InsidePULSE Indy Report 3.6.5: News, Results, & WED-FRI Shows


Nunzio Clinic
CZW Partners With Another Promotion
CPEW – 3/3 – Red Jacket, WV
PWF-M – 3/4 – North Providence, RI
CW – Kingsport, TN
XCW – Denton, TX
WED SHOW – 3/9: CCW – Evansville, IN
THURS SHOW – 3/10: MSW – Carter Hall, WV
FRI SHOWS – 3/11:
NNW – Sanford, FL
ECPW – Suffern, NY
WVP – Johannesburg, South Africa
XCW – Denton, TX
SRPW – Enid, OK
WOWV – Whiesville, WV
SWF – Tullahoma, TN

IWF Hosts Nunzio Clinic March 16

Nunzio will be running a clinic at IWF Wrestling School, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ from 6:30 to 10:30 pm. Registration & more information is available on the IWF website. There will be an autograph signing at 5:30 pm.

CZW to Partner With Another Promotion

CZW owner John Zandig has released the following statement:

Combat Zone Wrestling has always been about innovation. We’ve proven it over and over again, as recent as last month at the CZW Arena. Once again, we’re innovating. To move forward in this wrestling business, it’s all about having friends, partners & connections. Nothing can ever be done in this business without egos getting in the way. I’m putting my ego aside, to bring something to the Combat Zone Wrestling fans and pro wrestling fans in general that they’ve never seen before cooperation wise. CZW has struck a deal with a promotion and we will be cooperating together fully. Everything will be announced at our March event on Saturday night, March 12th. A representative will be on hand at the CZW Arena for the promotion to announce our joint deal. This is big news & I hope all the Combat Zone Wrestling fans will enjoy what we will be bringing to you on March 12th!

C-Pro Entertainment Wrestling results
Thurs, 3/3 – Red Jacket, WV

*Big Bad John def. Vic Hollywood
*Chance Prophet def. Chris King
*Ricky Morton def. Beau James
*Clay Connors/Jowad Wayne def. Danny Ray/Scotty McKeever
*Brad Thomas def. Cuban Assassin
*Brock Sanders def. Doink
*James Storm def. Chase Stevens

Premiere Wrestling Federation- Mayhew results
Fri, 3/4 – North Providence, RI

*Pat Masters def. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett by pin
*PWF M Tag Titles Match: Rocco Abruzzi/Jon Thornhill (w/ Brian Cairo) def. champions Bryan & Matt Logan by DQ after Sick & Twisted interfered
*PWF M Tag Titles Match: Sick & Twisted (Evan Siks/”Mad Dog” Matt Storm) (w/ Demonica) def. The Logan Brothers
*Mercedes Martinez/Amber def. Ariel/Demonica
*PWF M Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion Kid Mikaze def. Riot by pin
*Mayhem Heavyweight Title Match: Triplelicious (w/ Sean Gorman) def. “Bad Boy” Billy Black (w/ Amber)
*Pride (Dan Freitas/Brian Nunes) (w/ Natalia) def. High Society (Grayson Alexander/Paul Lombardi)
*NECW Heavyweight vs. PWF NE Heavyweight Title Match: NECW champion “Revolution” Chris Venom vs. PWF NE champion Jason Blade went to a no contest after Triplelicious & Michael Sain interfered

Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 3/4 – Kingsport, TN

*Josh Cody def. Wayne Atkins
*Scotty McKeever vs. Clay Connors was a draw
*CW Tag Titles Match: Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy def. Josh Cody/Super Destroyer
*Tracy Smothers def. Dan Richards
*CW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Beau James (w/ PJ Sharp) retained against Danny Ray
*Ricky Morton/Brad Thomas def. Scottie McKeever/Tom Prichard

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 3/4 – Denton, TX

*Spudz McKenzie def. “Dirty” Craig Jerikho by pin
*Dusty Wolfe vs. Jack Drastic went to a no contest
*Kit Carson/Dusty Wolfe def. Jack Drastic/Sidd Murder
* Scott Phoenix/Drunk Adam vs. Sidd Murder/Gemini went to a no-contest
*XCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Action Jackson retained over Bull

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Wed, 3/9
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, Evansville, IN

Tickets: $10 ringside, $8 GA

Mountain State Wrestling
Central Elementary School, Carter Hall, WV
Thurs, 3/10

No Name Wrestling
Fri, 3/11 – 7:30 pm
Sanford Salvation Army Gym, 700 W 24th ST, Sanford, FL,

*NNW Overall Title, TLC Match: Erick Stevens vs. Sedrick Strong
*NNW Cruiserweight Title Match: Naphtali vs. Vordell Walker vs. Dagon Briggs
*NNW Tag Titles Match: Picture Perfect vs. Barney Rumble/Demetrick Malloy
*Street Fight: Deathrow Jethrow vs. Cellmate 8675309
*”Mr. 630″ Jerrelle Clark vs. Kid Romeo
*Rip Malibu vs. Mark Stephens
*David Mercury vs. Legion “Freakin'” Cage
*Snow vs. Wikid

Tickets: $12 Ringside, $10 G.A., $6 Ages 5-11

East Coast Professional Wrestling
Suffern High School, Suffern, NY
Fri, 3/11 – 7 pm

*”Crowbar” Devon Storm vs. Vic D. Vine
*Scotty Charisma vs. Simon Diamond
*King Kong Bundy vs. The Kodiak Bear
*Paul E. Normus vs. Fred Sampson
*Johnny Thundar vs. Mo Sexy
*Matt Striker/Danny Doring vs. Josh Daniels/Damian Adams
*The Nelson Brothers/Kevin Apollo vs. Red Hot Russ/Mike Xylas/Andrew Anderson
*Also featuring Mick Foley & more

WWP Thunderstrike
Fri, 3/11
Wembley Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa

Xtreme Championship Wrestling
Fri, 3/11
XCW Arena, Denton, TX

Steel Rage Pro Wrestling
Fri, 3/11 – 7, 9 pm
Enid Convention Center, Enid, OK

Wrestlers of West Virginia
Brown’s Floor Covering, Whitesville, WV
Fri, 3/11 – 8 pm

Southern Wrestling Federation
Fri, 3/11 – 8 pm
106 Southside DR, Tullahoma, TN

Tickets: $7 Adults, $6 5 & Under