and it should be noted that Ethan has four very large scars on his face now. More importantly, Ethan wants CHARLIE and Charlie alone to bring Claire back. But Charlie wants to know what he did to Claire, and tries to strike him with an object, but Ethan cuts him off by wrapping a hand around his throat and pushing him against the nearest tree trunk, choking the life out of him as Charlie’s feet dangle inches from the ground. “If you don’t, I’m going to kill one of them. And then if you don’t bring her back by sundown tomorrow, I’ll kill another. And another. And another. One every day. And Charlie…I’ll kill you last.” Ethan finally releases the chokehold on Charlie, leaving Charlie kneeling on the ground and coughing for air as he walks off into the jungle.

And now, a word from our sponsors…holy christ, Ethan is a badass. He’d give Jack Bauer a run for his money. 24/Lost crossover, baby. You know it has to happen.

We return in the Beach Pow-Wow, as Charlie is now pleading his case to Dr. Jack and Locke, as Charlie suggests that a party is formed to go kill Ethan. Locke doesn’t want to upset the others on the island, but Dr. Jack agrees with Charlie. Dr. Jack doesn’t think that they should wait for Ethan to kill one of their own, and Dr. Jack is confident that they can get Ethan again. But Locke tries to shed a little reality on the situation, pointing out that the last time they tried to track Ethan down, Dr. Jack got his ass kicked and Charlie was hung from a tree until almost dead. Locke suggests that instead of running into the jungle unarmed, they “circle the wagons”, telling a select few about the threat and then making sure that those select few can protect someone at the caves and on the beach. Dr. Jack finds that irrational, since telling a select few might end up in having blood on their hands. Locke finally gives in, saying that Jack can go ahead and tell everyone, but if he wants them to be protected, Jack needs to be thinking defense instead of offense. The Doctor is confident that part of the problem can be solved by moving everyone from the beach to the caves. But Locke brings up the question of whether or not the Other Man hasn’t brought Other Men? Locke suggests that Ethan is only making this threat to take everyone out in one fell swoop by getting them all gathered in a confined space. Dr. Jack sees the rationale behind that, so he wants to hear Locke’s plan now.

Into the caves with Jin and Sun, as Sun is treating Jin’s wound which actually struck in the body instead of the head as most would be lead to believe. Sun asks Jin if he knows what’s going on, but Jin would have no idea because of the language barrier. Sun points out the others might understand, but Jin is afraid of the others since they seemed to have caused this to happen to Jin.

And now in the jungle with Claire and Charlie, as Claire confides in Charlie that no one is talking to her at the caves. Everyone’s avoiding Claire, and she feels like something is going on. Charlie changes the subject to her memory, but Claire isn’t getting anything back from after the crash. Claire wonders if some of this stuff isn’t better left forgotten anyway. Charlie points out that they’ve just been having a wonderful time–they even built a golf course. Claire chuckles, but asks again if there’s anything going on. Charlie is sure that nothing is going on, however, but he knows that’s a lie…speaking of lies…

Time for A Flashback, as Lucy and Charlie are coming back to her place from their first date, as Charlie continues to charm Lucy. Charlie accepts her invitation for tea and then wonders where Lucy’s old man is. Lucy isn’t sure, but Charlie is too busy looking at the valuables to pay attention to her anymore. Finally something definitely catches his eye, a Winston Churchill artifact. Lucy arrives back in the room as she explains that her father collects a good assortment of items from Britain’s leaders. Lucy suggests that Charlie and Mr. Heatherton meet, since he’s coming back home tomorrow. Lucy invites him to dinner and a strange chord plays as if Charlie knows that he’s getting in deeper with Lucy, as Charlie accepts the invitation. Charlie certainly appears to be a “UK Confidence Man”. Lucy kisses Charlie’s cheek…

…and we flash back to Charlie’s blank face, cutting quickly to Kate & Jack Best Friends Forever, as Kate wants to talk with Jack about the whole Charlie/Claire/Ethan situation. Dr. Jack doesn’t know himself why Ethan would want Claire back, but Kate suggests that the time has now come to arm the island, since there are four guns in that case belonging to the dead Marshal. Dr. Jack immediately shuts that down, since chances of shooting each other are much higher than shooting the bad people like Ethan. Kate thinks that the time has come to go past sharpening knives, but Dr. Jack simply refuses to put guns in untrained hands. And that’s that.

