[TNA] iMPACT! Spoilers For 3/4 & 3/11

Thanks to Alan Wojick

March 1, 2005 TNA Impact tapings to air March 4 and March 11, 2005.

With the Destination X PPV two weeks away, it will be interesting to see who DOA Dusty Rhodes chooses to face World X Division champion AJ Styles in the Ultimate X match, what will happen to Michael Shane now that his tag team partner Frankie Kazarian has left the company, will there be more confrontations between Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash and the New Age Outlaw, lastly will I stop asking questions and just get to the results. Fan sign of the show: “Ex-ECW Angry Dwarfs Fear Tenay and West.

Matches taped to air Friday March 4, 2005:

The show began with a video package recapping the brawl that ended last week’s TV show between Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash and the New Age Outlaw.

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke on camera before Dusty Rhodes took to the rampway with Tracy Brooks and Trinity. Rhodes introduced IWA-PR star Apollo who is part of the new “Open Door Policy”. Apollo spoke in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish. Rhodes told NWA World champion Jeff Jarrett he had thirty minutes to be in the ring with his lawyer Daggett and Larry Zybzsko.

(1) “The Future” Chris Sabin defeated Michael Shane.

This probably is a match to decide who will advance to the Ultimate X at the PPV. Shane had control early until he missed a corner splash and Sabin moved. Sabin took over with armdrags until he missed a springboard dropkick and Shane hit a clothesline. Shane slowed Sabin down with a reverse chinlock, Sabin fought to his feet and sent Shane to the ropes but they hit each other with clotheslines. Once on their feet they exchanged right hands until Sabin hit an enziguri followed by a powerbomb into a facebuster. Sabin put Shane on the top turnbuckle and was ready to come off but Shane countered. Shane went for the superkick but Sabin ducked and hit a kick to Shane’s stomach before hitting the Cradle Shock to pin Shane.

Following the break, Shane Douglas spoke to Monty Brown about his PPV match with Trytan. Brown mocked Trytan with Mork from Ork references, this is funny stuff.

(2) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) and Chris Candido defeated “Primetime” Elix Skipper, Mikey Batts and Team Canada’s Petey Williams (w/Scott D’amore.)

This also could have been part of Rhodes’ Ultimate X review. Skipper took Douglas to the mat and tagged out to Williams. Williams took over where Skipper left off until his back met the knee of Candido on the ring apron. Candido beat on Williams until Stevens tagged in and Williams poked Stevens right in the eye. Williams tagged out to Batts who had the match won for his team but Candido hit him with a headbutt off the top rope, which let Candido roll Stevens onto Batts.

Back from commercial Dusty Rhodes talked to Tracy and Trinity about supposed stipulations he had in mind for Jeff Jarrett. Rhodes talked to David Young who said he needed one more chance to earn respect and wanted another shot at Jeff Hammond. Tracy and Trinity talked Rhodes into giving young another shot.

(3) Dustin Rhodes defeated Team Canada’s “Showtime” Eric Young (w/Scott D’amore)

Rhodes came to the ring carrying the Bullrope he plans to use on the PPV. Young jumped Rhodes at the bell and surprisingly it worked well for him as he and D’amore beat down Rhodes. With USA chants backing him Rhodes got his second wind, he placed Young crotch first on the second turnbuckle and then kicked him in he crotch. Rhodes was close to the win when he his a top rope superplex but Team Canada’s Bobby Roode and Johnny Devine came out to attack Rhodes. They were cut off from interfering by America’s Most Wanted. While this went on D’amore snuck in the ring and tried to attack Rhodes from behind but Rhodes was ready for him. Rhodes took out D’amore and Young with bulldogs to win the match.

Dusty Rhodes, Tracy Brooks and Trinity waited in the ring for NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett with pieces of the cello Jarrett used on Kevin Nash at Against All Odds. Rhodes brought Diamond Dallas Page down to the ring. Rhodes asked DDP if he was ready to become World champion, DDP responded with Damn Right he was ready because “It’s Time.” This brought NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett and the New Age Outlaw, Larry Zybzsko and Jarrett’s lawyer Mr. Daggett. Rhodes spoke about the cello from the PPV. Rhodes said at the PPV he was going to surround the ring with men Jarrett had wronged with his guitar, men like the 3 Live Kru. From the other tunnel came The Naturals and Chris Candido to back up Jarrett and NAO. Daggett and Rhodes exchanged words before Rhodes punched Daggett. All hell broke loose as everyone brawled in and out of the ring until Kevin Nash came out and chased off the bad guys.

