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Daron this week is a light mail week but I already have a few posts on the boards which I will cover next week.

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Patrick emails

Hey MARVEL HANDBOOK GUYS (both of you)

I’m a long time reader, first time ask-er… I was just wodnering if you guys could tell me about the Infinity line of minis… Gauntlet, War, Crusade, etc etc… I’ve been trying to track down some of those old issues, but most places only have one or 2 of 6 issues for each series. Basically, I just wanted to know what happened on them. If you guys can help, or point me to a place here i can get the info, it’d be great. You guys are doing a great job, and thanks in advance!

Alright let’s start with the gems themselves a little

The Infinity Gauntlet is among the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe. It consists of the six Infinity Gems mounted on a glove.

The Infinity Gems, also known as the soul gems, are six immensely powerful gems. Whoever holds all six gems gains omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and God-like power, and has absolute dominion over the universe.

And if you want Jim to try and explain the difference between those 3 “omni” abilities please email us…I’m sure that’s information he can just spout off. – Daron

The six gems are:

Time Gem: Control over the flow of time.
Space Gem: Control over space, allowing instantaneous travel across vast distances.
Power Gem : Increases physical strength and endurance.
Soul Gem: Control over the soul.
Mind Gem: Allows mind control and vastly enhances the holder’s intellect.
Reality Gem: Control over reality itself, creating and uncreating matter and energy.

In a two part limited series called the Thanos Quest, Thanos succeeded in retrieving the six gems. We’ll start with the Infinity Gauntlet and move on from there.

Ok this actually can go back to before this limited series (Silver Surfer #34-38 to be exact) where Death resurrected Thanos to wipe out half the people in the universe. Thanos sought to fix this using the Infinity Gems, which he won by defeating six Elders of the Universe. Surfer and Drax battled Thanos (Silver Surfer #44-50) and where defeated. They met Adam Warlock in the Soul Gem and returned to reality where Surfer soon made his way to Earth to warn the heroes there.

(A review of Thanos Quest can be found here

The first series is with Thanos holding the Gauntlet and how Adam Warlock and Earth’s heroes tried to defeat him. Thanos of course defeats the Heroes at first and even defeats Marvels Cosmic Entities in battle with the Gauntlet. Eventually, he loses the Gauntlet thanks to his own cockiness to Nebula for a time in the series. Warlock gets the gauntlet and it’s power from Nebula thanks to the Soul Gem.

(The full review of the series Infinity Gauntlet can be found here The series itself is in Trade Paperback form. Go ask your local comic shop for the Trade.

Infinity War: After gaining the god like powers Adam Warlock expels both good and evil sides of his persona.

Magus is the villain in this limited series. Magus has a being named the Body-Maker create doubles of every hero on Earth. (plus selected villains like Thanos) He sends the doubles to kill and replace their counterparts. The heroes are forced to face their counterparts thanks to Magus. Of course they are not the key targets of Magus, Thanos and Warlock are. The heroes split, with one group fighting the Infinity Watch and the other fighting the doubles. Also Doom and Kang have joined forces to face the threat. Warlock reunites the Gauntlet but it doesn’t work. Magus gains the Gauntlet from Warlock. Magus and Warlock face Kang and Doom together. Magus is not defeated by the pair. Eternity makes the Gauntlet work again and Magus becomes a god. Magus and Warlock struggle for the Gauntlet for a time with Warlokc winning thanks to a fake Reality Gem.

There is no trade out yet for this limited series so I suggest checking sites like milehighcomics or another good online site with back issues if not your local comic shop.

Next came the Infinity Crusade

This series was about Warlocks’ good side the Goddess. Goddess created an army of followers using their faith to gain their trust. Among her army where:

Captain America, Multiple Man, Jean Grey, Namorita, Silhouette, Spider-Man, Puck, Archangel, Crystal, Firelord, Hercules, Shaman, Talisman, Moondragon, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, Sersi, Living Lightning, Thor, Invisible Woman, U.S. Agent, Moon Knight, Wolfsbane, Doctor Strange, Wonder Man, Daredevil, Black Knight, Storm, Windshear, Sasquatch, Gamora, and Sleepwalker.

