ROH Reborn Stage 2


ROH Reborn Stage 2
April 24th, 2004

Samoa Joe’s Ring – Joe isn’t at the show yet because of the fire ball from last night, so Bryan Danielson takes his place. Danielson is about to teach wrist locks, but here comes Homicide. “Joe cannot be here tonight because he has a slight burning sensation in his face” – Homicide. Homicide wants to show the student his version of the wrist lock, but he ends up forearming his in the student in the face. “Damn, sucks to be him” – Homicide. The two hype the match for tonight with Homicide declaring that he’s doing anything to win.

Dave Prazak is ready for an interview with Matt Stryker about his big match tonight, but Nigel McGuiness wants to wish him luck and thank him for the match last night. Stryker says that he’s going for the legs of Joe tonight. Joe isn’t there yet though.

Becky Bayliss wants to know where Special K are. Jack Evans is here and he serves Becky.


Ace Steel vs. BJ Whitmer

Before the match can get started, The Briscoes hit the ring and give Ace a Spike Jay Driller. They cut a heel promo on the Chicago crowd. Punk and Cabana hit the ring and get rid of The Briscoes. Punk cuts a promo about how much it means to him to bring ROH to his hometown Chicago. The Briscoes try to take out Punk but Cabana hits them with a Quebrada.

Whitmer doesn’t want to wait and wants this match. Ace is all “f*ck you let’s do it” and the match is still on. Ace fights to start but gets stopped with a poke to the eye. Whitmer starts on the neck with a swinging neckbreaker. Snap suplex and another swinging neckbreaker get a pair of twos for Whitmer. Whitmer continues with the neck work with a camel clutch. Whitmer looks for a superplex, but Steel reverses to a Sunset Powerbomb. Steel with his corner dropkick and slingshot splash get 2. Exploder attempt from Whitmer is blocked into a victory roll for 2. Whitmer puts Steel down with a boot and forearm and then hits the Wrist Clutch Exploder for the win. **. This match was pretty slow and not much doing, but for what it was it was pretty good. I like the story of how Whitmer is the only Prophecy member at the weekend, but is still able to go 2-0 on the Saints. (6.09)

POST MATCH Whitmer hits Steel with a sick chair shot.

Delirious and Shawn Daivari vs. Justin Credible and Masada

This is the only time the Carnage Crew B-Team would team in a straight up tag match. The reason we will get to at Generation Next. Daivari is the manager of Hassan now. Delirious with the forearms to start but gets hit with rolling verticals (the three amigo’s is a stupid name) from Credible for 2. Masada in with a spinebuster for 2. Powerbomb/backbreaker over the knee from the Crew gets 2. Delirious and Daivari get some offence in with a double team Russian Leg Sweep into the rail. They work over Masada’s back with not much going on. Masada makes the tag to Credible and he cleans house. DDT on Delirious for 2. Double team hip toss over the knee from the Crew. Credible goes up top but gets crotched by Daivari. Enzuguri from Delirious onto Masada and Daivari is up with the Magic Carpet Ride for 2. The Magic Carpet Ride is a splash from the top with a Magic Carpet. It’s actually pretty cool. Credible in and hits That’s Incredible on Delirious and Superkicks Daivari. Fisherman Buster over the knee from Masada on Delirious finishes things. *3/4. Fun stuff, but the middle was pretty boring. Delirious is actually pretty good, even with the crazy lizard man gimmick. (8.09)

John Walters vs. Chad Collyer

This is a re-match from the Last Stand (***1/4) which was a 3 rope break rule match to hype the Pure Wrestling Title. So Collyer wants a straight up match to prove he’s the better man. A fan yells that he wants blood, so Walters tells him to “go the f*ck home”. “You got served” – Chicago. To the mat they go and not to my surprise, it’s great stuff. Collyer with the Muranma Hinery (Shinzaki Dragon Screw) and Jinsei Collyer tries for the Texas Cloverleaf but Walters quickly goes to the ropes Collyer with a knee bar and then an Indian Deathlock. Collyer with a shinbreaker and then into the Figure Four Walters turns it over and Collyer uses the ropes to escape. Walters once again escapes by going to the ropes. Walters blocks a Dragon Screw and gets an Oklahoma Roll for 2. Walters with a Lariat, but is too hurt to capitalise. Walters with the Double Knees Backbreaker, but to my disappointment, he doesn’t sell the knee. Walters tries for a submission, but can’t hook it properly because of his knee, so he opts for a Russian Leg Sweep for 2. Walters’ Hurricane DDT is blocked into a small package for 2. They go with some standing switches and Collyer ends up hitting a German Suplex for 2. Walters with a vertical suplex and a tiger driver into a Sharpshooter. It’s no Bret/Owen Hart, but it’s no Rock. Walters can’t hold it properly, so Collyer is able to survive. Sunset Flip from Walters, but Collyer reverses with the Texas Cloverleaf. Walters is too close the ropes though and escapes. Collyer tries for a shinbreaker, but Walters reverses to a roll up for a two count. Collyer is able to roll up Walters and hook the strong leg and Walters hasn’t got the strength to kick out. ***1/2. The match was heading **** territory, but Walters’ on again off again selling of the leg hurt the match, much like Jericho/HBK. (12.38)

