[RAW] Muhhamed Hassan Screws Up Match?


Some of you may have noticed that the ending to the Muhammed Hussan vs. Chris Benoit match seemed a bit off. There was a problem right before the finish, when Benoit hit his flying headbutt onto Hassan, who was holding the ring bell.
What was supposed to happen was Benoit would hit the ringbell when he hit the headbutt off the top and then be pinned by Hassan. Since Hassan didn’t put the bell in position, WWE management called an audible backstage in order for Benoit to not look weak and changed the finish to a DQ with the low blow.
Reportedly, management wasn’t happy with having to change the original finish, as they want Hassan to look strong by remaining undefeated leading into Wrestlemania 21 next month. Apparently, there are rumors among the wrestlers that Hassan will actually be facing Hulk Hogan on the Wrestlemania 21 PPV, although this is far from confirmed.

Credit- PWInsider.com