What You Should Be Watching On TV: Kevin Hill


Kevin Hill
By: Mike Lawrence

Kevin Hill is the rarest of rarities, a decent UPN drama. The network, which always seems to be wrestling with the WB for last place in the ratings has gotten a hold of show that might just be good enough to get people watching the network. It’s doubtful that they’ll stick around for anything else, but they will at least watch the show. It’s simplistic and pleasing enough to reach a wide audience, without being too sappy or stupid.

The basic plot is that the title character is a hotshot lawyer living the luxurious bachelor life until his cousin dies, at which point he’s left with the deceased’s baby daughter Sara. Now he must learn to be responsible, etc. etc.

It’s really not as bad as it sounds, and that probably has a lot to do with the easily likable Taye Diggs, who plays Hill. The rest of the cast does as good a job as they can with the limited roles. Kevin Hill brings with it the typical cliché’s you’d expect from this type of light-hearted drama. There’s the gay babysitter, the tough but firm female employer, the goofy “lets get drunk and screw women” interchangeable best friends.

It does a nice job of balancing Hill’s social life and baby dramas with the courtroom cases. Generally the case Kevin is dealing with teaches him something about raising Sarah, like for instance in one episode he has to defend a negligent rock star mom. When he realizes she’s a bad parent it makes him evaluate himself and teaches him to keep his morals in tow. It is preachy, but it’s done manageably without it ever running rampant through the whole show.

With all the high-concept shows that aren’t really going anywhere story wise, this show is a gentle excursion. It doesn’t try too hard, and it’s wise in that it doesn’t jam itself down your throat. I can appreciate that type of sincerity from a show.

Kevin Hill certainly isn’t the greatest show on television, but it’s also far from being its worst. It is as it stands a show that follows all the rules befitting its genre and is a charming way to waste an hour. Being merely good is an accomplishment enough, considering what channel the show is on and what else we’ve been offered this season. Give it a shot when you get the chance, you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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