Austin Aries vs. Rocky Romero vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Nigel McGuiness

I like all guys in this match, especially Aries and Romero. I’m glad Romero is in here instead of Reyes. I can handle Reyes, but he just screws up a bit too much. If he were more fluent, I would like him more because I love wrestlers who work a stiff style, which explains why I like Mitsuya Nagai so much. Romero and Nigel start and work the mat to start. Romero brings the stiffness with a kick to the knee of Nigel. Rave in and gets nowhere and Romero works his arm. Aries in and gets a big reception. Aries hits Romero with his roll through to a back elbow off the second rope. GO AUSTIN. Romero takes Aries down into a Crossface after using Lady in a Lake. Aries uses the ropes to escape. Rave tags in and locks Aries in a chinlock. Aries tags out and uses some Johnny Saint stuff to frustrate Rave and get 2. Aries in and catches him in a headscissors. Aries comes out of it though with a dropkick, busting Rave’s lip open in the process. With Aries, it’s amazing how fluent his offence is. Romero attacks Rave’s shoulder on the apron just because he can. Aries with a Fisherman Neckbreaker and the Rings of Aries. Rave is able to make the ropes. Nigel comes in with a hammerlock Pedigree. That’s the only name I could come up with. Things break down as Romero is in but Nigel suplexes him onto the fallen Aries. And Aries just wasn’t laying down, he was half was getting up from his knees. Rave is back with a superkick, but gets laid out with a brainbuster from Aries for 2. Romero brings the awesome with a snap rana into a Juji-Gatame. Nigel breaks it up and hits the sweeping keylock DDT on Aries. Nigel locks in a submission but gets hit with a Shining Wizard from Rave for. Romero makes the save at 2. Rave with the STO Backbreaker into a Rock Bottom on Romero. Aries with a Russian Leg Sweep on Rave and then the Rings of Aries. Romero saves by kicking Aries. Rave backslides Romero for 2. Romero goes for the arm of Rave but gets hit with an Aries leg drop off the top. I was hoping for Aries to use the 450, but ah well. Nigel with a single arm DDT on Rave and then his Short Arm Scissors gets the tap out victory. ***3/4. Considering Aries and Romero have received the biggest pushes after this, perhaps one of them should’ve won. None of this was boring, with great psychology being paid off at the end. (16.41).

POST MATCH Romero asks Reyes how Nigel won. “I don’t f*cking know dude, he wrapped his arm all goofy looking and shit”. Indeed Ricky. Romero reluctantly shakes hands.

Homicide vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

This match causes a lot of arguments. People think it’s either think it’s too long and should’ve had 10 mins cut off, while others think it’s a MOTYC. Where do I lie? You’ll find out soon.

