The Intimates #5 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell

Writer: Joe Casey
Pencils: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inks: Sandra Hope
Colors: Randy Mayor
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Rob Steen
Cover: Rian Hughes & Jim Lee
Editor: Alex Sinclair
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Publisher: Wildstorm

For my full thoughts regarding The Intimates, I refer you to my review of issue
#3. To sum it up: I think it’s a fresh concept with great execution, fun characters,
and solid storytelling. And yes, I am a fan of the little "fun facts."

The focus of this issue is on new student Dead Kid Fred, an apparent zombie.
Fred’s writing in his blog is a big part of this issue, as it seems he has thoughts
of suicide (but then, he’s already "dead"). Fred’s interactions with
the established main characters help expose more of who they are, while simultaneously
introducing us further to the Deadman. Punchy especially benefits from this
treatment, as his character shows some true emotional depth in this issue in
his concern for Dead Kid Fred.

One of the best things about Joe Casey’s writing here is that he does so many
different styles at once. On one page, we’ll see a crazed sex ed teacher’s inane
ramblings, or Mr. Dashett’s continued failure to controle the speed at which
he speaks (my boss is the same way), and then on the next page, we’ll see more
on the tragic tale of Dead Kid Fred, the heartbreak of Empty Vee, or something
along those lines. The way these things blend together is so true-to-life that
you’ll forget you’re reading about teen superheroes. The art team also does
a great job in portraying the world that Casey writes. Kudos all around.