The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 2

In Leg 1, best friends Ryan and Chuck were Philiminated, and “close friends” Debbie and Bianca won $10,000 each. Join me tonight to see who goes home this week.

Hi, and welcome to the LIVE coverage of The Amazing Race. Here’s the standings after 1 leg:

1 – Debbie and Bianca
2 – Susan and Patrick
3 – Romber
4 – Brian and Greg
5 – Lynn and Alex
6 – Meredith and Gretchen
7 – Ray and Deana (aka D-Ray)
8 – Uchenna and Joyce
9 – Megan and Heidi (aka The Barbies)
10 – Ron and Kelly (aka POW)
x11 – Ryan and Chuck (Leg 1)

10 teams remain. Who will be eliminated… next?

We’re in the heart of Cusco, Peru.

Debbie and Bianca leave at 10:54pm. They need travel by bus to Arequipa, the “white city”. They need to find a shoeshine stand once they reach there.

Susan and Patrick, 11:05pm
Romber, 11:09pm. They have $480 for this leg.

The bus station opens at 5:30am, but they find out that the “Flores” bus leaves at 6:30 and arrives earlier.

Brian and Greg, 11:59pm
Lynn and Alex, 5 minures later.

Meredith and Gretchen, 12:25am
D-Ray, 12:41
Uchenna and Joyce, 6 minutes later. Both teams know that they need to work together more.
Speaking of which, they’re teaming with Romber

Barbies, 12:55
POW, 3 minutes later. Looks like all the teams are, yep, bottlenecked.

Lynn and Alex talk to the security guard, and find out that Rob paid him to keep quiet. All the teams are taking the 6:30 bus now, and people are accusing Rob of lying. Patrick needs to shut up about Survivor already.

Brian and Greg are hooking up with the Barbies on the 10 hour bus ride. Rob is beingâ?¦ well, Rob, bribing the driver to open the front door only. That is just awesome. Romber, D-Ray, Uchenna and Joyce and POW are in the lead.

D-Ray reach the cluebox. Roadblock – they must shine 5 shoes. Ray takes it, as do Amber, Ron, Joyce, Susan, Gretchen, Megan, Debbie, Lynn and Brian.

Ron finishes first, Ray second. Amber finishes third. They get tickets to fly to Santiago, Chile and need to find the statue of the Virgin Mary. They’re all on the first flight.

Susan and Gretchen finish, and Joyce is having trouble getting customers.
Ad Break. BTW, I think the Barbies are getting the boot.

We’re back, and Joyce shines her second shoe.

Susan and Patrick and Meredith and Gretchen are the last two teams on Flight #1. The other teams are going to go on flight #2, 45 minutes later.

Megan, Joyce and Debbie finish. Brian and Lynn are trying to catch up. Megan, Joyce and Debbie all get their tickets.

Brian completes his task, as does Lynn. Both teams are on their way to the airport. “We’re good at pulling up the rear”. Heh.

Flight #1 lands, and all the teams are headed to the statue via taxis. Romber and POW are on the first gondola up. D-Ray is on the second. The others? Stuck in traffic.

POW reach the clue box. It’s a Detour – Shop or Schlep. In shop, they get a recipe from a chef and buy ingredients. In Schlep, they haul books. Romber decide to Schelp, as do POW.

Flight #2 arrives. Meredith and Gretchen and Susan and Patrick reach the gondolas. Susan doesn’t have pesos. D-Ray are Schlepping, and Susan needs to beg for money.

Ad Break.

Susan and Patrick find another American and they exchange money. Romber is carefully stacking. POW is just kinda doing it whatever. POW hauls around 110 books, hoping to get more.

Debbie and Bianca catches up with the mother and son. Meredith and Gretchen decides to shop. POW is lost. Romber seem to be doing just fine.

D-Ray reaches the library. The Parents and Lynn and Alex get to the Gondola, and the brothers and Barbies are stuck in traffic.

D-Ray are still looking. Debbie and Bianca Schlep, and Susan and Patrick are indecisive.

Shopping, The Grandparents find out it may be more than they bargained for. Romber reach the Library of Congress, and start stacking. They finish, and get their clue. They must travel 1 mile by taxi to Cerro Santalucia, and the Pit Stop at the Statue of Neptune.

D-Ray are having some hauling troubles. POW are back to haul more books. Romber reach the statue, and they are Team Number 1!!! They’ve won a travelocity trip to Atlantis (um, where is that?).

Meredith and Gretchen are shopping, and find out that it’s costing more money than they have.

Ad Break

We’re back, and Gretchen pleads to get a better deal, and does! Brian and Greg reach the gondola, and the Barbies are on the next one, pulling up the rear. They do Shop, the brothers Schlep.

Lynn and Alex are shopping, as are Susan and Patrick and the Parents. The bpys look to have found a Fern to help them out.

POW finish their task, and head to the Pit Stop. D-Ray also finish, and head out. Ron and Kelly finish second, and D-Ray are third. Looks like the temporary alliance is working well.

Susan and Patrick are again out of money, and again have to beg.

Meredith and Gretchen are calling for aâ?¦ gigolo? Whatever, they complete their task and head back. Lynn and Alex are right behind. Uchenna and Joyce also finish quickly.

Susan and Patrick finish begging and start shopping. Debbie and Bianca are on their second trip, and the brothers are starting their first. Barbies start shopping, while Meredith and Gretchen are 300g short on the fish. That’s harsh. Uchenna and Joyce, however, get it right and complete the task.

After some wrangling, Meredith and Gretchen get their clue, while Lynn and Alex argue about the wrighted scale. They go to another market. Susan and Patrick finish shopping, and head back. Lynn and Alex get their clue.

Uchenna and Joyce finish fourth. Debbie and Bianca finish their task, while the brothers are CARRYING some of their books. That could cost them.

Barbies are shopping for fish, while Susan and Patrick get their clue. Meredith and Gretchen are lost. Lynn and Alex, Debbie and Bianca and Meredith and Gretchen are in a footrace. Lynn and Alex are team number 5, Debbie and Bianca (holding hands) are team number 6, and Meredith and Gretchen are right behind in seventh.

The Barbies are still shopping, and get all their items. Brothers are back and stacking.

Susan and Patrick arrive in eigth, and Patrick promises more drama. Joy.

Brothers are stacking, Barbies are weighing. Both get their clues. Taxis to the Pit Stop, and the teams see each other.

Footrace!! Cameras, and team number 9 areâ?¦ Brian and Greg!! The Barbies are the last team to arrive, and they have been Philiminated. Hugs from the brothers, and one of the Barbies blows a kiss.

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Megan and Heidi weren’t very good Racers, and it was just a matter of time.

Next Week: Romber “steals” Debbie and Bianca’s taxi, and the brothers have a blowout while mountain biking (a flat tire blowout, that is). See you then!!

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