The Eyes— Sickness Syndrome Strikes Again!

The second-person-sickness-syndrome strikes again!

I had a gut feeling the second I saw Ashlee refusing food at camp that it was her boot episode. Call it experience, whatever you want, but whenever someone gets sick, they are typically the second person voted off.

So, Ashlee is merely joining the ranks of the likes of Jessie, Tanya, and Janet.

That, however, was truly the only indication I had that she was going to be eligible for the boot, especially since she was in such a great position last week. She was an apparent spearhead of the alliance that overthrew Jolanda, and if she had felt better and hadn’t asked to be voted off, then she could have made it much farther.

Kim would have been voted off in her place. There is no question in my mind that Kim would have gone if Ashlee hadn’t gotten sick and asked her alliance members to vote for her.

So Kim is by no means out of the clear. Neither, for that matter, is Jeff. Both of them are in some severe trouble within the Ulong tribe.

I think they’re trying to become the next Rob/Amber power duo. As much as they deny it at Tribal Council, you know it has to be running through their minds. Even Jeff knew it was total BS when they said it had never gone through their minds.

Of course, maybe they were being genuine. (I doubt it, but I want to at least entertain the possibility for the sake of debate.) In which case they will never become the next Romber because that kind of comment, if genuine, shows a lack of understanding of the game.

I think that if Ulong goes to Tribal Council this week again, JEFF will get the boot, only because the previews give us an indication he may suffer from an injury. If not him, then Kim. If Ulong has to vote again, one of those two will be going home.

Now, on to Koror before I do some commentary on a few select individuals.

Overall, this tribe is getting along well. They lost the Reward Challenge because Angie kicked butt, and Caryn is now apparently causing some tension, but overall, Koror is in good shape.

They found their fire, so kudos to them. Right now, I see a first vote at Koror coming down to Caryn, and possibly Katie if the fight between the two shown in the previews gets really nasty.

Now, here is some commentary on a few individuals:

IAN— I am really liking Ian. He is exactly the type of person I thought he would be in my pre-analysis. He’s a nice guy that everyone seems to like, and he is not making any loud noise. Unless he does something really stupid, I predict a long stay for him in Palau.

CARYN— Caryn, what are you doing?!?!?!? You are obviously making a couple of enemies. You started off so well…..last week I had you pegged for at least Final Five! Now you could be a candidate for Koror’s first boot! Shape up now before you make a premature exit, because I see a lot of potential in you to go far.

KATIE— Same thing applies to her that goes for Caryn. She started off so well, and it’s obvious there is a rift forming between the two of them. A Koror vote this week could possibly come down to being between Caryn and Katie, and Caryn could find herself with the protection of people like Coby and Willard, and they may sway others. So she should be careful how far she takes a showdown with Caryn before she finds her torch snuffed.

ANGIE— What a comeback! I don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything like it on Survivor before. While Caryn and Katie are starting to show signs of spiraling downward after strong beginnings, Angie is going uphill after a rough start. Awesome job in that Reward Challenge…..if she keeps that up, and continues her ascension, she could go far.

IBREHEM— Still clueless. It was nice of him to show his support for the person who chose him by not voting for Ashlee. Very noble, and it’s actually a refreshing thing to see that people can still be noble on this show after ten seasons. However, that does not bode well for his overall game, because that is now two Ulong votes he has been on the wrong side of things. No immediate danger for him, as long as Jeff and Kim are left to get rid of, but he needs to get his act together NOW regardless if he wants a prayer of going far.


LOSING TRIBE (IMMUNITY): Ulong…..they still are unorganized and there is infighting; the one challenge they won was thanks to one person overall, not a collective group effort, and Immunity showed that.

THIRD BOOT: Jeff (or Kim, but I’ll go with Jeff because the prospect of injury)

“See” you next week!

SirLinksalot: Survivor Palau