[WWE] Hardy at RAW, Brock, DiBiase, Stephanie, Bischoff, OVW, Nude Diva


– Joey Styles of 1wrestling.com and Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com are reporting that Matt Hardy is expected to be backstage at RAW tonight in Raleigh, NC.

– Also according to Styles, the decision to bring Ted Dibiase on board in a creative capacity is being questioned backstage, due to The Million Dollar Man’s past comments about the direction of WWE.

– Stephanie McMahon has reportedly been abusive to Eric Bischoff backstage, in particular ordering multiple retakes of a segment that featured the RAW GM but never aired. Joey Styles reports that some are speculating that this has been done to drive Bischoff away.

– To add to that story, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com is saying that Stephanie was “hands on with production to the nth degree at last week’s taping,” even doing several retakes of the Orton/Graham/Stacy segment.

– Former RAW Diva Gail Kim has posed nude for a Korean Web site. Click here (not work safe!) for pixelated pictures of the former Women’s Champ.

– According to Mike Johnson, WWE filed a motion asking for an extension last Thursday, March 3, until April 1 before they legally have to answer the Brock Lesnar lawsuit from last month. Neither side can file a motion to dismiss until May 4.

– OVW’s Bobby Lashey, who works as “Blaster Lahey,” is scheduled to work several SD live events later in March against Scotty Too Hotty.

Credit: 1wrestling.com, PWInsider.com, Naver.com

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