Homicide starts by throwing the ring bell at the fans to show us who the heel is in this match. They start the match with mat work and standing switches, not the best move by Homicide as he’s in Danielson’s territory here. I should point out, the referee of the match is the same one that Homicide first attacked the night before, so will he be able to remain impartial? Time will tell. After Danielson locks Homicide in the Samoa Joe Crab, Homicide bails and throws a chair into the ring. The spirit of The Great Muta lives in Homicide. Joking aside though, this shows how frustrated Homicide has become. The crab was also a little shot at Homicide because it’s Joe’s crab. Homicide’s stubborn ways once again have the potential of costing him the match, because he’s playing Danielson’s game. While Homicide can go on the mat, it’s American Dragon and he thrives on the mat. It’s like if you’re facing Low-Ki, unless you’re Kawada, Hashimoto or KENTA, you don’t want in a kicking game with him, you want to neutralise him. Homicide is able to finally grab the advantage and sends Danielson to the outside. He doesn’t use the Tope Con Hilo yet, as that would be a stupid move and may cost him the match. Instead he goes for Danielson’s neck, using a chair and the ring bell. Homicide is on the path to neutralising Danielson, something he wasn’t able to do to Joe because of his stubbornness. Good things don’t last long though, as Homicide accidentally punches the guard rail. Danielson is right on the hand and bites at it and uses the ring bell to the hand. Back inside, Homicide begs off but Danielson is straight back at the hand, stretching it while in arm locks. Homicide tries a chop with the bad hand, but obviously it isn’t working, so he settles for an enzuguri. Danielson to the outside and Homicide hits the Tope Con Hilo. Things still aren’t good for Homicide though, as he landed on the chair on the outside. Homicide’s shady tactics from earlier have come back to haunt him. Homicide misses a flying headbutt from the top. Homicide tries for an Ace Crusher but Danielson goes back to the hand. With Homicide’s hand injury, a lot of his offence has been taken away. It’s hard for him to hit the Ace Crusher and lock in the STF and one of his finishers on the Cop Killa (verterbreaker) has been taken away. Danielson with the Aeroplane Spin and flying headbutt, with comedic selling as always for 2. Danielson goes up again but gets caught with a rana. Homicide tries for the Lariat but Danielson blocks by attacking the hand and they end up colliding and both are down. Homicide tries for a chop with his bad hand again, but this obviously isn’t going to work. Homicide’s stubbornness once again steps in the way of costing him yet another big match. Danielson with a Northern Lights Suplex for 2. Danielson locks up the hand again but Homicide uses his left hand to break it up. Homicide’s stubbornness couldn’t step in the way that time as his right hand was locked up, he had no other choice but to use it, but could this be a lesson for the Notorious 187? Homicide to the top and gets cut off by a superplex from Danielson. Danielson has re-aggravated his neck now and gets a delayed 2 count. Homicide with a Piledriver and then into the STF. Homicide finds away around his hand and locks it using the wrist, so while applying pressure to his enemy, he isn’t hurting his hand. Still though, this doesn’t have the effect of a normal STF and Danielson is able to make the ropes easier than he normally would. Imagine if Benoit has to lock the Crossface at his forearm if his wrist area is hurt, it will not have the same effect. Danielson is once again able to block the Lariat and takes him down into Cattle Mutilation, but can’t hold it as his neck is too sore. Now Dragon’s big move in the Cattle Mutilation has been taken away and is going to have to rely on something else, and forget the Dragon Suplex because he can’t bridge with a bad neck as was shown. Homicide tries for the Cop Killa, but with the hand naturally he won’t be able to hook Danielson properly and then drop him, so Danielson escapes. Danielson tries for the Dragon Suplex, but Homicide positions the referee where he wants him and low blows Danielson and then he puts him away with the Lariat to pay off the neck psychology. By reading this review of the match, you should be able to tell where I stand, but for an exact rating here it is. ****3/4. The psychology here was tremendous. A lot of people complain about Homicide using his right arm for the Lariat, but his arm was never worked or was a focus, it was always the hand. Showing that psychology transcends body work, the match was still history driven, but not in a way where they played of their past matches together, because to my knowledge, they had not past matches. It was history driven because they played off Homicide’s stubbornness and it almost cost him another match. Danielson had a history of his neck being worked so his big moves can’t be hit. Even though it was never a focus, Homicide just chipped away subtly and then Danielson couldn’t hit the big moves. If it were not Danielson’s neck injury, would he be the victor? We don’t know. For once Homicide wrestled smart instead of trying to beat someone at their style. Can he use that strategy to beat Joe? Time will tell. Also, to just cap off the psychology, they shake hands with the left instead of the right. (29.47).

The last three matches are worth the price of the DVD/VHS on its own, but we still have more to go.

Dave Prazak is in the back with Matt Stryker again for another promo. Evans shows up to wish Stryker luck or give him props as the kids say (maybe I shouldn’t use the term kids as I’m only 15 myself, ah well, you know what I mean). Prazak informs Stryker that Joe is not here yet and if he no shows, Stryker gets the belts. Stryker says he doesn’t want it like that. It’d be better than having to wrestle Joe wouldn’t it? Collyer shows up and tells Stryker he should just hand the title over to him because he’s never beat him and he doesn’t want to embarrass Stryker by beating him four times in a row.

