The Wrestling

So you think you know your wrestling history?

If so, then we’ve got a proposal for you.

Some of you may be familiar with Wikipedia, the open-source encyclopedia that has become the standard for updated information on just about any subject in the known universe. Over several years, it has built a community of users that consistently update the information, making the Wikipedia more of a living, breathing organism than any other reliable source.

We’re going to do the same thing, but with wrestling information as our sole topic. is the newest pet project of the same people that brought you (that being myself and Widro). We want to create the ultimate exhaustive reference for wrestling information found anywhere on the net. I’m talking PPV results, wrestler and promotion biographies, buyrates, television ratings, title histories — anything and everything that pertains to the history of pro wrestling is fair game.

In order to do this, however, we’re going to need your help. It’s too daunting of a task to try and complete with a small team of people, so we’re opening it up to EVERYONE. That’s right — if you have some knowledge of pro wrestling (or can copy and paste…I’ll get to that in a second), you can contribute. The site is built on user submissions and updates; if something major happens to Chris Benoit, you can update his entry to reflect his current standing.

To begin with, I would suggest using the Wikipedia to build our entries. The information contained on both sites is open-source, which means we’re free to grab information from there and use it as a building block on our wiki. They have comprehensive wrestling information available, and all you have to do is copy it over to our site. From there, you can build or expound or add to the entries as you wish.

This is not a column site, however. Please remember that this is an encyclopedia/almanac style site and that we need to keep the entries non-biased.

Interested in helping out? Then pay a visit to our forums and find out more ways to get started! This thing will only take off if others get involved, and we’d really appreciate your help!

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