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I’ve got to admit, I haven’t been excited about music for a while. Last year I was pumped because Nas, Mos Def, Ghostface, Handsome Boy Modeling School and De La Soul were all releasing albums. But this year I’m kind of nonplused.

Honestly until recently there wasn’t anything I was really looking forward to. But then I picked up XXL and read their 10 Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of 2005 feature. This feature piqued my interest and gave me some albums I to look forward to. Of course it also gave me a glimpse at how out of touch with Hip Hop I’ve become.

XXL’s 10 Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of 2005

Albums That I Can’t Wait To Hear
Albums I Have No Interest In, At All. Seriously
Albums That I’m Relatively Indifferent Toward

#10 Saigon The Greatest Story Never Told

Eh. I don’t know much about this guy. His buzz is pretty good. But I don’t know if I’m looking for any new MC’s. I’m always taking applications, but I don’t think I’m hiring.

#9 Little Brother The Minstrel Show

This would probably be in my Top Five. I’ve got to give props to Phil Watts Jr, and his single man email campaign for this group. I’m sure there are a few IP Music writers who can attest to his tenacity and loyalty to this group. I finally caved in and picked up their debut and was thoroughly blown away. So I’ve been waiting for this disc for a while. I have no doubt it won’t disappoint.

#8 Beanie Sigel The B. Coming

I saw his current video on BET the other day, and I’m intrigued. This is supposed to be his best album to date, due in part to Beanie’s introspection upon facing incarceration. Plus you’ve got to support a guy in the predicament Beanie’s in.

#7 Common Be

I’d be more exited about this album if Electric Circus hadn’t hit such a sour note with me. Still the idea of Common getting an assist from Kanye and returning to his pre-Badu form is enough to excite me. Plus I just caught The Corner and I’m impressed. Kanye definitely laced the beat.

#6 Lil Scrappy TBD

The fact that this guy is actually getting an album of his own, could possibly be proof that there is not god. It’s certainly a sign that the world is on the brink of destruction.

#5 Juvenile The Reality Checka

Ha never should have caught on. Has anything good ever come from New Orleans? This is the place that inspired Girls Gone Wild and gave us Zatirans. It makes me sad he’s still got a career and that, to some, he’s the face of Hip Hop.

#4 Fat Joe Things of that Nature

Joey Cook Crack is cool, but he’s never made my “must buy” list. I’ll be honest, he’s never even made my “I’ve got extra money, I’ll buy this” list. It looks like this year won’t change a thing. Unless he’s got a beast of a 50 dis.

#3 Kanye West Late Registration

Call me crazy but I’m rooting for the guy. There has been a severe Kanye backlash, which has caused my admiration for him to grow. Nobody wanted to release his album, it ends up one of the biggest records of 2004, and people blast him for saying “I told you so?” Everyone is going to be extra critical of this record, but I’m betting Kanye can live up to expectations.

#2 The Game The Documentary

This record is already out. Despite the addictive nature of How We Do, I’ve no real interest in the guy. But in all honesty anyone billed, as “The West’s Return To the Top of Hip Hop” isn’t going to get any attention from me at all.

#1 50 Cent St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

50 lost me when this album wasn’t released anywhere near February 14th. He’s also been talking pretty greasy about a few of my favorite MC’s, which seems like grasping for publicity to me. But the video for Disco Inferno is rather alluring so, never say never.

After reading that feature I became more optimistic about this coming years music. Then I saw new videos from both Beck and Queens of the Stone Age, after which my faith in the year spiked greatly. I can’t explain why I dig QOTSA so much, but they really strike a cord. And even if the group is in disarray, the new line up doesn’t disappoint. And has Beck ever let anyone down?

Speaking of videos, Amerie’s new song, 1 Thing is a banger. Why Don’t We Fall In Love was a monster when it came out, the perfect summer song. 1 Thing is infectious. It’s definitely got that “DC/Go Go” vibe going on. Damn, I wish I were back at Morgan right now.

I’m sorry for the quality of the column, but I’m beat. Fortunately there are plenty of other writers who don’t disappoint;

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