Danny Daniels vs. Ricky Reyes

I like Daniels, his IWA MS stuff with Chris Hero is great. We all know my feelings on Reyes, so let’s get on with the match. They start off with the basics and Reyes goes to the outside for a breather. They screw up a baseball slide spot. Standing senton from Daniels gets 2. Reyes is pissing me off more and more because he can’t be bothered to sell shit. Dave Prazak informs us that Joe’s here and the title match will take place in 15 mins. Dave Prazak: future teller? We’re back and Daniels hits a backdrop for 2. Reyes hits a German for 2. Piledriver from Daniels gets 2. Rolling Heel Hook finishes for Reyes. *. Screw you; you’ll never do it like Minoru Tanaka. Tanaka can just snap over with his, Reyes’ one is like if Tanaka was drunk. He goes over and then has to take time to like the leg which takes ages. Less said the better about this match, Reyes was plain sloppy (worse than usual) and just has the attitude, “Right, I’m here and you f*ckers sit here while a screw up and get pushed”. At least Romero tried in his match. The only reason I gave that * out was because I like Daniels. (5.40)

Tag Team Scramble: Alex Shelley and Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jack Evans and Matt Sydal vs. Ring Crew Express vs. Carnage Crew

Last night we practically had the single version of a Scramble match, now we have the real thing. Shelley brings the innovation as he cranks at the legs of Marcos and locks in a full nelson, but Marcos is able to arm drag out. Spin kick and diving Lariat put Marcos out. Dunn is in but Shelley throws him into Marcos and he locks them both in abdominal stretches. Sydal is in with an enzuguri to break things up. Loc bulldogs Dunn down and in comes Jacobs. Loc takes him down and tries to ram his head into the turnbuckle, but Jacobs HUSSES UP. Loc has had enough of that and suplexes him. Evans is in but Devito kills him immediately with a Lariat. Evans is able to come back with the Hayabusa style spin kick but ends up getting killed again with crossface shots from Devito. Hard Northern Lights Suplex puts Evans down again. This kid is dying before out eyes. Double neckbreaker from the Crew onto the RCE. Shelley and Jacobs have had enough of their shit and break out the double teams. Shelley with a double stomp to the back of the head of Devito. Gutwrench brainbuster from Sydal onto Jacobs and then a standing Sky Twister from Evans for 2. Marcos in and plants Evans with a DDT. “Yeah, Flippensteins dead” – CM Punk. No shit. Electric Senton on Sydal. RCE go up and hit the stage dive. Evans wants to five but Loc gets him and powerbombs him onto everyone on the outside. Shelley takes him out with a neckbreaker and hits a corkscrew pescado. Sydal is up and hits an SSP to the floor. Now Devito is up with a moonsault. Evans has now recovered and hits an Arabian Phoenix Splash. That has to be one of the best high flying moves I’ve ever seen. Evans throws Jacobs back in. Jacobs is able to take Evans out but gets nailed with a Lariat from Devito. Carnage Crew have got Jacobs and hit him with the Carnage Driver. Crew have got it won but they get dragged out of the ring. Evans is up and hits the 630 Splash for the win. ***1/2. Great scramble match, one of the best for memory (bar the Scramble Cage). “It’s mine now bitches, I run this shit” – Jack Evans. (12.41).

POST MATCH Shelley isn’t happy with Jacobs and puts the boots to him before leaving. Both men gets a lot of heat when they leave. Shelley with the heel, Jacobs with the face.

World Title: Samoa Joe vs. Matt Stryker

“Joe’s gonna kill you” – Chicago. Joe is supporting a bandage from last night. Stryker rips Joe’s bandage off and we see Joe’s burn. Stryker goes for Joe’s arm but gets slapped down like a bitch by Joe and then locked in the Samoa Joe Crab. Joe makes Stryker his bitch even more and just slaps and kicks at him. Stryker runs into the STO Slam and things are looking like a quick squash. Joe with a knee drop for 2. Stryker with a chop, but it’s got nothing and Joe chops him down. Joe with the face wash in the corner. Stryker with a forearm, but much like the chop, it’s got nothing and Joe sweeps the legs out. Stryker to the outside and Joe hits the Elbow Suicida. Joe tries for the Olay Olay kick, but Stryker goes after the leg, but Joe is superkicks him down. Joe finally hits the Olay Olay kick. Chicago wants another and Joe his happy to oblige. Back inside and Joe gets 2. Joe locks Stryker in the move he had Homicide in the night before. It’s kind of like the legs a figure foured and he’s got an abdominal stretch on the man. Joe hits a backdrop and goes up top. Stryker charges and hits the judo throw off the top that helped him on his way to victory the night before. Stryker goes for the legs but Joe slaps him off. Stryker spots him with a poke to the eye. Stryker with a DDT for 2. Stryker looks for a DVD off the middle ropes, so Joe counters and tries the Muscle Buster, but Stryker escapes and hits a Dragon Screw off the middle rope. Stryker locks in the ankle lock, but Joe roles through it, but Stryker locks in a modified version of the Strykerlock due to Joe’s size. Joe has too much power and hasn’t had his leg worked enough and easily makes the ropes. Joe slaps Stryker around again, but Stryker is able to hit the DVD for 2. Stryker can’t believe it. Joe hits a massive Lariat for 2. Joe slaps him around again, hits an enzuguri and locks him in a Triangle Choke for the win. ***1/4. Great match that had the crowd believing Stryker could win when he hit the DVD. Much like Kawada/Omori, there was never a way Stryker was winning, but the crowd was believing. (18.57)

