Survivor: Palau – Recap – Episode 3

Ulong, Night 6

The tribe members talk about how tough TC was.

Steph says if they had stuck to their votes, Kim would have actually been gone.

Jeff says JP was brutal to him in TC.

Kim says her relationship with Jeff has been blown out of proportion, and she doesn’t want that image.

James says Kim has to go. Her only weapon he says is her sexuality.

Day 7.

Raining brutally hard.

Tom says it rains a couple times a day and they need better shelter.

Coby wants to know what the hell is taking so long to build shelter.

Coby says the disadvantage of never going to TC is having to put up with extra people.

Caryn says Katie is tart and outspoken. Caryn is fed up.

Caryn tells Katie she doesn’t want to make waves but Katie is getting on her nerves.

Katie says she was surprised at how irate Caryn was and wouldn’t give her time to respond. She says Caryn is crazy, and now there’s animosity.

Caryn says the repercussion of her confrontation with Katie is now they’re not speaking.

Reward Challenge. JP notes Ashlee is gone.

Fight over a ring in the water and swim back to the pontoon for a point. First tribe to 3 wins. Reward is a full sewing kit.

Karen and Willard sit for Koror.

Tom and Jeff are first. Jeff hangs back. Tom grabs the ring. Tom puts the ring around his waits. Jeff grabs Tom, swims to the pontoon. Jeff and Tom wrestle for the ring. Jeff touches the pontoon and gets a point for Ulong.

Second round, Steph and Jen. Steph with a head start and gets the ring. They wrestle for it. JP calls it a good old-fashioned catfight. Steph pulls Jen. Steph touches her pontoon and gets the point. 2-1

Greg and Janu vs. Bobby Jon and Angie for Round 3. Bobby Jon gets the ring. Angie dunks Janu. Angie dunks Greg. Greg dunks Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon pulling everyone. Angie dunks Greg again. Bobby Jon touches the pontoon. Ulong wins RC in a clean sweep!

Ulong, Day 7.

Back at camp, Ulong celebrates their win.

Bobby Jon says they kicked tail today.

Ibrehem has no idea what to do with their reward.

Bobby Jon says he’s using some of the sewing supplies for fishhooks and line. He says they still have a lot of stuff to do at camp.

Bobby Jon goes fishing while everyone else lounges on the beach.

Bobby Jon says he’s disappointed in his tribe’s lack of effort.

Bobby Jon says if you start working, they’ll let you work all day long and do nothing. He says Kim never works.

Kim says Bobby Jon works too hard. She says he’s wearing himself out.

Koror, Day 7.

Tom says they spotted some sea snakes. Tom says it looked like dinner.

Gregg says the sea snakes are highly venomous.

Katie says Ian was so cute chopping the snake’s head off.

Ian says working with dolphins makes him feel bad about killing animals.

Gregg says Ian and Tom found more snakes and caught them.

Tom says it may have been a bit foolhardy but it was cool to meet a couple more knuckleheads in Ian and Gregg.

The blood from the snake attracted a shark. Tom says if he was at Jones Beach and saw a shark he’d be running but now all he sees is dinner.

Ian and Tom hunt for shark. Tom says the survival aspect of the game is more real than he ever imagined.

Ian and Tom came up empty-handed. Tom says they’ll hunt for more shark later.

Ulong. Night 7.

Jeff went to the bathroom, stepped on a coconut, and rolled his pre-injured ankle.

Day 8.

Bobby Jon fashions a wrap out of some of the sewing supplies.

Jeff is hurting bad. Got little sleep because of the pain. He says he’s gonna take it easy and conserve energy.

Tree Mail. Jeff says it sounds like the challenge is about pure strength and he’s worried because he’s hurt.

Jeff says he wants to put the tribe on his shoulders and carry them to victory.

Immunity Challenge.

JP takes back the Immunity idol.

JP asks Jeff about his ankle, and Jeff says he hurt it.

Challenge: each person will wear a belt, with rope attached, and 20 pounds of weight. They will walk around a lap in the water. If anyone drops out, they must pass their weight to someone else. First team to catch the other and touch someone wins.

Jen and Janu sit for Koror.

Start. Jeff immediately unclips and passes his weight to Bobby Jon.

Caryn falls, and unclips. She gives her weight to Tom.

Willard falls and drops out. He gives his weight to Greg.

Kim drops out and gives her weight to Bobby Jon.

Koror is jogging, Ulong is walking..

Coby drops out and gives his weight to Tom.

All the women are gone but Steph.

Ulong begins to gain. 4 people for Ulong, 3 for Koror.

Ibrehim is hurting.

James drops out. Bobby Jon carrying 80 pounds.

3 on 3 now. Tide is growing.

Koror closing the gap on Ulong.

Koror makes their move.

Ian touches Ibrehim. Koror wins IC!

Ulong, back at camp, bumming.

Jeff calls a group meeting and apologizes for not helping. He says he is too hurt to continue. Everyone else says they don’t want him to leave.

James says no one wanted to vote him off, and they wanted to vote Kim.

Everyone complains about Kim while she lays down with Jeff.

Bobby Jon says Kim has to go.

Angie says she’s voting for Jeff. Angie thinks if they get rid of Jeff Kim will get motivated.

Bobby Jon and Angie watch Jeff chopping coconuts. It makes Angie’s choice more difficult.

Kim says she knows everyone’s whispering about her. She feels vulnerable.

Tribal Council.

JP says they have to be tired of seeing him.

Ibrehim says it’s frustrating, but if they had Jeff they would have won.

Bobby Jon says the difference was Tom. He single-handedly beat them.

Ibrehim disagrees.

Steph says that Jeff told them to vote him off.

Jeff says he’s a team player, and his ankle means he needs to go. If his ankle hasn’t been hurt, it would have helped them win.

Ibrehim says people work hard but some people don’t put in as much effort, and effort can play a part in his vote.

Kim says it’s hard being on a team of workaholics. She knows that if Jeff wasn’t hurt she’d be going, because the tribe has decided to keep the strongest.

James says no one knows what will happen until they vote.

Time to vote. James votes first and votes for Kim because she’s lazy. Jeff. Ibrehim. Kim votes for Jeff and says she values his friendship. Angie. Bobby Jon votes for Kim and says he won’t play Jeff’s game.

JP brings the votes. First vote, Jeff. Jeff. James. Kim. Kim. Jeff. Third person voted off Survivor: Jeff. Jeff gets his flame snuffed and hobbles out of the game.

JP says they’ve had a tough 8 days and need to turn that night’s vote into something positive.

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