Fallen Angel #19 Review

Reviewed by: Mathan “Lamenting the loss” Erhardt
Story Title: Sacred Cows

Written by: Peter David
Penciled by: David Lopez
Inked by: Fernando Blanco
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Colored by: Nathan Eyring
Editor: Nachie Castro
Publisher: DC Comics

The issue begins with an interlude that serves as an (re)introduction to the brutal duo of Sachs and Violens. They brutalize a couple of criminals in search of information.

We then find ourselves in Bete Noire, at Furors. We see Lee toss a man through the window at Furors. The poor soul is then robbed. Then Chief Examiner Slate stumbles by to access the situation. Once he sees that a bribe is impossible, he informs the man of Bete Noire’s strict vagrancy laws.

Inside Furors, Dolf and Lee get into an argument about her recent behavior. It appears that Lee has been in a self loathing mood since giving up her son. Dolf orders her to leave the establishment because her erratic behavior is bad for business.

Then we get to Doctor Juris’ house where Slate informs him that Black Mariah keeps inquiring about the whereabouts of Shadow Boxer. He then asks Juris if he’s going to inform Mariah that he killed Boxer. Juris dodges the question.

Lee goes to pay Bumper Ruggs a visit. Bumper runs a “house of ill repute,” and Lee is looking for some action. Lee intimidates the male “employees” while searching for a suitable candidate.

Meanwhile Benny find prey in another tourist of Bete Noire, only that “tourist” happens to be Sachs. Violens comes to her rescue. Benny offers up Bumper Ruggs as a good place to break up some vices in the city.

Back at Bumper Ruggs’, Bumper and Lee have a revealing conversation. Suddenly Bumper sees Sachs and Violens and panics. Bumper offers Lee a deal; if Lee will stop Sachs and Violens, Bumper will give Lee a lifetime of free access to the “house.” Lee accepts. To be continued.

David does a fine job of introducing Sachs and Violens. Their characters are neatly conveyed. He also does a great job of advancing the book’s storylines. The death of Shadow Boxer is still relevant as are the aftereffects of Lee’s giving up her son. This book was one of the best on the market. I’ll be a sad guy next month.

Lopez and Blanco never let the reader down. Dolf looks irate. Juris is standoffish. Lee looks a bit “off.” Sachs and Violens are shown to have a very close relationship and they portray it very well. This book looks great.

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