[WWE] Batista Bashed OVW, Almost Fired by WWE


Batista is headed for the Raw main event against Triple H at Wrestlemania 21, but he almost never got to WWE at all.

During his training, Batista was so outspoken against his experiences in OVW that he almost lost his job over it a couple of years back. He had a bad reputation in OVW for not partaking in all the workouts, believing he was above them, as well as complaints about how he was being used in the promotion.

When Batista was called back to the main roster for good, he bad-mouthed the territory backstage. Of course now that he is a burgeoning superstar, it is a moot point, but at the time it raised quite a bit of eyebrows and almost resulted in Batista losing his job.

Some believe he made some good points about the developmental territory, but it is universally agreed that he was a bit too outspoken about his views given his time in WWE at that point.

credit: Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

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