Now we move on to Obi-Locke Kenobi, Boone Skywalker and Sayid as they test out a trap that basically involves a trash bag filled with metal that will make plenty of noise to alert someone to the presence of Ethan…or others. Sayid says that some have volunteered for sentry duty, and Sayid is ready to put them on rotating shifts. Boone volunteers for a shift, and Sayid seems a little wary at first but eventually agrees. Locke instills confidence in Boone, saying that they’re counting on him.

Sun begins to fall on the first day as torches are lighted all around the cave. Charlie is very nervous, however, wondering if Claire shouldn’t be moved to another location. Dr. Jack thinks that Claire will be just fine in this cave, but Charlie begins to blame himself and tries to accept responsibility for her, but Dr. Jack assures him that nothing will happen to her. But what about the baby?

A Flashback Dinner, as Lucy, Lucy’s father and Charlie are all gathered around the dinner table discussing things such as Lucy’s father’s former band, the Protestant Reformation, and such other boring stuff that probably won’t have that much relevance to the story in the end. Lucy’s father asks about Driveshaft, and Charlie explains that they are on a bit of a hiatus now due to Liam, the lead singer, having a new daughter, so it’s been a year since they were together. Charlie is thinking of doing a solo project, however, since Liam and him don’t see very well anyway. Charlie thinks that Driveshaft might be well and dead. And now we cut to the local pub, post-date, as Charlie reveals to Tommy that he took a job selling copiers for Lucy’s father. Tommy can’t believe that Charlie has fallen in too deep, when the point is for Charlie to steal something of value that Tommy can sell to get more drugs. And Lucy will be none the wiser. Charlie just thinks that he needs to look ahead to the future, since Liam might not be coming back. Tommy points out that Charlie isn’t going to get a fix all weekend, so on Monday when Charlie starts his job selling copiers, he might be feeling less than crescent fresh. Tommy takes off on that note…

…and we take a look around the island, as Sayid, Locke, and Boone are protecting the island with fires burning all around…but Boone is dozing off. Boone’s eyes shut…

…and the trap comes DOWN, as Boone is snapped awake to find daylight in his eyes. Boone jumps to his feet and runs through the jungle, looking for the person who tripped the wire. But no one’s there.

And now, a word from our sponsors…womp womp. Boone is a young padawan with much to learn.

Returning to Sentry Post Boone, as Boone has his spear ready to throw, hearing branches crunch all around him, and finally going to take a stab, but falling flat on his face…since he tripped the alarm. And here comes Vincent, licking Boone’s face as Boone is naturally ashamed…but Sayid doesn’t have too much time to make light of it before he hears a scream. Sayid and Locke both dart their heads in the direction of the scream, which sounds like it belongs to Claire, and they both speed off to find out what has happened. Boone tries to catch up, but the survivors have gathered around a body in the sand. Locke, Sayid, and Boone all look at each other, frustrated as they wonder how this managed to happen. Apparently the body of the now dead survivor wasn’t someone that important. Charlie looks on somberly as Hurley was under the impression that they had a full-on perimeter. Kate mentions that Locke proclaimed it not to even matter, since Ethan came in from the water. As Boone, Sayid and Locke carry the body away. Kate explains that his neck and various other parts were broken, so it definitely wasn’t a drowning accident. “So Steve drew the short straw.” But Sawyer’s insensitivity is misdirected. “Dude, that was Scott.” Sawyer realizes that he’s a major prick and walks away as Kate just looks cold.

Now buried, Hurley reads an obituary for Scott:

“Scott Jackson worked for an Internet company in Santa Cruz. He won a sales prize: two-week Australian vacation, all expenses paid. He was a good guy. Sorry I kept calling you Steve, man. Um…amen, I guess, uh…I don’t know how to end these.”

A good nod from the Lost writers that Scott and Steve were honestly lost in the shuffle of everyone else and no one really has any attachment to them except on a campy level.

