The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 1

How’s it goin’ folks? This is Kevin ‘Starvenger’ Wong here with your LIVE coverage of The Amazing Race 7.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not watching American Idol. Show Cheri some love and check out what she has to say about the women as the (hopefully) refrain from singing anything by Whitney, Celine, Mariah and/or Diane Warren.

Not your cup of tea? Well, check out Murtz’ interview with Boston Rob when he visited T.O., then check out the show preview to get the scoop on the Racers, and finally, make your vote for who gets Philiminated tonight. My quick prediction? Megan and Heidi.

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Welcome to Long Beach, CA, where the Queen Mary is moored. Helicopters are heading towards the liner now. The teams are:

Debbie and Bianca – lifelong friends

Lynn and Alex – Token Gay Couple

Rob and Amber – You know who they are

Ryan and Chuck – best friends

Megan and Heidi – roommates / barbie dolls

Susan and Patrick – mother and son / Token parent/child team

Meredith and Gretchen – Token Grandparents

Brian and Greg – brothers

Uchena and Joyce – married parents

Ron and Kelly – long distance couple

Ray and Deana – formerly dating / friends with benefits

Who will come up with the right combination to win $1,000,000?

Phil gives out the instructions – many legs, money at the start, Pit stop, 8 elimination stops, bags, etc.

Phil tells them to get ready. Aaaaaand… GO!!!

First stop – Lima, Peru via either a United or an American flight from LAX. Teams are scrambling, and it looks like Romber’s having a bit of trouble. But first…


Teams are driving to get to LAX. Some seem to know their way around, others are simply following. Romber? Last, but it’s not a big deal right now.

Everybody’s rushing. Brian and Greg pass Uchena and Joyce, the Barbies nearly cause an accident, so they switch up the driving. Ron and Kelly let us know that they have to park in lot 1. The Rednecks pass Lynn and Alex, but they’re all rushing towards the shuttle once they park. On the first shuttle are: Lynn/Alex, Ryan/Chuck, Susan/Patrick, and POW/Queen. Deana/Ray, Debbie/Bianca , Barbies and Uchena/Joyce all make shuttle 2. Romber? Still dead last, but Meredith and Gretchen are looking for the parking lot.

Lynn and Alex go to United, and find out it lands about and hour and a half behind the American flight. They decide to try getting on American, thinking that if they don’t get it, they get this flight anyways.

Debbie and Bianca use a cellphone and figure out the United flight is in first. Meanwhile, Romber FINALLY get a shuttle, and pass Meredith/Gretchen in the parking lot.

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We’re back, and it turns out that the shuttle DOES stop for Meredith and Gretchen. Back at LAX, Lynn and Alex find out that the AA flight is full, so they get on Romber’s shuttle and head back to United.

On the American Airlines flight: Ray/Deana, Susan/Pat, Ron/Kelly, Ryan/Chuck, Barbies and Deabbie/Bianca

On the United flight (1h 20m later): Romber, Uchena/Joyce, Lynn/Alex, Greg/Brian and Meredith/Gretchen

Once in Peru, they need to take a bus 5 miles to Plaza de Armas.

First flight. Teams are trying to find the bus that is nonstop. Everyone’s running to get to the plaza, to the Cluebox. They need to take a bus 30 miles to Playa Hermosa in Ancon, where they wil search for plane tickets to Curso, Peru. The catch? There are 3 departure times, at 6, 7 and 7:40.

Susan/Patrick and Debbie/Bianca have a temporary alliance, and are on the first bus to Ancon.

Second plane lands, and everyone’s racing for buses, with the grandparents lagging behind. Romber meet up with a Survivor fan, and head off on their own (with their Fern, er, fan). Patrick has also seen Survivor, and thinks Rob is dumb as a rock.

Rob and Amber get the 2nd bus to Ancon, which isn’t making any more pickups. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to be bunched up.

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The remaining teams are looking for buses. Ryan and Chuck spot some, and they and Ray/Deana, the Barbies and POW get on.

Meanwhile, the remaining teams on plane 2 reach the checkpoint. Someone does some cartwheel flips (Lynn?).

Bus 1 and Bus 2 make it to Ancon at roughly the same time. They take pedicabs over to the beach.

Plane 2 makes it to the cluebox. Greg and Brian take a taxi, as to the grandparents and Lynn/Alex.

Greg/Brian take the 4th bus to Ancon, Lynn/Alex get the 5th bus, and I don’t think “muy caliento” is actually correct.

Meredith wipes out!! But he’s OK. He’s on bus 5.

Susan/Patrick and Debbie/Bianca check all the trees, and start digging at the 6:00 tree.

Bus 3 arrives in Ancon, and it’s pedicabbage to the beach.

Ryan and Chuck decide to help out their driver by PULLING the cab. Awesome. Deb/Bianca are the first team to find a ticket, and are on their way to Cusco (in the Andes). Mom/Son find theirs right after.

Rob and Amber hit the beach, and start digging. Ray and Deana reach the beach next, and start at the 6:00 tree as well. Romber finds the clue, while Ray and Deana switch trees. Barbies, inexplicably, start at the 7:40 tree. Ryan and Chuck reach the beach next, and dig at the 7:40 tree. POW also starts digging. Ray and Deana find their tickets. All of them find tickets, and are disappointed to find out that there was a 7:00 flight. Serves you right, really, not doublechecking first.

Bus 4 is here, and Brian and Greg are grateful for the other teams’ gaffe as they get a 7:00 ticket. Bus 5 and 6 are here, and Lynn/Alex and gre grandparents are heading towards the beach.

