WWE Sunday Night Heat: 27/2/05


WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 27/2/05

Sorry about the Lack of a Bottomline report yesterday. Sportsnet cut off about 15 minutes in and kept off for quite a while.

WWE Logo.

Flashback video about the story of Batista ever since the Royal Rumble plays.

Sunday Night Heat Credits. Todd and the Coach say Hi, and we cut right to our first match.

Maven VS. Val Venis ~ So, did Val lose a match condemning him to heat like Raven did? Armwringer and stomps by Maven, shoulderblock and a headlock leads to a straight punch to the face. Irish whip reversed to a knee by Val. Maven tries to escape, but Val keeps hold and hits another knee. Side russian leg sweep and some gyrating by Val, leading to a running knee drop. Up to the corner, Val gets some chops in and some shoulderblocks. Maven rakes the eyes, and knees Val in the back to knock him down. A couple falling elbows to the back and some stomps later, and Val is back up, but Maven continues working on the lower back. Maven chokes Val on the second rope, and hits a back body drop for the first 2 count of the match. Irish whip and a knee to the sternum leads to an abdominal stretch. Val tries to escape by grabbing Maven’s left leg, but Maven grabs the ropes. 5 count and the hold is released. Val gets a shot to the gut, another, and he’s up and chopping Maven. A pair of clotheslines leads to an irish whip and a knee to the sternum. Val hits a chokeslam(?) And he gets really pumped up. He goes up, but then comes back down and hits a few more shots to the back. Suplex attempt reversed into a move I’m going to have to describe. Maven went behind Val, hopped up and pulled Val back, landing on his back with Val landing on Maven’s knees. It looked pretty painful, though maybe it wasn’t worth the 3 count he received. You know it’s new when even the Coach is calling it “That move!”

Winner: Maven.


Coach is in the ring and calls out La Resistance for an interview. Coach wants to give them time to say what they have to say, et all. USA chants from the crowd. “We’re out here to protest about our loss of the world tag team titles in Japan. You know it wasn’t fair Coach, they had to cheat. It was unfair that we had to face Tajiri and Regal in his hometown of Japan, and it was a disgrace when Tajiri cheated by spraying green mist to cheat and win. The world saw it, the referee should have seen it. So, who supports La Resistance? Come on! Stand Up!” Coach tells them not to look to the audience, because they have Coach’s and Eric Bischoff’s support. Tajiri’s music hits, and the tag team champs make it down to the ring. Coach insults the champs, and mentions again that he lasted 5th longest in the rumble, while Regal and Tajiri were already in the showers. So, later on, he makes a 6 man match between La Resistance and the Coach VS Regal, Tajiri, and a mystery opponent. Tajiri goes to leave, but first sprays Rob Conway with the green mist!


Moments ago, the last paragraph happened.

Last Monday, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels took on the duo that Reeks of Awesomeness, Edge and Christian. Spear by edge on Orton, but Michaels gets a flying forearm on edge. Scoop slam on Christian, and he goes up and hits the flying elbow. He tunes up the band in the corner, but edge pulls him down and pulls him into the steel post! Edge and Christian go out and grab a pair of chairs. They miss, however, and Orton comes in and takes Edge out. Shawn hits the sweet chin music on Christian and gets the pin!

Some random woman talks to Shawn Michaels in the back, but they get interrupted by a really mad Edge. Edge knocks Shawn into a bunch of backstage stuff, and screams “Am I breaking your heart Shawn? Huh?” He spears him into a wall, and yells in his ear, “don’t worry about anything else, Shawn, just worry about me!”

This means that next week, Edge and Shawn Michaels will fight in a street fight on Raw tomorrow night!


WWE Slam of the week: Last Monday, Chris Masters Debuts and breaks Stevie Richards’ nose. Jerk.