I should point out Lovey doesn’t want to commentate the tag title match and wants to watch from the crowd. Lazy bastard.

BACKSTAGE Joe says he’s looking for Homicide and wants him to meet him in the back later on.

BACKSTAGE Shelley cuts a promo about how Jacobs is a backpack and he’s sick of carrying him. Go Shelley.

Tag Titles: The Briscoes vs. The 2nd City Saints

Saints are way over. They’re in their home town you know. Saints get streamer treatment and The Briscoes get serious heel heat. Punk and Jay start with a test of strength and Jay cheats for 2. Both men trade arm drags and Punk rolls him up for 2. Punk goes after the arm and tags in Cabana. He wants a shoulder block from Jay, so naturally he trips him up. Awesome. Headscissors from Cabana and an arm drag. Punk in with a hilo and kicks at the spine of Jay and gets a 2 count. The Saints follow up with the Breakdancing Double Team Elbow and for the first time, Punk isn’t pissed at the move. Jay’s staggered and gets booted by Punk, and then he falls over Cabana. Both Briscoes now get locked in Camel Clutches. Welcome To Chicago Mother Fucker (Underhook Backbreaker) gets 2. Mark is and nails Punk with a springboard dropkick. Briscoes take over with heel tactics. Jay holds Punk up for a tag, but just keeps him out of reach. I love it when teams do that, but no one can do it like Kanemoto. Double stomps and knee drop and elbow drop gets 2. Punk tries a comeback but gets stopped. Springboard knee drop from Mark and the pin gets broken up at 2 by Cabana. Mark jaws with Cabana after breaking that up. Punk manages to get the tag to Cabana and he hits The Briscoes with a Quebrada. Neckbreaker from Cabana, but he gets hit with a reverse rana from Mark gets 2. Mule kick and DDT gets broken up with a top rope leg drop from Jay. Jay with a gordbuster and DVD for 2. They set up Punk for the Doomsday Device, but Punk powerslams Mark off Jay’s shoulders. Cabana clears house and calls for the Pepsi Plunge. Mark backdrops out and Yakuza Kicks Punk. Cabana in and hits him with a lariat. Jay in and hits Cabana with a Yakuza Kick. Punk ends the fantastic sequence with a Shining Wizard. Awesome stuff. Jay blocks the Colt 45, so he settles for a sit-out slam for 2. Jay tries for the Jay Driller, but it’s blocked. Mark takes Punk out with an Ace Crusher and Jay hits the Jay Driller on Cabana for 2.Massive race heat for Cabana. Jay bitches at the ref that it was 3, so Punk rolls him up for 2. The Briscoes kill Punk with chops while Cabana is down and put him up for a double superplex. Cabana takes Jay out and Punk hits the Pepsi Plunge on Mark with him landing on his head for the win. ****. The heat for this match was off the charts. Just because the crowd is small, doesn’t mean they can’t be heard. The match was awesome from start to finish, with Cabana showing he can wrestle serious. (19.48).

POST MATCH Whitmer is here and help The Briscoes beat down the Saints. This is until Ace is here and repays Whitmer for the sick chair shot with a sick chair shot if his own. The Saint celebrate. “I don’t want to be a superstar” – CM Punk on leaving TNA for ROH. And why would you want to when you’ve got this?

BACKSTAGE Joe and Homicide step into a private room. Joe isn’t letting the camera man in because he’s only here to see who walks out.

The Crew bitch about who shit in their bags again. But now they’re off to the nudie bar.

Punk wants to cut a serious promo, but Cabana stops this with a celebration as he leads everyone, bar Punk, in a chorus of “We Are the Champions”.

Back at the room and the camera man walks in and both men a laid out. The camera man calls for help. This would’ve been a perfect time for Smokes to return and help Homicide lay out Joe.