The Simpsons – \"There\'s Something About Marrying\" – Review


The big one. The episode everyone’s talking about. And who better to review it than the guy whose been covering the good and bad of this season thus far? While the social relevance of tonight’s episode is especially important, as a comedy, it’s just as crucial that this show be funny. The Simpsons is not known for “very special episodes’, and I have faith that this show will not be one of them. In the past, the show has lead the way in tackling pertinent issues in the world with taste and style, and above all else, an ample helping of humor.

The Simpsons , Sundays at 8:00 P.M. on Fox

“There’s Something About Marrying”

The Gist of It- When Patty and her new lover, a female tennis professional, want to get married now that same-sex marriage is legal in Springfield, they don’t have to look far to find someone to perform the ceremony – Homer, who obtained a license to perform weddings

Favorite Moments: Act one- Barney’s twelve steps to addiction. And his subsequent “Meat’s not sweet, it’s savory”. “My favorite color is local”, “I’m happy to be exposed to that kind of radioactivity”, “That guys shaming us, get out Shamey!”, Homer’s map to stars homes (“have you read them all, okay good”), “Coming Soon: Nothing”, Moe and Mel’s martini dialogues, and “I propose we also legalize gay funerals”

Act two- “Gay-o, it’s okay-o”, “Springfield:Welcoming Gays since 2005″, A well placed Nelson cameo, Reverend Lovejoy ringing out Marge’s Bible quotes, Homer Simpson: Instant priest”, Homer’s love for pop-ups, “Maybe marriage isn’t just for gays”, “Look at me, I’m as straight as a one dollar bill”, “We’s all kinda things”, “I now pronounce you and the Bible man and wife”, “I used non-diseased meat, from diseased animals (Eric S. joke!), Homer grinds the ugly off of Patty’s face, and “But Veronica’s a girls name, did you know that?”,

Act two- Patty’s signs of being a lesbian, “Smells like cheeseburgers”, THE RETURN OF FOX BASHING!! “Please stay on the line, you’re half baked ideas are all we got”, “Correction: The first blimp who got her pregnant”, “Where did you two meet: Alternative bookstore, Ethiopian restaurant”, “What am I not invited to this time”, “Disco Stu just got an annulment from John Paul II”, Homer on Homer action, “At last I have found the yin to my yin”, “Well that’s the end of dad’s wedding business” “Why?” and Captain McCallister with his desperate mannequin.

What flat out sucked-The twist ending. Maybe that’s because I expected better of the writers. It didn’t destroy the show or anything, but it did hurt my overall opinion of it. Also, when did Marge’s mom die? They acted as if she was dead, and there’s no reason for this. And am I the only one who thinks Homer was bit too much like Cartman with how overly greedy he was? It was a bit too out of character for my taste and I think the show could have progressed just as well with a toned down Homer.

Personal Thoughts: Not thinking about the episode in a political context, and judging it only on the comedy, I have to say this was a very good episode, with Homer especially in top form. Yes, he was very greedy, but still had a ton of funny moments which kept the show from ever completely choosing message over laughs.
I’ll be going further into my personal thoughts with several other staffers in a special roundtable later in the week. Stay tuned, it should be lots of fun. Serious, analytical, political fun.

Most Valuable Character- Blinky, the three-eyed fish. Mr. Burns choked on way back in “Two Cars in Every Garage, and Three Eyes on Every Fish”. This time, he was back in mutant form, bashing Howell Huser. Couldn’t you just imagine a Zoidberg/Blinky crossover?

Best gay moments of The Simpsons, and no none of them contain Smithers. He’s not gay. He’s just ummmm…..really dedicated to his job. Whatever that may be.

3. “Homer’s outing” from “Three Gays and a Condo”. Could there be a better choice than Kids In the Hall alum Scott Thompson to play one of Homer’s gay roommates? I think not. And hey, Julio, the other roommate made an appearance this week.

2. “Fire exit” from “Fear of Flying”. Homer, after getting kicked out of Moe’s Tavern wanders through several bars (including a famous one in Boston), until he lands into a suspicious place, that makes for a laugh out loud uncomfortable moment. “Wait a minute…..This lesbian bar doesn’t have a fire exit”. “What was her problem?

1. “A trip to The Steel Mill” from “Homer’s Phobia”- This whole episode could qualify while were at it. The brilliant John Waters was brilliantly cast in this brilliant episode of sheer brilliance. Along with the “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” episode of Seinfeld this show set the standard on how to effectively discuss gay issues in America in a funny, honest way without being too preachy or campy. And who doesn’t like a reference to C&C Music Factory, a group I completely forgot of until I started writing this sentence.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for that roundtable. I’d love to your thoughts on the episode, as well. Send em on in!!

I’ll see you in two weeks since me and Mr. Brendan Campbell will be live covering the one show that’s even more gay than this one was: THE OSCARS!! Also, stick around for all of InsidePulse’s pre-Oscar coverage. This is the best place to be for the biggest awards show of the year.