The Apprentice – Recap – Episode 7

Everyone back in the condo discusses Audrey’s weaknesses.

Kendra says they were waiting for the survivor. First person through the door was Audrey, followed by Craig.

Audrey says it really hurts that people think she’s the weak link. She doesn’t need anyone to pull her weight, and that they treat her as incompetent makes her sick.

Angie says Net Worth is completely dysfunctional and needs to talk out their issues.

Audrey and Angie are on the balcony. Jeff comes out and Audrey rips into him for his comments in the boardroom. She cries as she explains how much she’s overcome to get there.

John comes out and Audrey rips into him as well. John tells Audrey to stop acting like a child. Angie tells John to stop antagonizing her. John says he doesn’t trust Audrey.

John says they have a baby in their midst in Audrey. He says Audrey isn’t ready to be there. John says in the end everyone thinks they’re better than everyone else and if they didn’t they wouldn’t be there.

Next morning, the phone call comes. Meet The Don at 8AM in the boardroom.

The Don meeting with Caroline and ? about a new golf course.

The Don introduces Ashley Cooper, who will be filling in for George.

Task: build a miniature golf course at the Chelsea Piers. Create and manage a course for a full day. The team who makes the most money wins. Losers head to the boardroom where someone will get fired. Alex is exempt.

“Play Golf.”

The Don says golf is a great game, and it’s easy to make friends on the course.

Net Worth. Audrey wants to be Project Manager. Everyone looks shocked. John says they need someone else needs to be project manager, and badmouths Audrey in front of Caroline.

Audrey says this is all about business, and she really wants to be Project Manager.

They finally allow her to be Project Manager. Chris says it’s over and it’s time to get to work.

Angie is impressed at how Audrey sold herself.

Chris is in charge of designing the course. John is in charge of promotions.


Stephanie is Project Manager, and is very familiar with golf.

Stephanie says the theme is a safari.

Kendra says she doesn’t think Steph understands the marketing.

Kendra has the idea for a discount promotion with other vendors at Chelsea Piers.

Kendra and Erin negotiate exclusive advertising with Chelsea Piers and in doing so cut off Net Worth.

Net Worth.

Angie says they have a circus theme. The women are shopping for decorations. Chris asks Audrey if they should be promoting or making the greens. Audrey says that’s John’s decision. Chris asks her how they need to divvy up the work, and Audrey says again that’s John’s decision. The men balk, and Audrey tells John they need to have a conversation when they get home.

John says Audrey made one big decision, and that was to make no decisions.

Back at the condo, Audrey asks everyone for timelines of where they’re at. John called it a waste of time. Everyone agrees. John says Audrey going against him is like an elephant swatting a gnat.

Stephanie and Alice leave at 4:25AM to pick up all their props.

Stephanie says it’s going to take a 200% effort to win.

Net Worth is dressed like clowns.

Chris is chewing tobacco, and Tara says no clowns chew tobacco.

John is not dressed as a clown. Audrey tells John to dress like a clown and do promotions, and John refuses, and calls Audrey an idiot.

John finally dresses up.

Magna’s course looks good. Stephanie is pleased.

The discount fliers are pouring in, and Erin thinks they did a good job on the promotions.

Boardroom time.

The Don asks Audrey how they did, and she thinks they did well. Ashley says they made $304.

Caroline says Magna did well, and they made $508.

Magna wins the challenge. For their reward, they get to play golf with The Don and Kristie Kerr.

Stephanie is exempt from next week. Net Worth has to come back to the boardroom and someone will get fired.

Magna goes to play golf at Trump National in New Jersey.

Magna arrives by limo, The Don by helicopter. Erin says The Don is the mackdaddy of the United States, and she thinks a man with his own helicopter is pretty hot.

Erin says she doesn’t play golf. Her swing is horrendous. She’s very athletic, but golf ain’t her bag, baby.

The Don tells them anyone who can get to the green from the fairway gets $1000. No one can.

Net Worth looks devastated in the condo.

Audrey asks Angie how she did. Angie says Audrey did OK, but their promotions sucked. Audrey says promotions were all John. Angie says John and Craig are going to eat her alive in the boardroom.

John says he will bury Audrey in the boardroom.

Boardroom time.

The Don makes his grand entrance.

Audrey said they lost because their promotions and marketing sucked.

John says it was a complete mess from the top down, and anyone who says different is lying.

Chris says he was responsible for the design. The Don calls him out for dipping in a clown suit.

Audrey says the Project Manager shouldn’t be solely responsible for the failures. She says John’s promotions were horrible. John says if he was so terrible for so long she should have stepped in.

Audrey calls him out for saying she’ll succeed for her looks. John says the decision-making was flawed from day one. Tana says if she had to fire someone she would fire Audrey. Chris says he would fire Audrey. Angie says she would fire John.

The Don tells Audrey to make her decision, and Audrey brings back John, Craig, and Angie. The Don says normally you can only bring two people, but in this case he’ll allow her to bring three.

Caroline says Audrey was horrible as leader. Ashley’s not a John fan. The Don calls them back in.

Ashley says marketing killed them. Audrey says Craig and John were responsible for marketing. Craig and John both say they were out hustling, but Audrey says they put in a half-assed effort.

The Don asks Audrey why she also brought Angie, and Audrey says because Angie was also part of the marketing team.

The Don asks Angie would she still fire John, and Angie says now she would probably fire Audrey. John says that the responsibility for the task lied with Audrey. Audrey says that John needs to step up and accept responsibility.

The Don says that no one respects her and that she’s a beautiful woman but beauty isn’t enough, and SHE’S FIRED. Audrey takes her bags and leaves.

The Don says the choice was obvious. Caroline says that Audrey had no control over her team. The Don says that at least now no one can say he picked the good-looking one.

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