WOQW: Where James Hatton Learns a Lesson

WOQW: Where James Hatton Makes A Mistake

This is just a sound-off to anyone who emailed me with my errors last week.

I’m sorry – and it was irresponsible of me.

I could make excuses as to why there were .. GLARING errors in my AOA reports, and if you check out the Roundtable this week – or hang out on the forums I’m sure you’ll see I was a busy little beaver last week.

That doesn’t excuse poor reviews and reports. Not in the least.

To those who emailed me, thank you. I will do my best not to fail you again. Those of you who were constructive and not glaringly offensive, thank you. It’s good to know that I’m being read and enjoyed for the most part.

I will say I got a laugh that I never get feedback, but man, confuse ONE gem of Cytorrak with ONE M’Kraan and the world gets all topsy turvy on yah. It does go to prove that I do have a responsibility to you people though – and in rushing through last week’s assignments, I failed in that regard.

So – now onto bigger and brighter things. Ok? I’m doing lots of AOA reviews, and it seems that I am as jonsed as it as a batch of you people are. I make this solemn promise to double check all of my facts though. (Ah, and those who recieved this in email will notice how good my editing skills are.. DOH!)

I’ve prattled on enough – but I wanted to make sure that each and everyone of you got to read this.

James Hatton

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