[Site News] InsidePulse Music Is Hiring!

InsidePulse Music is hiring CD/DVD reviewers and news reporters!

If you’ve got a penchant for listening to lots of new releases — mainstream and/or indie — and articulate strong opinions clearly, then apply for a position on our reviews staff by clicking HERE! Include a review of a recently released CD or music DVD, along with a 1-10 rating and conclusion.

Also, if you pride yourself in being on top of the latest music news — from weekly Billboard charts to tour dates to everything in the worlds of pop and rock — then apply to be a news reporter HERE! Surf the ‘Net and write up news blurbs (50-200 words, tops) on key news items of the day (NO copying and pasting from other sites!) as part of your entry.

Good luck!

Matthew Michaels is one of the original editors of Pulse Wrestling, and was founding editor of Inside Fights and of Inside Pulse Music.