InsidePulse Indy Report 2.17.05: News & Results


Steven Richards Clinic
Steve Gerweck Interviews “101 Reasons Not to Be a Pro Wrestler” Filmmaker
Alan Wojcik Interviews AJ Styles
01 – 2/11 – Aichi, Japan
FIP – Lakeland, FL
PWI – Hayward, CA
SWF – Tullahoma, TN
SRPW – Sapulpa, OK
UCW – 2/12 – Bay City, MI
MW – Memphis, TN
GCW – Columbus, GA
RME – Winnipeg, Manitoba
CWF – 2/13 – Lafayette, IN

Steven Richards Clinic

Join Steven Richards on Wednesday, March 16 at 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ from 6:30 – 10:30 pm for current IWF student students or graduates or workers with at least one year of experience. To register, visit Costs are $25 for IWF members, $50 for current indy wrestlers or $20 for fan observers.

Steve Gerweck Interviews “101 Reasons Not to Be a Pro Wrestler” Filmmaker

Michael Moody, independent filmmaker who is currently developing a DVD to be released this Spring called, “101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestler” is featured on the Gerweck Hotline at 212-502-6636. The trailer for the DVD is located at

Alan Wojcik Interviews AJ Styles

Check out Alan Wojcik’s latest interview with NWA TNA X champion AJ Styles completed two days after Styles regained the championship.

Zero-One results
Fri, 2/11 – Aichi, Japan

*Dan Bobish/Arisin Z/Yingling def. Kantaku Nakamura/HIKARU/Naoya Ogawa
*Toshiaki Kawada def. Wataru Sakata
*Rikishi def. The Giant Silva
*Monster C def. Taichi Ishikari
*Kevin Randleman/Hustle Titus def. NJPW/Demon Spider
*Spanky/Juventud Guerrera def. Super Virus/Monster J
*Hardcore Match: Riki Choshu/Kintaro Kanemura/Tomohiro Ishii def. Masato Tanaka/Tetsuhito Takaiwa/Tetsuhiro Kuroda

Full Impact Pro results
Fri, 2/11 – Lakeland, FL

*LaDuke Jakes (w/ Dave Prazak) def. Evan Starsmore
*Double Deuce def. The Heartbreak Express
*FIP Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Antonio Banks def. Scoot Andrews
*ROH Heavyweight Title Contender Gauntlet: Vordell Walker def. Steve Madison, Sal Rinauro, Roderick Strong, Madison, Rainman, & Azrieal
*Jerrelle Clark def. “Fast” Eddie Vegas
*CM Punk def. Puma via a sleeper that used the ropes
*The New Japan LA Dojo Team (Bryan Danielson/Rocky Romero) def. FIP Heavyweight champion Homicide/ROH Heavyweight champion Austin Aries

Pro Wrestling Iron results
Fri, 2/11 – Hayward, CA

*Lester The Legend def. Mike Rayne
*Hans Mueller def. Jesse Jimenez
*Bart Blaxson def. Tito Aquino
*”Bonzai” Bruce def. Paul Isadora & Rik Luxury
*Vinny Massaro/Big Ugly vs. Joey Harder/Ray Kejimura went to a no contest
*Donovan Morgan/Malachi def. Apollo Kahn/Davey Richards

Southern Wrestling Federation results
Fri, 2/11 – Tullahoma, TN

*Grease Lightning def. Maxx Hatter by DQ
*JP Cage Jones def. The Original KID
*Grease Lightning def. Big T by DQ
*Mikey Dunn def. Bobby Lowe
*Yukon Jack def. Shane Rhodes by DQ
*Cage Match: Gypsy Joe def. Tim Renesto

Steel Rage Pro Wrestling results
Fri, 2/11 – Sapulpa, OK

*SRPW X Title Match: Bernard Funk def. Dexter Hardaway
*SRPW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Luc Lapointe retained over “Dirty” Harry Sanchez
*Timmy J def. Chris Gazaway
*John O’Malley/SRPW Hardcore champion Shane Morbid def. The Real Impact Players (Aaron Neil/Se7en)
*Kenny Campbell def. Adam Thornstowe
*2/3 Falls: Brandon Groom def. “Bonecrusher” Bobby Burns

Ultimate Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 2/12 – Bay City, MI

Crowd: 574
*UCW International Title Battle Royal: The American Patriot
*Kuzin Kurt/Justin Rhodes/Boomer def. The Conneticut Expeirence/PJ Flowers
*Rick Steiner def. The Bubster
*Texas Death Match: Justin Rhodes def. Dave Duponte
*UCW Cruiserweight Title Ladder Match: champion Jaysen Yang retained over N8 Matson, Tommy Tius, Sky Devian, & Sebastian Rose
*UCW Tag Titles Match: “Viper” Pete Christe/The Milwaukee Mauler def. Mayhem
*UCW Heavyweight Title Match: nWo Sting def. The American Patriot
*War Games Cage Match: Team UCW (Rick Steiner/Bull Wheeler/Mayhem) def. Team Next Order (nWo Sting/Milwaukee Mauler/Jaysen Yang/Pete Christe)

Memphis Wrestling results
Sat, 2/12 – Memphis, TN

*Chris Michaels def. Jerry “The King” Lawler by DQ after interference
*MW Southern Tag Titles Match: Team Canada (“Hotshot” Johny Devine/”Showtime” Eric Young) def. Too Cool II
*Brian Christopher/Shock def. The Shane Brothers

Georgia Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 2/12 – Columbus, GA

*Lee Thomas def. Brandon P
*Handicap Match: The Southside Trash def. John Bogie by DQ
*Sonny Siaki def. Sean Evans
*David Young def. Jason Cross by DQ
*The Steele Brothers def. The New York Connection

Ring Masters Entertainment results
Sat, 2/12 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

*Mike Lightning def. Damon Marx by DQ
*William Bobbin def. Rico Suave
*Draven def. Bubbles McFly
*Gene Swan def. Willy Paterson
*Justin Tyme def. JC Derksen
*Battle Royal: William Bobbin

Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling results
Sat, 2/12 – Bedford, KY

*BBW Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Simon Sezz vs. Brandon Blaze went to a time limit draw
*BBW US Title Match: champion Billy Maverick retained against Rob “The Bomb” Williams by pin
*Hardcore Rules: Billy Black vs The Purple People Eater was stopped when Angel interfered
*BBW Tag Titles Match: champions K-Lo/Randy Royal def. Sean Casey/Angel by count-out
*BBW Heavyweight champion JC Bailey/Brandon Blaze def. Simon Sezz/Don Ramone

Championship Wrestling Productions results
Sat, 2/12 – Mineral Wells, TX

*Kyzer Douglas def. Jason The 13th
*Tim Swiney def. Max Muscles
*Chuck Murphy def. Steve Cody
*Brett Bonz def. Cyclone
*BA Dalton vs. Kaisho vs. Justin Walker went to a no contest
*Marshall Law/Seth Shai def. The F’N Texan JPW/Bobby 2 Badd

CWF results
Sun, 2/13 – Lafayette, IN

*CWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion Billy Roc retained against Tiny Tim & Ryan Thunder
*Bouncer def. The Black Cat
*”Bad Boy” Billy Bart (w/ “Playboy” Alan Richards) def. Guy Lombardo
*”Classic” Colt Cabana def. Kenny Courageous
*CWF Tag Titles Match: champions “Zombie” Rob Ramer/Indiana Kidd, Jr. retained against Simply Marvelous
*CWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Sexy” Shawn Cook def. Tracey Smothers (w/ P.T. Hustla) by pin