24 – Recap – 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Hey everyone. I hope you are ready for another exciting week of 24.

It looks like everything is sorted out. The nuclear power plants are back under control. So what is Murwan’s back-up plan?

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Murtz: Here we go

Previously on:

Rob: I need to catch up

Murtz: I want Almeida to be involved SO BAD I can taste

They do a way too long recap of what have been going on.

Murtz: Curtis was the MVP last week


Edgar tells Curtis that Murwan was working for the company McClenan-Forester who made the override under an alias.

Jack talks to the CTU squad about setting up roadblocks to stop Murwan.

Jack tells Audrey he is going to McClenan-Forester. Paul offers to help him as he set up their computer system.

Murtz: Not a good move.

Back at CTU Driscoll looks over her daughter.

Murtz: They always have one shit story.

Rob: Enough already

Murtz: They are killing a good 3 minutes.

Rob: Yeah how many people just turned off their TV right there.

Sarah tells Edgar about Driscoll’s daughter committing suicide. She gets mad at him. Edgar tells her “You don’t have to be so hostile, I was just talking out loud.”

Heller asks Sarah where Driscoll is because the President is coming on video soon. Heller tells Driscoll she should go home.

Murtz: He is certainly on the plane.

Rob: Have we decided where he is flying?

The President starts talking to Driscoll.

Murtz: Yes he is still on the plane.

Heller tells the President about Murwan and how he worked for McCleland-Forester.

Murwan is catching a public transit bus.


Murtz: Did you see him smile at the kid

Rob: Yeah what a perv.

Edgar and Sarah look over Harris Barnes/Murwan’s files


Almeida starts to talk about other options on what to do about Murwan.

Murtz: He might take over if Erin leaves.

Almeida starts to tell Edgar to change around the personnel following Murwan.

Almeida, Edgar and Sarah discuss what they should do about Driscoll being in charge. Edgar is the only one who thinks she should still be in charge.


Jack and Audrey talk on the phone. She makes him promise to take care of Paul.

Paul tells Jack that he doesn’t resent him. Paul tells Jack that Audrey still has feelings for him and he is gonna fight for him.

Rob: No chance baby, you will be de-pants by Bauer.


Murtz: They have a lot of ugly people on 24


Almeida talks to Driscoll and Edgar about Murwan. Driscoll says she isn’t feeling well. She starts to faint. Almeida caught her.

Heller talks to Almeida has to be relieved of duty. Almeida is named interim director of CTU but has to call Division.

Jack goes to company, McClenaland-Forester. They meet with intel/security guy. Who is sketchy.

Two Execs talk about how to cover up the company’s involvement.

Jack finally gets to talk to President of company and he agrees to help.

The Prez looks at the intel guy and something is up.


Break time


Heller tells Driscoll that she needs to go home.

Rob: This guy is soooo ugly!!

Heller tells Curtis that Almeida is in charge. Curtis is not impressed, “For the record I don’t like it”

Murtz: For the record I don’t like your

Rob: For the record ALMEIDA SON!


Jack is at the company. They are looking over security cams and computers.

Rob: Jack’s hair is starting to look like a mullet.

Something is up. The exec talks to some guy about how they need to delete files and limit his access.

Paul realizes someone has moved or hidden the files.

The security guy says they can set off a pulse bomb. The prez says that would cripple their system

Murtz: A pulse bomb just like this recap.


commercial break


Driscoll gets ready to leave. She is telling Almeida the access codes. Driscoll takes a picture of her daughter

Rob: I want him to come back next year with a huge beard. How sick would that be?

Driscoll tells Almeida to go to Curtis for help if he needs it.

Murtz: He doesn’t need any help. He should pull out a beer.

Driscoll starts to leave CTU and everyone stands up.

Almeida makes an announcement about how he is in charge temporarily.


Almeida tells Edgar that Driscoll said he was the guy he could count on.

Curtis starts to tell Edgar to help find Murwan.

Almeida comes over to intervene and orders Edgar to do what he originally told him too.

Curtis asks him if he is just doing this to establish position.
Almeida: I don’t have to do that, I have position.


Almeida continues to, as Rob puts it, bitch slap Curtis back in line


Murwan meets up with a co-hort and tells him that CTU got to the override and they will be tracking them. He asks how Murwan how that changes the schedule, he says it doesn’t

Romo: So there is something up.

The two of them hug and part ways.


Jack and Paul continue to look through the computer systems.

The IT guy is upset because Paul is trying to rebuild the files they have deleted. It seems he knows something about the system.

The IT guy orders the pulse bomb.

Someone in the lower levels hits a switch and some machines starts to move and humm.

The guy calls the IT guy that the pulse bomb has been activated. It will take ten minutes to charge up before it is released.


break time

Romo: Hey 10 minutes isn’t that coincidental? Just before the show ends.

Rob: I am gonna be pissed if that is all that happens in this episode.


Sarah and Edgar talk about the computer systems McLelland-Forester.

Sarah notices something weird is going up. Edgar can’t get Jack on the phone because the cell lines and land lines aren’t working.

Almeida comes over and sends Jack an instant message. Telling him something is up, the radio frequencies are up.

Sarah says the phone company is getting complaints up to 8 blocks away.

Paul finds the info and gets him to print it out. The Security guy realizes they are printing. He heads off to stop them.

Jack realizes there is an EMP about to go off. He tells Almeida about it

Almeida orders out the choppers in the area before the EMP goes off.

The document prints out.

Jack finds out what room the EMP is in. He runs to stop it.

The security guy comes to talk to Paul. The lights are fluctuating. He goes to the printer

Murtz: Hit him!!

Paul makes a run for it.

Rob: That was terrible

Murtz: That was!


The lights are now out. Paul is hiding in the dark. The security guy gets called away.

Jack punchs some guard and takes them both down. He head buts one guy.

Jack gets in the room with the EMP. He realizes its too late. He goes to the computer to and close a door.

The lights go off throughout the area. It is pitch black.


Jack runs out of the room.

Paul is caught by the security guy. He asks for the printout.

Edgar announces one of their choppers is down.

Almeida tells Heller about the EMP blast.

Driscoll tells him that someone from division has come to replace him

Murtz: It’s gonna be Michelle.

Just like Murtz predicted Heller tells Almeida that it is Michelle. He sees her enter the building.


Rob: That ending was wicked!!

Murtz: Oh yeah! The Band is back together!

Romo: What are the odds my computer crashed the day of the EMP episode? Yes my computer did crash. If you can tell when it happened email me and you win a prize.

Final Comments:

Murtz: The pulse bomb has many effects tonight. The parallels to inside pulse is quite clear. But who knew they would hit the city that houses Chris Bosh! Romo’s computer crashed, I crashed but the show certainly didn’t. *solemn* almeida son. From this point on please refer to me as Murwan(Murtz) Barnes.

Rob: All I would like to say is that after that ending we should all open a tall frosty one for Almeida. Because after that ending he needs one.

Romo: I liked it when Jack head-butted that dude. The EMP thing seems a little cheesy and stolen from other movies/TV shows but whatever. I hope Almeida throws it to Michelle in the bathroom on a break. After he gives it to her he should tell her that is what she has been missing all this time.