Cut to The Cave, as Claire goes to get some water from the waterfall, but she notices that people are continuing to avoid her. Frustrated, Claire walks up to Shannon, asking why everyone is staring at her. After asking her name, Claire makes it clear that Shannon is staring. So Shannon wonders if anyone has told her yet about the whole deal. Claire hasn’t heard…

…and we cut to Claire angrily walking up to Charlie somewhere in the jungle. Apparently Shannon just informed her of the whole Ethan deal, but Charlie tries to backpedal by saying there was nothing Claire could do. Claire is already in the dark, why keep her there. Charlie just wanted to take care of her, though–but Claire can take care of herself.

This reminds me of A Flashback, as Charlie looks at himself in the mirror, sweat beading down his forehead as Lucy admires Charlie in the mirror, in a suit bought by Lucy herself. “I have shirts with…buttons.” Charlie is nervous, but Lucy assures him not to worry since he’s already got 2 copiers coming his way thanks to Lucy’s father. Charlie smirks, but he really needs some drugs. He’s hypnotized by the Winston Churchill artifact, but Lucy keeps Charlie’s attention. Lucy wants to get one more thing, leaving him alone with Winston Churchill’s flask. So Charlie finally takes it, but immediately feels bad when Lucy gives him a new suitcase. So Charlie must be going now to catch the bus, but Lucy insists that Charlie not be so daft: She’s driving him to work. Oh no. Charlie has everything he needs, so it’s time to go to work.

Boone Skywalker is sharpening a wooden spear, as Dr. Jack grabs Locke to go speak with him somewhere private. Dr. Jack wonders what will happen tonight if they still don’t give into their demands. Locke assumes that this question is rhetorical, it’ll just be the same thing that happened to Scott. Dr. Jack wonders if Locke could track him based on where Ethan attacked Jin and Charlie. Locke probably could do it, but he wouldn’t. Locke feels bad for Scott’s loss, but no matter what, they’re on Ethan’s turf: That doesn’t change. Ethan has the advantage, and to him they’re nothing but a bunch of idiots with sharp sticks. So Dr. Jack reveals that there is a way to get the advantage back. Oh no. Locke is curious, though, so Dr. Jack grabs the key and then tracks down the Marshall’s case, opening it to reveal the guns and ammo. “Why, Doctor, you’ve been holding out on us.” Dr. Jack assumes Locke knows how to operate a gun, so Locke takes it, locks it and loads it, and then gives Dr. Jack a smile.

And now, a word from our sponsors…Oh, this is a bad idea. This is a terrible, terrible idea. Locke is going to tear this whole island apart with a damn gun.

We return with the Important Characters Pow-Wow, as Charlie is freaking out again, but Dr. Jack insists that it’s their best hope. Sayid adds that they have to give Ethan what he wants, so they’re going to give up Claire, but only to lure him out so they can shoot him dead. Charlie isn’t so sure that that plan will work, but Claire arrives to announce that she can speak for herself, but Charlie insists on explaining the situation anyway: They’re going to use Claire as bait. Claire has to do it because it’ll keep Ethan from hurting someone else, and that’s important to her. Oh, and it also advances the story. Charlie wants to join them, since there are four guns, but Locke wants to know if Charlie has ever fired a gun before. This gets no response from Charlie, so they leave him out of the gameplan.

Time for another Flashback, as we get twisted camera angles of Charlie bumbling through a presentation of one of Lucy’s father’s copiers. He tries to demonstrate the speed of the copier, but ends up getting things all messed up and looking like an idiot, but more importantly, a man who is withdrawing from drugs, and then in the nervousness of it all, proceeds to vomit inside the copier. Womp womp.

Back to the caves, as Locke gives Charlie a stone look, but then Locke thinks that if they have four guns, there should be four men.

So we go to The Beach, as Sawyer is flattered that he would be the fourth man. Dr. Jack just wants to know if he can handle a gun, so Sawyer points out that at least one polar bear seems to think so. Jack hands the gun over to Sawyer (another bad move), as Kate looks on in disappointment. Sawyer asks about the hardware, but Dr. Jack doesn’t give an answer. Kate announces her intentions on wanting to come, but no one goes into this unarmed. Sawyer asks about the ammo this time, but Dr. Jack says that they have 100 rounds. Since that is the case, Sawyer just happens to have a gun for the little lady. The gun used to shoot the Marshal. Five guns are better than four, after all…as Sawyer hands the fifth gun to Kate. This is all just a great big bad idea.

