Owen Not Up for Being Bond

Clive Owen is now out of the 007 frontrunner stakes. The Oscar nominee has apparently nixed the idea of him putting on Brosnan’s worn tux for good, and instead he will be donating all his future free-time to Wolfgang Peterson. He’ll be taking on the remake of The Poseidon Adventure and the role of Rev Frank Scott, originally played by Gene Hackman in the 1972 original.

So what happens next in the hunt for Bond? Insiders are predicting that whether it’s Julian McMahon or Hugh Jackman, it’s going to be an Australian behind the new-improved Aston Martin for Casino Royale. Interestingly enough, other sources are apparently saying that Daniel Craig [Tomb Raider] is in deep discussions, and that P Diddy may very well be in the running with a chance to be the first black Bond.

Credit: Moviehole.net