TNA At Ringside – 3 Minute Warning

Welcome back to ringside folks

Nothing note worthy to start, but something note worthy at the end but before the end we must start with…

2/25 Impact Recap

*Team Canada defeated America’s Most Wanted & Dustin Rhodes: Another Canada vs AMW Tag Match? It’ll be tough to top the last one
*Raven Interview: Good as usual from Raven
*Chris Sabin defeated Cassidy Riley: Good to see Sabin actually win, and I still don’t know who Cassidy Riley is
*Kid Kash defeated Buck Quatermain: Kash would be awesome in the Ultimate X match. Monty did commentary which measn Tryton appeared
*3LK & NAO Backstage: The Outlaw and James walk off together, awwwwww
*Chris Candido defeated Elix Skipper: Noooooooo, why is Candido beating X Division guys? WHY? And whys Jadakiss as hard as it gets?
*DDP Interview: Hypes the Jarrett match, yipee
*Christopher Daniels, Michael Shane & Kazarian defeated Ron Killings, Sonny Siaki & AJ Styles: Ok now THIS is the last time we will see Kazarian, good match
*Main Event Brawl: Main Event was supossed to be DDP vs NAO but that never happened, same brawl we saw last week with DDP, NAO, JJ, Nash

Let’s start with the Brown/Tryton feud. I really think this is a lose-lose situation for TNA with this feud. If Tryton wins, you’ve damaged a top title contender. If Brown wins, you’ve wasted 3 months of promos for nothing. I see two possibilities with this: 1. Tryton wins by cheating. That way Brown still looks like a beast and Tryton looks useful. 2. Brown wins by DQ. That gives TNA another month to evaluate Tryton to see how he fits in with TNA. While I like that Tryton starts off with a tough opponent like Brown, I’m just not sure if it is the right feud to start off with.

Now to the X Division. Why is Chris Candido winning X Division matches? The rumor is still Styles/Sabin/Williams/Skipper TNA is sure trying to put that to rest. I personally would like to see Styles/Kash/Sabin or Skipper/Daniels because I’m biased and that’s what I want to see. Sue Me. Daniels should get his rematch because he took AJ to OT in the Iron Man Match, Kash and AJ reportedly had a great match on Impact!, Skipper should be in because he would be a fresh X Division Title challenger, and Sabin because I Hail Sabin. Again, it’s great to see Candido back but he should be facing a guy like Ron Killings, another guy they are for some reason using in the X Division. They really need to go ahead and decide on the other 3 competitors so they can have some type of build for the match.

We end with the main event scene. I still say David Arquette should be the special ref in the Page/Jarrett match. Arquette could turn on Jarrett (because remember, he was last aligned with Jeff) and help Page win the title, man that’s a dream scenerio. Anyway, that match should be decent to good at best. Now to Nash/Outlaw. Does TNA not trust Outlaw in the ring? DDP vs NAO would have been a good Impact! main event because Jarrett could have interfered and either cost Page to match or botched a win for Page. Then Page could have gotten up yelling at Jarret who could back off. Instead we got the same brawl that we saw last week. Maybe it’s just me, but I think TNA doesn’t trust NAO in the ring. NAO vs Nash will be horrible to decent at best. Seriously, does TNA really think Nash will deliver two PPVs in a row?

Ok, that’s all I have for this week. As I stated earlier I have something note worthy. I will be attending WWE Raw this Monday Live at the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina (Cheap Pop.) You can look for the following signs: “I Miss Hockey” “InsidePulse.Com” “Raw Is Jayricho” and “Where’s Abyss?” So if you watch Raw, look for them

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