[WWE] Interview With Mick Foley

Mick Foley shot down any rumors that he will be included in Wrestlemania 21 during an interview in today’s edition of The Tampa Tribune. He stated that “Wrestlemania is always so loaded that I can probably be of more use on some of the others shows.”
Foley went on to discuss working independent shows, noting that “I did one as a favor for a friend and I had fun. Then I did another one and I realized that people enjoyed seeing me and didn’t think any less of me for appearing at the small shows. It’s always been about connecting with the people anyway, and that’s pretty much what happens in these smaller venues. Besides that, this is kind of where my roots are.”
In the long run though, Foley will be back with WWE sooner or later. ”I have a playground clause in my agreement with WWE, which means Vince (McMahon) has told me to consider the WWE my playground and that I’m free to show up whenever I want.” To read the complete article, click here.