InsidePulse DVD Review – Pauly Shore is Dead




Pauly Shore

The Movie

The first thing that one may notice about this review is there is the cast list is missing. Ninety-nine percent of the people in the movie play themselves in cameo roles; so, it’s rather pointless going through listing everyone who is in it.

Much like a Kevin Smith movie, this feels like Shore went and got a bunch of friends together to make this mockumentary. Unlike a Kevin Smith movie, nothing approaching acting or real coherent story readily appears.

Starting back in 1997, Shore’s ill-fated sitcom has just aired for the first time to unbelievably bad reviews. Everyone, of course, tells Shore that it’s wonderful but, ultimately, it gets cancelled quickly.

He decides to go out and find a new agent and after shopping around and finding no one who’ll take him his life begins (more appropriately maybe would be continues) to go straight to hell. He has to sell his house to Carrot Top and move back in with his mom and he ends up working at his mom’s comedy club.

One night he’s visited by his guardian angel, Sam Kinison, who suggests he kill himself so that everyone will think he’s a comedic genius who went before his time. Instead, Shore decides to fake his own death and the movie carries on from there through the “death”, the discovery he’s still alive and his ultimate personal redemption.

Those that ever liked Pauly Shore will likely love this movie. Those that enjoy mocking B-list celebrities for 90 minutes will probably like this even more. Just saying it’s a mockumentary about Pauly Shore pretending to kill himself really gives a good idea of how good or bad you’ll find it. It will however slightly exceed whatever expectations you have.

Score: 7/10

The Video

It’s presented in anamorphic widescreen on one side and fullscreen on the other, so you’ve got whichever you prefer right there. Nothing noticeably bad about this.

Score: 9/10

The Audio

It’s Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, for those of you keeping score. This movie really doesn’t need anything special when it comes to sound though.

Score: 9/10

The Extras

There’s a fair amount of extras on here, and all of them are entertaining.

First up, for those interested, fans can watch the entire movie with the Pauly Shore commentary on. Listen at your own risk.

Then there is the deleted scene section hosted by Charlie Sheen and the Hilton Sisters. Those interested can also watch an introduction to each block of scenes by Eminem and Proof. Em and Proof come off as total idiots. The Hilton sisters and Sheen both come off pretty well and add something more than just seeing the scenes without any sort of introduction.

Aaron Lewis of Staind sings a spoof of “It’s Been Awhile.” It was pretty funny at the very least to see Shore’s reactions and seeing Lewis attempting to keep a straight face.

Then there is “Interrogating the Wiez” which is Q&A at a college that happens after he screens his movie (at this point title “You’ll never Wiez in this town again”). It’s a pretty interesting Q&A. It’s no An Evening with Kevin Smith, but a decent addition to the disc.

Finally, there’s the “Making Of” featurette. This is definitely the highlight of the special features. Shore goes to Las Vegas and hit up random people for funding for the movie including Dr. Dre, some hookers and random high-rollers at the casino. Ultimately, Shore decides to produce it himself and just names the 3 people that happened to be around him at the time to be producers.

All in all, a nice set of extras.

Score: 8/10