[RAW] Heat & Dark Match Results (SPOILERS)

Dark match:

Someone who’s name I couldn’t make out (sounded like Silus Dean, but I could be way off) beat Murray Happar. Decent match. Crowd was into this too, which was a suprise since crowds usually turn on these types of matches.

Sunday Night Heat:

Gene Snitsky beat Val Venis. Was what you’d expect. Good heat for Val, considering he’s been treated as a jobber since 1999.

Chris Masters beat Caprice Coleman. Cut a promo gloating about injuring Steven Richards. Apparantley, his finisher (full-nelson) is called the Master Lock.

Rob Conway beat Rhyno. Sylvain Grenier was ordered to leave the ring after interfering. Conway won with a rollup and his feet on the ropes.

William Regal & Tajiri beat Simon Dean & Maven. This marks the fourth or fifth week in a row that the Tag Champs haven’t been on the A-show, and because of that I didn’t even remember who the champs were until they came through the curtain.


During the Edge/Jericho match there were some small chants of “You screwed Matt”, “You screwed Lita”, and “We want Matt”. Not sure if they were picked up by the camera, though, as they were contained to a small portion of the audience.

Ric Flair cut a promo on Raleigh, basically dissing the city’s sports teams. Amazingly, Flair got MORE over because of it. Only the Nature Boy, I guess.


After RAW went off the air, Batista challenged Triple H. They had a 10-15 minute match. A LOT of Flair stuff on the outside, which was really the highlight. Okay match, but not WrestleMania main-event worthy. Although, I’m sure during the Mania match they’ll use a lot more smoke & mirrors and creative tricks to build up the story. I will say this: the fans want this match, as there was a loud roar when the bell rang to begin the match and another eruption when Hunter & Batista locked-up. It’s amazing how Batista went from the weak link in Evolution a few months ago to being so over that he couldn’t even get booed against Ric Flair in North Carolina.

Credit- Matthew Heckel & The Wrestling Observer

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