She-Hulk #12 Review


Reviewer: Paul Sebert
Story Title: Some Disassembly Required

Written by: Dan Slott
Penciled by: Paul Pelletier
Inked by: Rick Magyar
Colored by: Avalon Studio’ Dan Kemp
Editors: Tom Brevoort, Joe Q.
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The good news is that even though this is the final issue of She-Hulk, we’ve got a re-launch of the title coming later this year. The bad news is that as our issue opens up it becomes quite apparent that there Jennifer Walters might not live to see the re-launch as her apartment building and office of employment has been destroyed by Titania who’s managed to get her hands on an Infinity Gem. You know the type I’m talking about… the type of trinket Gem that Thanos collects like Heroclixâ„¢ that you don’t want in the hands of a mentally unstable villainess who’s looking for serious respect.

Thankfully Jen’s got some friends to help her out of this pinch as the remaining Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Doc Sampson, and Spider-Man rush to her aid. Having reverted to her human alter-ego, Jen now has to figure out how to defeat her hated nemesis without changing back into Shulkie. I dare not spoil any more of these proceedings for fear I’d give away some of the most entertainingly clever plot twists in recent memory.

There’s a huge slugfest, some loose ends tied up, and even a little homage to the more flat-out silly days of John Byrne’s run on Spectacular She-Hulk. (You know back when Byrne had a sense of humor.) There’s even some less-than-subtle commentary on the sometimes pedantic state of comic fandom, that’s actually howlingly funny if you don’t take the hobby to seriously.

For a series that very few people expected to catch on, Dan Slott has managed to prove his critics wrong by producing a constantly entertaining series that aims high, and over the course of twelve issues has consistently produced home-runs month in and month out. Meanwhile artist Paul Pelletier manages to ad a conventional, yet light hearted touch that fits the title perfectly.