Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 2


Welcome to the second week of Survivor: Palau! Let’s get started!

Night 3.

Caryn says day was wonderful until they capsized.

Janu freaks out when she sees rats on their beach.

Janu says mind over matter doesn’t really work.

Everyone agrees them taking the new island was a huge mistake.

Caryn thinks the blame is 100% on Tom. Tom says He didn’t want to go to the new beach but other did.

Katie says Caryn is annoying her bitching about the new camp.

Ulong, Day 4.

Steph thinks getting rid of Jolanda was a good move.

James says the mood is better without Jolanda around.

Everyone is just lazing around the beach.

James says they’re Americans, dammit, and democracy rules.

Tree mail. Angie isn’t sure of her game plan, but will make herself a valuable asset to the tribe.

Reward Challenge. JP asks Koror how the fire’s going and they admit they lost it, which puts a smile on Jeff’s face.

Obstacle course. Swing over a fence, make your way across a spinning drum, then across a rope bridge, grab a flag, and make it all the way back without falling. First tribe to 10 flags wins. Each team has two people swinging sand bags trying to knock off the other team. If you win, reward is mask, snorkel, fins, and spear. If Ulong wins, they get a flint.

Tom and Greg will swing bags for Koror. Jeff and Ibrahim will swing for Ulong. Willard sits for Koror.

James making it fast. Coby is slow across and gets knocked in. Ian is next and gets knocked in. Ian has a flag. Bobby Jon has a flag. Bobby Jon falls.

Angie makes it across. Ashley makes it. Ulong is up 2-0. Ulong is flying across the course. Ulong up 4-0. Angie makes it back a second time. Ulong up 5-0. Now 6-1 Ulong. Koror gets a second flag. Ulong up 7-2. Ian falls. Coby falls. Bobby Jon makes it back and Ulong up 8-2. Ulong is killing Koror. Janu makes it back for Koror. Kim flies across the course and brings back the 10th flag. Ulong wins reward! Everyone congratulates Angie, who was the MVP for Ulong.

Jeff says now that they won they can eat.

Angie is exhilarated with her performance.

Bobby Jon says he judged Angie too quickly and she changed the morale of the tribe.

Ulong has fire!

Jeff and Bobby Jon go fishing. The fish are small but they’re happy. Jeff says being fed gives them the advantage.

Back at Koror, Ian says they will find the flint. Tom says they went out at a bad time and had to fight riptides.

Ian tries everything but can’t bring it up while fighting the tide.

Ian finally hooks it. They makeshift a pulley and drag it up. Everyone celebrates.

Ian says getting the flint was like winning a marathon.

Koror now has fire.

Group hug! *sniffle*

Ulong Night 4.

Clam party. Steph says it’s the first time for fire, food, and water.

Jeff says it’s the first real food they have, but Ashley doesn’t want to eat and goes to sleep.

Bobby Joe says Ashley should have hung out and shown solidarity rather than going to sleep.

Angie says Jeff and Kim are snuggling.

Mail time! Military dishes. Hmmm…

Morse code. They split it up and try to learn it.

Immunity Challenge time. JP takes back immunity from Koror. Swim to floating platform. Swim down and pull footlocker through buoys. Open and get 8 mess kits painted with Morse code. Get it back, decipher, and first one will win. Katie sits for Koror.

We start. All 8 members must be at the pontoon before you can dive. Ulong makes it first. Willard is hella slow. Ulong has huge head start by the time Willard makes it for Koror. Tom makes up a lot of ground for Koror. Koror using the buddy system. Koror takes the lead. Ulong struggling. Koror pulling away. Ulong really struggling. Tom pulling like a MAN. Ulong way behind. Koror gets the trunk to their pontoon first. They grab the mess kits and head for shore. Ulong still struggling. Koror makes it to shore and gets to work deciphering I-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y. They do it and win immunity! Koror celebrates while Ulong looks despondent. Heading back to TC.


Ashlee says they were bummed to lose, and to add insult to injury, it rained. But they were able to salvage the fire and moved to a cave.

Angie, James, and Steph decide Kim’s time to go is now.

James talks to Jeff and says Kim’s a threat and it’s time for her to go. Jeff thinks it’s time for Ashlee and is annoyed James stepped to him that way.

Bobby Joe can’t decide between Kim and Ashlee. Steph says they need to break up Kim and Jeff. It’s looking like a tie.

Steph tells Kim it’s between her and Ashlee. Kim wants to know who is voting against her.

Everyone is worrying about a possible tie.

Tribal Council.

JP says TC won’t be any more fun this time around.

JP notes Angie’s turnaround. Angie says she think the tribe did recognize she isn’t useless.

Kim says the tribe was devastated after IC, and she can’t believe how quickly she’s become attached to everyone.

Jeff says he’s grown close to Kim.

Kim says she was attracted to Jeff since Day 1. Everyone has noticed it.

Jeff says he thinks everyone understands there are no alliances being built. Kim isn’t so sure and it never crossed her mind getting close to Jeff would hurt her.

James says his mind is made up and the person he’s voting for has been lagging.

Time to vote. Steph is first. Ibrahim votes for Kim. Jeff votes for Ashlee.

Jeff goes to tally the votes. Vote is final, you know the spiel.

First vote, Kim. Ashlee. Jeff. Ashlee. Ashlee. 3-1-1 Ashlee. Second person voted out: Ashlee. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya. Tribe has spoken, flame’s out, get to steppin’.

JP says they need to get a clear goal in mind, then sends them home.

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