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Just past Against All Odds and heading into No Way Out, here it is, DECONSTRUCTING THE MOVESET!

Some (probably all) of you may have notices a column called “Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past” written by one David Brashear. yes, I am thinking what I think you think I’m thinking! It was time for Rob Blatt to get his very own IP newbie! Well, not really. I haven’t even celebrated my six month mark here yet (March 1st). So check out Great-ing Gimmicks of the Past: WCW Triple Cage. He HAD to bring up David Arquette! He HAD to! That vile day was not brought up since September 16th of 2004 here at Inside Pulse! Nooooooooo!

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Doug Kalish wrote in with this:

Great column, great topic. I have no idea why I keep getting rejected from posting, but here are my 5 thoughts…

1) Give Jarrett some new challengers with a story. I’m fine with him being champ, but there needs to be a back story to the monthly challenger.

2) What about Raven? He needs a prominent feud. He is entertaining. Raven vs. the Fallen Angel? Raven vs. Vampiro? Something interesting for Raven to do.

3) A wrestling/manager role for Tully Blanchard. He can do what Ric Flair is doing now — wrestle every once in awhile and mentor some new guys (Kazarian and Shane, for example).

4) Keep focusing on the X-Division. I haven’t bought a TNA PPV in many months. I’m buying it this week because of the build-up to Daniels vs. Styles. There’s the hors d’oerves — an interesting story leading up to this — and the main course — a high-quality wrestling match that will deliver the goods.

5) Father Jim Mitchell. What is Abyss’ motivation? What does he want? Abyss needs a manager that can explain how brutal Abyss is so they can rebuild him as a monster.

It’s a shame, cause the wrestling news posting giant Kurtis has told me that Kazarian is finished with TNA. And I’d take it up with Daniels if you couldn’t post.

I’m happy you brought up Raven, I think they missed an opportunity with Cassidy Reilly turning on Dustin and joining Raven and going the Flock route.

I got one more e-mail this week, but I’m saving that one for the Meat and Potatoes.

LAST WEEK’S BIG LINK was all about five things we can do to improve TNA. I’m gonna speak to Widro about some Pulse Points for forumer heartburnkid for his response.

THIS WEEK’S BIG LINK is a poll with two questions.

  1. Do you read spoilers?
  2. Do you still watch the show?

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#1 is from Against All Odds
30 minutes is no Iron Man Match, but it’s still good
Man, how could you NOT expect this to be the match of the PPV? Overall it was a good show wrestling-wise and this match was the match of the night. I have issues with calling a 30 minute match an Iron Man Match, but I can’t complain all that much.

#2 is courtesy of Velocity
London and Akio go at it one more time
By my count this is the third time these two have met on Velocity and each time has been AMAZING. London has taken a sick bump during each match and this was no exception. I just can’t figure out why they haven’t put this on a Smackdown! yet.

#3 is courtesy of Smackdown!
Some Mexican from San Diego vs. an American hero in Japan (kidding)
What a treat this one was. Rey and Kurt know how to put on a good match and this was no exception.

#4 is courtesy of Smackdown!
It stands for “Just Beat a Lizard”
JBL was hysterical when facing off with the inflatable T-Rex which was mistaken for Godzilla. No really, it was absolutely great. I dunno what his obsession with bringing up that Big Show eats pizza, but it was great nonetheless.

#5 is courtesy of RAW
My Funny Valentine
Man, Jericho is still the man on the stick and his interview with Candace and eventually Hassan is only further proof. Finally we get to hear the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla line again!

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My suggestion from my week of downloading

More from last week’s Goldberg download. More squashes and tag matches, but they’re fun to watch. Not exactly ***** matches, but still fun.

You know, to back up that legally purchased version on your Tivo.

Have a suggestion? E-mail me not only the match, but where I can get it from and why you like it as well.


Yup, that’s the topic this week. Why? Well, I got a GREAT piece of e-mail. No seriously, possibly the best piece of e-mail ever.

Well, no, not really.

vicvenomjr@yahoo.com wrote in with:

So you’re a moron huh. Columns like yours that basically rip off every comment made by non-TNA fans since they started operations is the reason why no one pays attention to IWC colums anymore. What a joke. Here’s this promotion that is coming off two tremendous ppv’s and you criticize them for silliness that is so unoriginal it’s sad.

This is the second and last time I visit insidepulse. I won’t ever again, because you’re column writing ability is beyond poor.

If you can’t see the unoriginality in your column, I’m sorry I don’t have the time to go over it. But pick up any anti-TNA colums in the past 3 years, and you’ll see your words sticking back at you.


Here’s the first piece of advice. PROOFREAD PROOFREAD PROOFREAD. Nothing screams “I’M A DOUCHEBAG” like mixing up “you’re” and “your”

Also, use punctuation correctly. It will certainly help your cause.

COLUMNS, not colums.


We’re just not gonna take you seriously if you threaten to never read the site again. All that means is that there is no line of communication with you and no reasoning with you. These e-mails will get ignored for the most part.

And to touch on why you said that “no one pays attention to IWC colums anymore”, do you really think that criticism is the reason why people don’t pay attention to us columnists anymore? This was discussed heavily in the forums here and here, not to mention Gordi talking about it and Eric S talking about it. There’s not much that hasn’t been said that those two haven’t said already.


Was last week’s column an anti-TNA column? Hardly! How would I know all that if I didn’t watch the show? Have I seen all the PPV’s since they went monthly? Yes. Do I want them to succeed? YES!


Seriously! Want to see some good criticism?

Two weeks ago Andy Goss sent me this (he quotes a column previous to the text):

This line ticked me off for two reasons.

1. It makes the usual political bs assumption that Republicans are hick morons and Democrats are somehow more educated. Some of the most closed-minded bigots I’ve met have been anti-Catholics from Hollywood that my friend and former 411 correspondent Tim C. has introduced me to.

2. This is wrestling. Wrestling fans aren’t real thinkers anyway. They introduced him in Huntsville not because it was a Republican state, but because that’s where they were. That’s why Vince fears gray — because an unsure crowd is a quiet crowd, and a quiet crowd is Vince’s biggest nightmare.

Please consider these thoughts when you reply.


Bam! Quick, no mistakes and right to the point. He actually called me out on an assumption that he thought I made too. Double bam!

So now that I’ve done this column, I’m fully expecting lots of e-mail criticism because that’s how these things work.

Oh, one more thing…

If you are just too steamed to think of a full e-mail, why not just send one swear instead? Nothing says “I care” like an e-mail that simply says “F*CK YOU” or “A$$HOLE”, uncencensored of course.

See you next week, same Blatt time, same Blatt channel.