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The girls perform, week two.

The guys are in the books and I’m rockin my second column of the week. It’s amazing what American Idol can do for America.

Same as last night, except we got 10 girls instead of 10 guys.

Aloha Micheaux: She went with a slower performance this week. This is probably to try and separate herself from the Beyoncee vibe she was giving off. It worked. Not only did she have another good performance, but she didn’t sound like someone else. She definitely has the performance skills to get her through to the top six girls. The judges, however, hated it. They believe she is a performer who should not slow down. Her personality is strong and peppy, not sappy.

Lindsey Cardinale: Stepping it way up this week with a happy, upbeat performance. WAY better than the karaoke nightmare she had last week, and somewhat memorable. After having her in the bottom four last week, this performance could win some fans. Interesting song selection, but I really liked it and thought she nailed the song. The judges wanted to see more and hear more of her voice. I agree. If you got it, flaunt it. Simon says she is not memorable, and I agree. She’s pretty, but not memorably so, and she’s good, but also not memorably. She needs to do something to be remembered.

Jessica Sierra: This performance reminds me of a Vegas piano bar. I can’t get over the whole “slow songs sound like karaoke hell” thing. She also had a semi-rough ending to her song. Paula said it was a familiar song, but I didn’t recognize it. The judges loved this performance, but I just didn’t see it. Vocally, it was great, but there’s just no pop to these performances. I can see Jessica losing just because people forget to vote for her.

Mikalah Gordon: The girl that makes people want to put bullets in their eyes. She’s still going for the Cher sound in her vocals. Maybe that’s the effect of plastic and botox in your face, I don’t know. I really can’t give this girl a fair shake since she induces knee jerk hatred. She’s just too……. Jersey. The judges liked it across the board. If she keeps herself toned down maybe I can get over the hatred, but I doubt it.

Celena Rae: I really like Celena, maybe it’s because she’s the only contestant I can look at and not feel dirty for thinking is hot, since she’s actually older than me. Her performance started off really weak, but got way better toward the end. Better to finish strong than start strong. The judges, unfortunately, said what I was thinking. Her performances are just average. Nothing POPS about her. I have an awful feeling she ends here.

Nadia Turner: Best female of last week comes in this week with a slow song. She sounded a bit out of tune to my untrained ears. If I noticed it, other people noticed it. Fortunately for Nadia, I think she’s got a unique enough vibe to support her into the top six girls. The performance wasn’t great, but I don’t think she’s out.

Amanda Avila: Here’s to the first song I recognized tonight. Turn the Beat Around. Again, this performance is WAY better than what she did last week. Simon pointed out that he was pretty sure most of the song was out of tune, but it was a fantastic all around performance. This is the key to the show. You don’t have to be 100% in tune, you just need to perform.

Janay Castine: This girl was lucky last week that only two people got eliminated last week. And I think it’s a crime that one of them did instead of her. Now, the difference here is I thought the performance was way better than last week. The judges still hate her. I don’t know if she survives this week either.

Carrie Underwood: Take Another Little Piece of My Heart. This girl knows who she is and what her gimmick is. People will remember her just for that. The judges didn’t like this performance this week but I think it’s because it wasn’t as good as last week. She didn’t fall enough to get punted this week, though.

Vonzell Solomon: I hated this… primary because this Alicia Keyes song needs to just stop. The judges thought her performance was overblown. I would have said oversung, but same idea. Once again, a slow song when a fast song would have been better. She is an upbeat performer, she should leave slow songs at home.

Who’s Going Home

In a polar opposite of last week, the guys destroyed the girls. The girls’ performances came across, for the most part, as sloppy and awful. I think this week, again, Janay is an obvious choice for who’s going home. She just can’t get the deer-in-headlights look out of her face. At the end of the day, she’s just not doing anything special.

As for the second one, I’m in a coin toss between Celena and Jessica. I really don’t want to see Celena go, so I’m going to pick Jessica. I don’t think she’s particularly bad, I just don’t think people are going to remember her to vote for her.

That’s it for tonight, tune in tomorrow the results show.

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