[SD!] Smackdown Tapings For 3/3 From Albany, NY (SPOILERS)


Results according to Shaady Tadros & PWInsider.com:

Dark Match:

Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro (with their extremely hot manager Melina) beat Scotty 2 Hotty and Shannon Moore. Shannon Moore did a beautiful somersault plancha to the outside. Nitro and Matthews use a 3D/DDT type finisher.


The Bashams beat Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

Nunzio beat Spike Dudley

Paul London and Funaki beat Chavo Guererro and Akio with London hitting an amazing dropsault on Chavo and Akio (Akio got the moonsault portion) followed by a picture perfect 450 Splash to end the match.

Before Smackdown, a long Wrestlemania promo was showed with many wrestlers like Mick Foley, The Rock and Steve Austin talking about how “Wrestlemania changes careers”.


John Cena comes out to the biggest pop of the night. Pretty much he just wants to fight JBL. He’s a fighting champion and therefore will defend his US title against Orlando Jordan in the main event

1st match- Tag Team Title match- Eddie Guerrero and Rey Misterio Jr. beat Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns with Eddie hitting the frogsplash on Luther and Rey hits the 619 on the outside. Luther and Jindrak argue after the match and Jindrak knocks Luther down with a single punch.

Carlito and Teddy Long backstage segment. Carlito has to listen to Teddy Long or he will leave Smackdown. First assignment, start shoveling snow outside of the Pepsi Arena.

2nd match- Booker T beat Heidenrich. Heidenrich tries to use a chair. Gets DDTed on the chair + axe kick. booker wins

Best part of the night. Angle comes out with a couple of cops for the Angle Invitational. Talks about “beating HBK to a bloody pulp” on his home “turf” on RAW. Shows the footage from Monday night. The challenger comes out with hoody covering his face. Angle says “You think I’m that gullible? You’re Shawn Michaels” It’s not Michaels, it’s some wrestler from Albany, New York (big pop). Angle says something then the cameraman behind Angle takes off his hat, fake mustache and eyebrows revealing HBK. Let the brawling begins. Security stops it. Enormous HBK chants. He love us and gives us a round of applause.

Backstage promo- Michelle McCool, Joy and Lauren “I am completely useless” Jones are backstage. All you need to know is that Dawn Marie is p*ssed at Michelle and challenges her to a match, a mixed tag match. They can pick any partner.

3rd match- Dawn Marie brings out Renee Dupree. Michelle brings out *suprise* Big Show. Michelle tries to wrestle. She sucks. Tries to do a springboard type elbow but messed up. Big Show chokeslams Renee. 123. Show and random diva #4 wins match.

Various WM commericals shown.

Carlito shown outside the Pepsi shoveling snow with one hand. Car passed by and covers Carlito with water.

JBL promo. We are stupid, we should respect him. Talks about his great upbringing. We’re white trash blah blah blah. Leaves pissed off because he’s booed like mad.

Bashams, JBL and Jordan go to leave but JBL stops him and tells him he better win the US title or he’ll “send him back to the hood and his people” RACIST COMMENT! Thanks for insulting 5% of the crowd who are black.

4th match- US Title match- Orlando Jordan beat John Cena to become the new US champion. Bashams ran in and distracted the ref as JBL clocks Cena with the WWE title allowing Jordan to get the pin.

Immediately following the cameras going off. Cena is still in the ring and Taker comes in. HUGE pop. The dark match was advertised as a 6 man tag between Undertaker, Cena and Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, JBL and Heindenrich but it’s changed to a regular tag match with Cena and Taker vs. JBL and Orlando Jordan. Funny stuff. Tazz wears JBL’s hat and JBL wears Tazz’s sunglasses. Lots of funny stuff. JBL throws up the X injury sign saying Jordan is hurt. JBL wrestle in dress shoes and pants. JBL calls for a time out during the match. Also, tries to choke Taker with the tag rope. Eventually we get Take chokeslamming Jordan and the FU from Cena on JBL to end the match. everyone leaves except for Taker who does his regular stuff much to the satisfaction of the crowd.

Not a great show but live events are extremely fun

Biggest Pop:
Big Show

Biggest Heat:
Kurt Angle

Credit- Shaady Tadros & PWInsider.com