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Four people went home last night, and once again, I have a .500

The girls

Celena Rae: I, unfortunately, predicted her demise last night, whether or not I wanted to admit it. There was just nothing that popped about her or made her memorable. At 29, she also would have a hard time connecting with most of the fanbase of this show. The fact she got the lowest number of votes last night is not surprising, although disappointing.

Aloha Micheaux: I am… shocked about this one, to say the least. Granted she did not have a great performance last night but I didn’t think it was bad enough that she fell from one of the best of the first week to second from the bottom. Bad song choice and poor execution is how you chalk this up. It’s unfortunate that Aloha has to go, while Janay inexplicably stays on for another week.

This goes on record as the second week in a row that America kept on Janay Castine, thus proving America to be general idiots. Anyone reading and voting: the girl sucks. She has no redeeming qualities. STOP VOTING FOR HER.

The Guys

David Brown and Joseph Murena: How much do I rule, I fingered both of these guys as going home. No real surprises. Murena complained about “not having enough screen time” and “he did everything correctly.” Nut up and take it like a man. You did nothing worth remembering and you really do look like an old Portuguese lounge singer. As for David, he just didn’t bring IT into the semi-finals. Him going home is really no shock. I think there really was talent in there, but it just didn’t show.

As of now, I’m five for eight on predicting eliminations.

Next week, four more head out on their quest for the final twelve.

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