[RAW] Matt Hardy Confirms Break-Up


At the message board of Matt Hardy’s Web site, www.thematthardy.com, there have been several posts adding details to the break-up of Matt Hardy and Amy “Lita” Dumas. Matt made his relationship with Amy public when he wrote about it in his autobiography, and hinted at a breakup by recently taking photos of Amy off of his site, and then posting a “Matt Fact” about hating being lied to.


Dear Friends:

Let me get a few facts out of the way:

Matt Hardy & Amy “Lita” Dumas are no longer a couple.

Matt was forced to end the relationship.

It has come to my attention that a growing number of participants in this message board are “blaming” Matt for various “rumors” and more. I want to shed a little more light on the situation. This may be upsetting for some of you, but the truth tends to hurt.

I have known Matt Hardy for almost 10 years. He is truly my brother. He is a loving person, loyal friend, and he has always done the right thing in every aspect of his life. I had never known Matt to be more in love with someone than he was wih Amy. He would have gladly given his life for Amy.

Amy Dumas lied to Matt. Amy broke Matt’s trust. While Matt told me this story of lies and deceit, I heard so much pain and anguish in his voice that it brought me to tears. I am still shocked and saddened at the pain that Matt has been caused by all of this. What is even more heartbreaking is the other man that precipitated the lies was supposedly one of Matt’s better friends. Amy is not the only one who is guilty of lies and breaking trust.

I just wanted all of you to know that Matt Hardy is 1000% in the right in all of this, and I would have never believed that that Amy Dumas would have been capable of the doing this to Matt after all he has sacrificed for her.

Thomas Simpson


Thomas, thanks for the all the love and support. Everything Thomas has said is absolutely true. I will address this appalling situation when the time is right. I greatly appreciate all of the support and encouragement all of you have given me throughout the years. May you all be well and happy. God bless….


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