As Charlie watches The Plan formulate, Sayid explains how the plan will work: Claire will be surrounded on five points, and everyone will have visual contact with Claire. Claire needs to stay in a certain area, and the last, most important thing of all: Guns are a measure of last resort. Ethan is better alive than dead. Charlie continues to worry, watching from a distance as they take off.

Slowly fade to sunset on the second day, as Claire wonders out into danger, with rain pouring down all around. Claire can clearly see Death Squad of Five, but is still immensely worried about her safety. And now, a crunching noise. And there’s Ethan. Ethan is looking scrungy, like usual, as Claire screams bloody murder. Ethan charges immediately as Claire makes a run for it.

And now, a word from our sponsors…yeah, baby, yeah! Ethan is a pimp daddy.

Back with Seven is Enough: Pimp Daddy Ethan, Claire, Killer Kate, The Un-Sawyer, Obi-Locke Kenobi, Sayid and The Doctor, as Ethan continues to chase Claire through the jungle. Here comes Dr. Jack as he tackles Ethan to the ground. Dr. Jack loses his gun, but here comes Kate, Sayid and Sawyer from varying places to help out. Dr. Jack holds Ethan down as Ethan fights back to his feet. They exchange punches, but Pimp Daddy Ethan lowers a shoulder and spears Dr. Jack into the nearest tree as Claire looks on in worry. Dr. Jack fights Ethan off, but Ethan is kicking ass now. Locke screams to the others that “Jack’s got him”, as Jack brings Ethan up to his feet and then rains down a hard right hand. Locke advises everyone to hold their fire, as Dr. Jack gives Ethan a nice kick to the ribs. Dr. Jack continues to beat the holy hell out of Ethan as Locke makes sure that Claire is alright, and Sayid watches in silence. Sawyer and Kate arrive, as everything seems to have calmed down, and Jack seems to have kept Ethan under control. Sawyer compliments Dr. Jack on a job well done and then demands to know who or what Ethan is. But Ethan is getting up to his knees. Five guns suggest that Ethan stays on his knees and doesn’t make another move…but a sixth gun fires six shots into Ethan, killing him dead…the sixth gun belongs to Charlie, who slowly lowers his gun, looking evil as hell as Claire looks extremely worried and Dr. Jack can only say “Charlie!” in what just happened. Jesus Christ. Did I not say this was a bad idea? Sucks that Dr. Jack lost his gun almost immediately.

Anyway, the Other Man is dead, and a new day rises as Jack and Charlie sit in the cave. Jack asks Charlie why he did it, so Charlie says that Ethan deserved to die. Jack thinks that Ethan could’ve revealed many things about where he came from and if there are any others, but Charlie isn’t so sure that Ethan would’ve revealed anything. Charlie wasn’t ever going to let Ethan near Claire again…

…and Final Flashback reveals Charlie at Lucy’s doorstep. Charlie apologizes for his problems and tries to explain, but Lucy wants Charlie to leave. Turns out that the cigarette case was removed from Charlie’s coat pocket at the hospital, which reveals just about everything about Charlie. Lucy knows Charlie’s true intentions, but she just wants to know one thing: Why did Charlie take the job? Instead of lying, Charlie says that he wanted to be respectable, and wanted to think that he could take care of Lucy. Lucy makes it clear to Charlie that he’ll never take care of anyone. Which is relevant, naturally.

Sun Down on the Third Day Minus Ethan, as Sayid sits with Shannon and Jin sits with Jun…as Claire walks up behind Charlie and announces that she remembers peanut butter. Claire doesn’t know what happened to her, and she’s scared, but she wants to trust Charlie. “Good night, Charlie.” The sentiment is echoed, and three final notes are played…


End show! Kinda nothing ending, but everything leading up to that was pretty badass.

Where do we go from here? The obvious question, since the death of Ethan came way too soon (for me, at least). Sure, it seems obvious that the island is splitting into two sides (The episode name “Sides” supports this), but will that be enough to fuel the storyline past the end of this first season (which seems to be going on forever, by the way?). I’d like to hear some theories about how everything is going to work, since it’ll be hard to get back into the show back in it’s “everyone on the island is getting their heads screwed with.”

I’d really like to hear some of the reader’s theories before I go off the deep end trying to come up with one of my own. Don’t be a stranger, drop a line to to share your thoughts on where the writers could possibly be going from here.