InsidePulse’s WWE Smackdown! Report 3.03.05

SmackDown! arrives in Albany, New York, this week with WWE fans just learning that Kurt Angle has accepted the challenge of Shawn Michaels to compete at WrestleMania 21.

Meanwhile, two major championship matches have been announced as WWE Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero will take on Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak. Also, United States Champion John Cena will face JBL Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan.

Plus, SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long, bolstered by his vote of confidence from the WWE Board of Directors last week, told Carlito to show up to work early this week.

Could Long have something in store for his nemesis?

Video pakckage recaps the JBL celebration from last week.

Taped from Albany, New York
Hosts are Tazz & Michael Cole

Cena comes out, and starts putting down JBL. He says nothing of real importance, and ends it with saying that he doesn’t have limos or suits, but after WM, will have the WWE Championship.

Commercial break.

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio(cs) vs. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak – WWE Tag Team Championship match
Eddie and Reigns start out, and the “Eddie” chants go up. Eddie gets a reverse elbow, and brings in Rey, who gets his gut kneed. Jindrak comes in, but Rey comes back with a snapmare and kick to the jaw for…nuttin’. Eddie argues with the ref, allowing Reigns and Jindrak to double team on Rey. Reigns kills him with a whip, and Jindrak comes in and gets a surfboard. Rey fights out and gets his modified bulldog, but Reigns stops the tag. Scoop slam and elbow gets 2 for Luther. Rey manages to spin out of his predicament, and gets Reigns in the 619 position. Jindrak stops it however. Eddie gets in, and goes crazy on everybody. Double 10 count, but Jindrak pushes Rey off, only to get pulled over the top. Eddie gets two verticals, and Luther stops the 3rd one, but Rey comes in and sentons Reigns to put him down. Eddie gets the 3rd suplex, and Frog Splash gets 3.

The two heels bicker afterwards again, resulting in Jindrak knocking out Luther.

Commercial break.

The sluts talk backstage, when Dawn comes in and says she’s sick of them. One of the sluts sticks up for the bunch, so Dawn challenges her to her 1st match tonight.

Meanwhile, Long gives Carlito a snow shovel. How long is CCC going to have that sling on?

They show footage of Rock from Be Cool.

Commercial break.

Ad for Stone Cold’s Pit.

Booker T vs. Heidnerich
Booker attacks him to start, and gets a reverse elbow. Vertical suplex, and Booker brings the chops. Heidenrich comes back , but Booker gets a kick. Boot to the jaw, and the two go out. Heidenrich makes him eat post, and rams his shoulder into the post. Heidenrich beats his arm with the post, and gets 2. Booker comes back, but Heidenrich KILLS him with a clothesline, and goes out to get a chair. Booker kicks it in his face, however. Booker decides no to use the chair, drops it, and DDTs Heidenrich on it, causing the DQ.

Afterwards, Booker gets the Axe Kick anyway, and does a spinaroonie.

Commercial break.

The new Cena/JBL WM commercial is like REALLY long.

It’s time for the Kurt Angle Invitational. Kurt gets on the stick beforhand, and shows the footage of his attack on HBK from monday. Kurt calls out somebody for his invitational, and gets a guy covered in a hoody. HBK sneaks up behind Kurt however, and even superkicks one of the security guards. Secuirty stops the brawl.

Commercial break.

We see a “during the break” of HBK getting escorted out, and he seemed kinda drunk.

Rene Dupree & Dawn Marie vs. Michelle McCool & Big Show
Michelle and Dawn start off, and it’s the usual catfight tactics. Michelle gets a crossbody for 2. Dupree in, and he gets lowblowed, allowing Show to get tagged in. Show does his own french tickler, and Chokeslams Dupree for 3.

Commercial break.

Carlito is shown cleaning up the snow outside the arena.

Hall of Fame video from RAW.

JBL WALKS out, and pretty much says the same thing as Cena, just in a “heel” version. He walks off, and gets his cabinet to drive off with him, except for Jordan. If he loses tonight, he’s gone from the cabinet.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Chavo is seen getting close to Rey, and all of the sudden their friends again??? Chavo brings up Rey beating Eddie a lot these past few months, and says that Eddie will eventially strike.

Meanwhile, Show and Joy are seen talking. Funaki comes up and asks him about his thoughts on Show facing the Sumo Wrestler from Japan. Show says any place, any time.

RAW rebound.

Commercial break.

John Cena(c) vs. Orlando Jordan – United States Championship match
The two lockup and John gets a quiuck roll up for 2. Cena counters a headlock, and gets a quick 2. Fisherman suplex gets 2. Cena gets a side slam, and a 5 Knuckle Shuffle sends Jordan out.

Commercial break.

We’re back with Cena getting a hiptoss for 2. Scoop slam and some jiggy legdrop gets 2, three times. Jordan gets a thumb to the eye, and gets a cover with the ropes for 2. Cena reverses a crossbody and gets 2. Cena gets the 10 pucnhes, but Jordan gets a powerbomb out of the corner for 2. A PUNCH gets 2, twice. Elbow gets 2. Dropkick gets 2. Bodyslam and legdrop gets 2. Cena runs into a powerslam for 2. Jordan goes for the chain, but Cena stops him, and gets a throwback for 2. Spinning back suplex, FU, and the Bashams show up. They get FUed as well, but JBL hits Cena with the belt, allowing Jordan to get 3.


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