[RAW] Heat Matches, Live Notes (SPOILERS)


According to BostonWrestling.com, PWTorch.com:

Estimated attendance: 8,000


(1) Victoria defeated Molly Holly.

(2) Rhyno defeated Simon Dean. Dean and the ref struggled over his gimmick bag and Rhyno gored Dean as the bag flew into the air.

(3) Val Venis defeated Big Vito. Venis pinned Vito with the Money Shot.

(4) William Regal & Tajiri defeated La Resistance and Christian & Tyson Tomko. This was a triple threat match where you had to eliminate both teams, as opposed to anyone pinning anybody to win the titles. It wasn’t explained in the ring introductions. Christian & Tomko eliminated Resistance and Tajiri pinned Tomko.


-The arena had little reaction to the Hulk Hogan announcement (which was played twice to the fans at the arena, not sure about TV) and a much stronger reaction to Steve Austin being in Piper’s Pit at WrestleMania.

-The dark match main event that was advertised did not take place. Considering the fans didn’t get to see Batista, Randy Orton, Kane, and Ric Flair wrestle, many were disappointed. The crowd was up from the Providence Smackdown taping last July, only five upper sections were caution-taped off, and 95 percent of the available seats were filled.

-Driving was rough after the show, a normal trip from Providence to Boston takes about 45 minutes, took almost two and a half hours to get home tonight with the snow and ice.

Also, for those that were wondering who some of the extras on Raw last night were; Scotty Charisma, Rob Eckos, Arch Kincaid and Fred Sampson did security, and John Walters, the ROH Pure Champ, was the unnamed guy squashed by Chris Masters. Credit- Dan Stabb & The Wrestling Observer