Hurricane and Rosey VS. Two jobbers, Shawn and Mike ~ Rosey and Mike start, and trade armwringers. Rosey flips Mike, but misses and elbow drop. Mike tries a kick, but Rosey hits a suplex. Irish whip and a sunset flip attempt on Rosey, but he just drops and gets a 2 count. Mike tags in Shawn. Headbutt to Shawn, and a tag to Hurricane. Enziguri on Shawn and a two count. Irish whip to the corner and Buff Blockbuster on Shawn. Thumb to the eye from Mike, and Shawn hits a back body drop. Tag back to Mike, and he stomps down on Hurricane. Backbreaker and a pose and a two count. Even Coach is making fun of Mike’s lack of muscle. Tag back to Shawn, and he goes to work on Hurricane’s lower back. Irish whip and a DDT attempt reversed to a inversed suplex on Hurricane. Shawn hits the chinlock, and that last about 10 second. Hurricane gets up and hits a flying suplex, and crawls to Rosey and gets the tag. Shoulder blocks to both guys. Powerslams to both guys. Irish whip to Shawn to a corner, and then an Irish whip to Mike, and Rosey goes to splash them but only hits Shawn. Hurricane comes in and beats down on Shawn. They pick up Mike and hit their special move (I have no idea what that was) for the three count.

Winner: Hurricane and Rosey

Coming up next: Batista’s decision!


We get shown the same video that played at the top of the show, but then that segues into last Monday night at the contract signing, where he must choose which show he goes to. It also shows HHH’s confession of the entire evil plot. “I’ve known what I’m going to do for a long time.” Batista then hits the thumbs up, then lowers it to a thumbs down, and proceeds to powerbomb Batista into the table. The way they did this video made that powerbomb look freaking lethal. They also show the “fight” screen of Wrestlemania 21 for the first time, which is a futuristic-looking film reel showing them be all intimidating.

Tomorrow night on Raw, Muhammad Hassan will fight Chris Benoit, as well as Edge VS Shawn Michaels in a street fight.


La Resistance and Coach VS. Tajiri, Regal and….Rhyno. Rhyno? Honestly. Okay, it’ll be cool if he turns on Tajiri for switching teams on him, but I have a feeling that won’t happen (it would if it was 1998). Big ECW chant for the 2 out of 6. Rob Conway is wrestling with the face paint still on. Nice little thing there. Conway beats down on Tajiri in the corner. Irish whip, but Tajiri hits the springboard elbow, an enziguri, and an elbow drop for a two count. Tag to Regal. Some uppercuts and knees to the face to Conway and a tag to Rhyno. Armwringer and Conway slugs him and tags Grenier. Rhyno punches him into the corner, but Grenier flips around and stomps Rhyno down. Irish whip to the opposite corner and Rhyno blocks with an elbow. Irish whip attempt reversed into a pancake on Rhyno for two. Coach calls for the ref to count faster. Rhyno reverses an irish whip and nails a shoulder into the sternum of Grenier and tags in Regal. Regal grabs a headlock, and Coach distracts the ref as La Resistance double teams Regal. Grenier chokes Regal on the second rope, and Conway does it while Grenier distracts the ref. Two count on Regal, and more choking with assistance from Coach. Knee to the back by Grenier (there’s lots of lower back work going on tonight). Regal screams in really loud agony, and Conway applies a reverse chinlock.Regal powers out, but it’s back to the corner and more beating down on the lower back by all three. Coach tags himself in and Conway looks surprised. Stomps on Regal, and Coach misses an elbow and Regal tags Rhyno in. A single shot to Coach before La Res come in. Spear to Grenier, Belly to belly to Conway. Tajiri comes in and hits the Tarantual on Conway, broken up by Grenier, and Rhyno sets up the Goar, but is tripped by Coach. Au Revior on Rhyno! Regal and Grenier fight outside, and Coach goes to pin Rhyno for a really close two count. Tajiri runs in, kicks Coach, and Rhyno pins him for the three count!

Winners: Rhyno, Tajiri, Regal.

Check out Raw Tomorrow night.

For an unconscious Coach, Todd Grishom says goodbye and we’ll see you next week!

K Sawyer Paul is the author of This is Sports Entertainment: The Secret Diary of Vince McMahon, co-editor of Fair to Flair, and curator at Aggressive Art.