Goddess takes the Reality Gem from Thanos to obtain her goal. Goddess also creates a Cosmic Egg to obtain her goals. The remaining heroes on Earth wanted to rescue their friends. They joined forces and battled them while Adam Warlock, Thanos and Professor X fought and defeated the Goddess and placed her in the Soul Gem with Magus. Goddess’ true goal during the Crusade was destroying most life in the universe.

Again this series has not been collected yet and you should check sites like Milehicomics

Then came the latest of the series Infinity Abyss

Marvel promo: Spider-Man. Dr. Strange. Adam Warlock. Pip the Troll. Captain Marvel. Five classic costumed champions, whose combined strength can move planets and change the course of time itself. What threat could be dire enough to bring these heroes together? Only the most feared villain in the entire cosmos: Thanos. For the vengeful Eternal seeks not only the death of his enemies, he seeks the death of life itself. If Thanos attains his goal, the entire universe will face complete annihilation.

Series itself: Thanos decided to create a number of Thanosi (Armour, Mystic, Omega, Warrior, and X) inexact copies of himself made with a combination of cloning, sorcery and technology. The Thanosi launched a failed attempt to kill Thanos by creating an artificial and very short-lived Black Hole. Witnessing a rend in the space-time continuum, Thanos sees the beginning of the end for all that exists. Cubes of null-space begin forming throughout the dimensions, drawing the attentions of those attuned to disruptions in the fabric of reality, (Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man.). The Infinity Watch: Pip the Troll, Gamorra and Moondragon know something is up as well. The Heroes with the help of Thanos and Atlez also must help to save the Universe from the threat of colapse and the Thanosi.

Infinity Abyss is available in Trade Paperback form. So check your local comic shop.

One big problem I have with this last one (and it’s just one of many) is how is Spider-Man attuned to the disruptions in the fabric ability? Which spider did he get that power from?

Come on I can’t be the only thinking that when you saw his name in there??? – Daron

Kent emails


On, they have an article about the third Summer’s brother. It goes into a couple of ideas of who it could have been, but goes on to say the following:

“Fabian Nicieza confirmed online that Adam X was the intended additional brother, but he was removed from the titles before he could fully finish that story and so it’s left dangling. Current Marvel policy forbids the usage of Adam X, as his codename X-Treme might cause confusion with the title of the monthly X-Treme X-Men book.”

FYI and love the site!

Thanks Kent. There’s always been the theory of Adam X/X-Treme being the last Summers brother as well. Having Katherine Summers being rapped by D’ken and having his child.

Anyone else impressed with the way Marvel buried this storyline under some “red tape?” – Daron

A_Faceless_Name posted

I don’t know how to phrase this, but how about some info on unstable molecules, and a compare and contrast of the marvel version to the real world version.

Hey you may not have to make a list for me this time! They sure pad the handbooks out nicely though.

Alright this one is not that simple. Here’s what I can tell you about them in Marvel that I know of, and if there’s anyone out there that can explain them in the real world they are welcome to help out.

In Marvel Universe – Unstable Molecules are: A configuration of unknown atomic nuclei and electrons discovered or synthesized by Dr. Reed Richards, which is responsive to certain energized matter around it. Used in the making of clothing for the Fantastic Four and certain other superhuman beings (which include the Awesome Android), unstable molecular cloth mimics its wearer’s physical properties. It can, for example, stretch like Mr. Fantastic and burst into flame without burning like the Human Torch.

Man, I was so hoping that I’d get to edit “Jim’s” explanation of them too! – Daron

Now let’s finish this up. Daron, you may go last if you want. In fact I’ll sign off now and you decide which one of us go first.

Well what if I decide I want us to sign off at the same time…like an old married couple or something? *Looks around* ERRRRR I mean, yeah, Jim, why don’t you go first this week.


1. Cover of the Year Semi-Finals started this week here

2. The return to the AGE OF APOCALYPSE starts this week. We had a nice feature on the characters not so long ago so if you want to check the archives on characters it should be pretty easy to find.

Reporting from the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Keep the emails coming (label them Marvel Handbook please). Have a good week and see you at the comic shop.

What? Oh, my turn? Sorry, all this moving around has confused me a tiny bit.

I just want to say that I hope everyone has a great week, and get those emails in. Otherwise, I’m gonna have to talk to Jim alone. You wouldn’t to put me through that would you? WOULD YOU! EMAIL US DAMNIT!

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