Bus 7 arrives, and the parents look for a cab. Lynn/Alex get a 7:00 ticket, while the grandparents search at the 7:40 tree. So Uchenna and Joyce are the beneficiaries of teams not thinking.

All the teams gather around a campfire, and Rob reminices about Survivor.

So, your 6:00 flight is Romber, Susan/Patrick and Debbie/Bianca

7:00 – Lynn/Alex, Greg/Brian, Ray/Deana and Uchenna/Joyce

7:40 – Barbies, POW. grandparents, Ryan/Chuck.

At the airport, they find out that the 7:00 flight will be delayed 45 minutes. Which of course means an

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The 7:00 flght is delayed, and those team are trying to get on the earlier flight. The gate agent allows it.

Curso. Flight 1 finds the clue box, and find out that the need to go by cab to a food stand in Huanbito. Deb and Bianca are there first, and find out they need to take a series of ziplines to their next clue. Susan/Patrick get the clue next, followed by Romber.

This looks awesome!!

Deb/Bianca reach the next clue – Detour!!

Rope a Llama or Rope a basket. Carry a basket about 3/4 miles or herd a llama. I dunno, herding a llama in altitude seems the better bet.

Susan and Patrick tackle the zip line. Deb and Bianca are still thinking, and with Susan and Patrick, decide to rope the llamas.

Rob utters the “Holy canolli” line. Romber decides to do the baskets.

Plane 2 arrives, and the brothers reach the cluebox first, and are off before the other teams get out of the airport!! Cabs are taken, and mucha “muy rapido” is uttered.

The grandparents manage to pass Lynn and Alex.

Back at the detour, Debbie/Bianca and Susan/Patrick are trying to rope. Romber don’t seem to have too much problem carrying the baskets. The llamas are stubborn, and Rob is having trouble hauling his basket. Who will complete the detour first? Find out after the

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Crap, noone told me the premiere was 2 hours. BTW, watch or tape Numb3rs – great show.

Llamas are spitting, and the girls are quitting. They head to the baskets. Susan and Patrick are sticking with the llamas.

Brian and Greg reach the stand, and head to the ziplines. Grandparents are next, followed by Lynn and Alex. Ray and Deana reach the stand, and head to the ziplines.

Romber reach their destination and get their clue. They must find the police station and take a delivery truck 20 miles to the Pisac Market and find their next clue. Trucks depart every 20 minutes. As Romber head to the police station, they pass the Girls and offer encouragement. Susan and Pat park the llama, and get their clue. The girls do as well.

Romber and Susan/Patrick get on the first truck. Deb/Bianca just miss that one, and take the second truck.

Brian and Greg (who look like Will from Will and Grace) get on the ziplines. Again, this looks fricking awesome!! They take the baskets.

Lynn/Alex go next, and choose baskets. They’re like Cha Cha Cha v2

Grandparents are next. They choose llamas.

Uchenna/Joyce, Chuck/Ryan, POW and Barbies hit the taco stand. The Wills are having some hauling troubles, but reach their destination. Lynn and Alex start their hauling, and the Grandparents seem to be doing well with the llamas.

Ray and Deana do the zipline, and haul baskets. Lynn and Alex get their clue, and get on the same truck as the brothers.

The Parents tackle the zipline, and rope them some llamas.

The fat boys (with hillbilly music) his the zipline next, and chose ?

POW do the baskets, as do Barbie.

Grandparents finish the detour with no problem. Deana has some choking problems, but they still reach their destination. Meredith and Gretchen get on the truck, and Ray/Deana miss it by seconds. They argue a bit, and that can only mean one thing –

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Patrick is seeming=ly obsessed with Philiminating Rob. Not the best idea – remember, it’s a Race.

At the market, Romber and Susan/Patrick split up. Susan and Patrick find the clue first, and find out that they’re going to the Pit Stop at a 325-year old church. The last team to arrive will, of course, be Philiminated. Romber grab a tazi, and head out first!!

The BFF look around the market, and the Brothers and Partners have some fun on the trucks.

Parents try roping llamas, as do the Good ol’ Boys. They don’t seem to have much problems.

POW and Barbie start the baskets around the same time, and predictably, Barbie have problems with 35lb baskets.

Brothers and Partners team up and find the clue. POW finish quickly. Meanwhile, Ray and Deana are waiting on the truck, and Uchena and Joyce get on it, leavin the GOB and POW behind. Meanwhile, the Grandparents are searching the market for the cluebox.

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The teams are stuck behind a truck. Footrace, and… Debbie and Bianca, you’re team number one, and you win… $10,000 each!!

Team #2 is Patrick and Susan.

Team #3 is Romber.

Team #4 are the Brothers, while Lynn and Alex are #5.

Ryan/Chuck and POW are on the truck, and Barbie juuuuust make it on.

The Parents and Ray/Deana reach the market. Ray and Deana find the clue, as do the Parents.

In the market, all the remaining teams rush to the cluebox, and race to taxis.

Meredith and Gretchen are Team #6. Team #7 are Ray and Deana. Team #8 are Uchenna and Joyce.

And now… the endgame. All three teams are bunched together. POW manages to pass the Barbies, and then Ryan and Chuck. Barbies also pass the Fat Boys. And now, the footrace!!

Team #9 are… the Barbies!!

Team #10 is (as Phil points) POW!! Which means…

“Ryan and Chuck, you are the last team to arrive.” They are Philiminated. That’s a real shame.

Next time, on The Amazing Race, BFF confront Romber, and Lynn and Alex have issues with a scale.

See you next week!!

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