[WWE] More On Amy Weber’s Exit


While at first, it seemed as Amy Weber left the Japan tour early and quit the WWE over a strip club flyer using her image, it seems as it is a bit more complicated then that.

While practicing for a match she was scheduled to have at No Way Out, she injured her tailbone while taking a bump outside of the ring. On the plane ride from Alaska to Japan, she asked the trainer how to treat it, because of the pain she was in, and someone overheard her talking, and questioned about the injury. More overheard, and took it as Amy was complaining about the pain, which would be easy ribbing for the wrestlers who deal with the pain everyday.

While she was sleeping, two wrestlers poured a liquid on her to wake her up, and Amy decieded to fly home on her own money not to deal with them again.

While in Japan, she was extremely upset over the ribbing over the strip club flyer, but Bruce Prichard explained to her that the crew was just teasing her, and it was a test to see if Amy could handle being on the road.

Amy’s on air boss, JBL was one of the wrestlers teasing her, but later apologized after realizing that she was so upset over it, and explaining that the wrestlers didn’t actually take the flyer seriously.

Amy and her lawyers are discussing the best course of action to resolve this.

And finally, John Laurenaitis is under some heat, because he was the one that should have handled this situation, not Bruce Prichard.

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