Back from the commercial Christopher Daniels joined Mike Tenay and Don West for the main event of hour one.

(4) NWA World X Division champion AJ Styles defeated “Notorious KID” Kid Kash (w/Lance Hoyt).

Having faced each other on several occasions, a major mistake would need to be made to obtain victory. Both men tried to wear the other down but Styles hit a dropkick that sent Kash rolling to the floor. Kash tossed a chair into the ring and this slowed all momentum Styles had going for him down. The TV show went to commercial during the time Kash stalled. When the show came back from commercial, Styles and Kash finally locked up by trading several pinning combinations until Styles went for the Styles Clash (not to be confused with the Rave Clash) but Kash countered out with an armdrag which Styles returned three fold. Kash got to his feet and sent Styles to the floor where Hoyt was waiting. Kash flew out of the ring onto Styles and they brawled around the ringside area and into the fans. Kash went for a chair but Rudy Charles stopped him, this allowed Hoyt to hit several right hands to the head of Styles. Back in the ring Kash took over on Styles with a fisherman buster into a shoulder breaker, followed by the Jushin Liger leg/arm pull. Kash took some time to piss off the fans and Hoyt took this time to choke Styles on the second rope. Styles tried to make a comeback but Kash stopped it with a suplex into a matplant. Kash went up top but Styles cut him off and climbed up. Both men jockeyed for position and eventually came down to the mat together. Styles hit several right handed punches followed by a backdrop and a backbreaker. Styles hit a suplex but got two. Kash hit a jawbreaker and a top rope huricurana but got two. Kash went for the Money Maker but Styles countered out and hit an enziguri. Hoyt went to use the chair but it backfired. Daniels left the broadcast table and dropped Styles throat first on the top rope. Kash had Styles in the Money Maker but Styles countered out into an inside cradle pinning combination.

Backstage Abyss tossed several items around apparently looking for Jeff Hardy, who was crouched on top of a security shack watching Abyss through binoculars. Hour one ends.

They gave a t-shirt away to one of the kids in the crowd. Dusty Rhodes came out and waited in the ring. Rhodes said he was going to clarify some things about Destination X. Rhodes restated several men Jarrett hit with the guitar will be surrounding the ring to guarantee a fair match. Once again 3 Live Kru and Diamond Dallas Page came down to the ring. DDP and Rhodes spoke again about how “ITS TIME!” This brought out NWA World champion Jeff Jarrett, the New Age Outlaw, Chris Candido and the Naturals. Jarrett was upset that Rhodes is scheming to take the title off him. All the same men brawled once more; guess they needed to re-shoot something. The beginning of hour two was re-shot. Overall the in between show activities took what felt almost like thirty minutes.

Matches taped to air Friday March 11, 2005

(1) Abyss and Raven defeated Mikey Batts and Cassidy Reilly.

I am a fan of Reilly and Batts but I felt sorry for them as they were beaten up by Abyss and Raven from the opening bell. Batts survived everything Raven hit him with hand made a tag to Reilly. Reilly went to the floor with Raven as Batts came off the top trope into Abyss’s arms. Abyss tossed Batts out to the floor press slam style. Abyss had Reilly set for the Shock Treatment backbreaker but Reilly countered out. Reilly went to the ropes but he walked right into the Black Hole Slam. When the match ended Jeff Hardy appeared on the video screen taunting Abyss to fin him backstage on top of a storage container.

NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett (wearing a suit) came out to the ring again this time to speak with Mike Tenay. Jarrett told the fans TNA was being run by a corrupt DOA, who had a personal vendetta against the sole person residing on Planet Jarrett. The fans chanted DROP THE TITLE and Jarrett told them it wasn’t going to happen at the PPV. From the fans came DDP who wielded his own microphone telling Jarrett to SHUT THE HELL UP. DDP used his “ITS TIME” tagline several times. DDP said he came to TNA to kick Jarrett’s ass. For some reason, DDP called Jarrett a monkey. The fans seem to think DDP will destroy Jarrett at Destination X, sorry but my money stays with the champion. After the show went to commercial, Jarrett tried to speak but the fans told him to shut up. Jarrett said he had a birthday gift for Tenay, a guitar shot to the head.

Before the next match AJ Styles joined Tenay and West for commentary. Jeremy Borash told the fans the winner of this match is in the Ultimate X on PPV. Tracy and Trinity argued abut which of their teams was better. Michael Shane I believe using his real name asked to speak to Dusty Rhodes about personal business. Shane said he was one of the reasons TNA is one the map not guys from Rhodes’ era.

(2) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Chris Sabin.

Both men started out hot until Daniels hit a clothesline followed by an STO. Daniels put Sabin in a chinlock submission but Sabin got to his feet. Daniels hit Sabin with forearms to the back and an inverted atomic drop. Daniels went for a springboard moonsault but Sabin hit him with a dropkick. Sabin followed up with a huricurana and an inverted atomic drop of his own. Daniels hit another STO and went for the BME but Sabin moved out of the way and went to roll up Daniels but got two. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock but Daniels countered out and hit the Angels Wings to pin Sabin. After the bell he taunted Styles.

Backstage Konnan and New Age Outlaw had words before 3 Live Kru stepped in to break it up. NAO tried to get BG James to follow him but Konnan and Ron Killings stopped him from walking away.

(3) New Age Outlaw or Outlaw defeated Sonny Siaki.

This was the first in-ring match for the NAO and he looked in good shape as he went toe to toe with Siaki. Siaki hit the double knees to the neck on NAO and several other offensive moves. NAO hit the Famouser (Rocker Dropper) to win match.

Backstage in Dusty’s truck Dustin Rhodes and AMW had some beers while Team Canada petitioned for an appointment with Dusty Rhodes. Team Canada called out AMW to possibly defend the tag titles at the PPV.

(4) Tracy Brook’s Disciples of Destruction (the Harris Brothers on motorcycles) defeated Lex Lovett and Buck Quartermain.

During the very short match, Trinity and Phi Delta Slam watched from the rampway. After Lovett got hit with a double team power bomb pinning combination, PSD jumped the DOD in the ring. They fought briefly before being beaten back by the DOD.

In the truck Dusty Rhodes talked to Kevin Nash about stuff. Nash asked Rhodes for a taped fist, first blood match with the NAO. Daggett came with security and asked Rhodes to be removed for attacking him last week.

(5) David Young (w/Chris Candido and the Naturals) defeated Shark Boy.

Early on Candido and the Naturals tried to help Young out with distractions but it backfired on them. Shark Boy went to the top rope but Candido’s distraction worked and Young caught Shark Boy and hit the Spinebuster to win the match, finally ending the “losing streak.”

Monty Brown joined Tenay and West for commentary.

(6) Gran Apollo defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Kid Kash).

The Orlando fans might not realize Apollo worked for TNA when they were based in Nashville. Apollo had control of the match until Kash grabbed his ankle long enough to let Hoyt recover. Hoyt hit a sidewalk slam and a running elbow but got two. Hoyt continued the beating until both men traded chest chops and Apollo hit a clothesline followed by a half nelson into a face buster. Kash went to interfere once more but Apollo was ready. He hit an acecrusher to win the match. After the bell the lights went out and Trytan’s light setup came on, Brown went up the rampway to faceoff with him, but Trytan came through the crowd and got in the ring the two stared each other down to end the second hour. After the show ended Brown talked trash about Trytan.

Matches announced for Destination X PPV:

-NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

-Ultimate X Match for the World X division title held by AJ Styles as he faces three opponents TBD

-Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy, Falls Count Anywhere in Universal Studios

-Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Bullrope match

-New Age Outlaw vs. Kevin Nash in a taped fist, first blood match

-Tracy Brook’s Disciples of Destruction vs. Trinity’s Phi Delta Slam

-Trytan vs. “Alpha Male” Monty Brown

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